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;;; gyp.el - font-lock-mode support for gyp files.
;; Copyright (c) 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
;; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
;; found in the LICENSE file.
;; Put this somewhere in your load-path and
;; (require 'gyp)
(require 'python)
(require 'cl)
(when (string-match "python-mode.el" (symbol-file 'python-mode 'defun))
(error (concat "python-mode must be loaded from python.el (bundled with "
"recent emacsen), not from the older and less maintained "
(defadvice python-calculate-indentation (after ami-outdent-closing-parens
"De-indent closing parens, braces, and brackets in gyp-mode."
(if (and (eq major-mode 'gyp-mode)
(string-match "^ *[])}][],)}]* *$"
(line-beginning-position) (line-end-position))))
(setq ad-return-value (- ad-return-value 2))))
(define-derived-mode gyp-mode python-mode "Gyp"
"Major mode for editing .gyp files. See"
;; gyp-parse-history is a stack of (POSITION . PARSE-STATE) tuples,
;; with greater positions at the top of the stack. PARSE-STATE
;; is a list of section symbols (see gyp-section-name and gyp-parse-to)
;; with most nested section symbol at the front of the list.
(set (make-local-variable 'gyp-parse-history) '((1 . (list))))
(defun gyp-set-indentation ()
"Hook function to configure python indentation to suit gyp mode."
(setq python-continuation-offset 2
python-indent 2
python-guess-indent nil))
(add-hook 'gyp-mode-hook 'gyp-set-indentation)
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.gyp\\'" . gyp-mode))
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.gypi\\'" . gyp-mode))
;;; Font-lock support
(defconst gyp-dependencies-regexp
(regexp-opt (list "dependencies" "export_dependent_settings"))
"Regular expression to introduce 'dependencies' section")
(defconst gyp-sources-regexp
(regexp-opt (list "action" "files" "include_dirs" "includes" "inputs"
"libraries" "outputs" "sources"))
"Regular expression to introduce 'sources' sections")
(defconst gyp-conditions-regexp
(regexp-opt (list "conditions" "target_conditions"))
"Regular expression to introduce conditions sections")
(defconst gyp-variables-regexp
"Regular expression to introduce variables sections")
(defconst gyp-defines-regexp
"Regular expression to introduce 'defines' sections")
(defconst gyp-targets-regexp
"Regular expression to introduce 'targets' sections")
(defun gyp-section-name (section)
"Map the sections we are interested in from SECTION to symbol.
SECTION is a string from the buffer that introduces a section. The result is
a symbol representing the kind of section.
This allows us to treat (for the purposes of font-lock) several different
section names as the same kind of section. For example, a 'sources section
can be introduced by the 'sources', 'inputs', 'outputs' keyword.
'other is the default section kind when a more specific match is not made."
(cond ((string-match-p gyp-dependencies-regexp section) 'dependencies)
((string-match-p gyp-sources-regexp section) 'sources)
((string-match-p gyp-variables-regexp section) 'variables)
((string-match-p gyp-conditions-regexp section) 'conditions)
((string-match-p gyp-targets-regexp section) 'targets)
((string-match-p gyp-defines-regexp section) 'defines)
(t 'other)))
(defun gyp-invalidate-parse-states-after (target-point)
"Erase any parse information after target-point."
(while (> (caar gyp-parse-history) target-point)
(setq gyp-parse-history (cdr gyp-parse-history))))
(defun gyp-parse-point ()
"The point of the last parse state added by gyp-parse-to."
(caar gyp-parse-history))
(defun gyp-parse-sections ()
"A list of section symbols holding at the last parse state point."
(cdar gyp-parse-history))
(defun gyp-inside-dictionary-p ()
"Predicate returning true if the parser is inside a dictionary."
(not (eq (cadar gyp-parse-history) 'list)))
(defun gyp-add-parse-history (point sections)
"Add parse state SECTIONS to the parse history at POINT so that parsing can be
resumed instantly."
(while (>= (caar gyp-parse-history) point)
(setq gyp-parse-history (cdr gyp-parse-history)))
(setq gyp-parse-history (cons (cons point sections) gyp-parse-history)))
(defun gyp-parse-to (target-point)
"Parses from (point) to TARGET-POINT adding the parse state information to
gyp-parse-state-history. Parsing stops if TARGET-POINT is reached or if a
string literal has been parsed. Returns nil if no further parsing can be
done, otherwise returns the position of the start of a parsed string, leaving
the point at the end of the string."
(let ((parsing t)
(while parsing
(setq string-start nil)
;; Parse up to a character that starts a sexp, or if the nesting
;; level decreases.
(let ((state (parse-partial-sexp (gyp-parse-point)
(sections (gyp-parse-sections)))
(if (= (nth 0 state) -1)
(setq sections (cdr sections)) ; pop out a level
(cond ((looking-at-p "['\"]") ; a string
(setq string-start (point))
(forward-sexp 1)
(if (gyp-inside-dictionary-p)
;; Look for sections inside a dictionary
(let ((section (gyp-section-name
(+ 1 string-start)
(- (point) 1)))))
(setq sections (cons section (cdr sections)))))
;; Stop after the string so it can be fontified.
(setq target-point (point)))
((looking-at-p "{")
;; Inside a dictionary. Increase nesting.
(forward-char 1)
(setq sections (cons 'unknown sections)))
((looking-at-p "\\[")
;; Inside a list. Increase nesting
(forward-char 1)
(setq sections (cons 'list sections)))
((not (eobp))
;; other
(forward-char 1))))
(gyp-add-parse-history (point) sections)
(setq parsing (< (point) target-point))))
(defun gyp-section-at-point ()
"Transform the last parse state, which is a list of nested sections and return
the section symbol that should be used to determine font-lock information for
the string. Can return nil indicating the string should not have any attached
(let ((sections (gyp-parse-sections)))
((eq (car sections) 'conditions)
;; conditions can occur in a variables section, but we still want to
;; highlight it as a keyword.
((and (eq (car sections) 'list)
(eq (cadr sections) 'list))
;; conditions and sources can have items in [[ ]]
(caddr sections))
(t (cadr sections)))))
(defun gyp-section-match (limit)
"Parse from (point) to LIMIT returning by means of match data what was
matched. The group of the match indicates what style font-lock should apply.
See also `gyp-add-font-lock-keywords'."
(gyp-invalidate-parse-states-after (point))
(let ((group nil)
(string-start t))
(while (and (< (point) limit)
(not group)
(setq string-start (gyp-parse-to limit))
(if string-start
(setq group (case (gyp-section-at-point)
('dependencies 1)
('variables 2)
('conditions 2)
('sources 3)
('defines 4)
(nil nil)))))
(if group
;; Set the match data to indicate to the font-lock mechanism the
;; highlighting to be performed.
(set-match-data (append (list string-start (point))
(make-list (* (1- group) 2) nil)
(list (1+ string-start) (1- (point)))))
;;; Please see for
;;; canonical list of keywords.
(defun gyp-add-font-lock-keywords ()
"Add gyp-mode keywords to font-lock mechanism."
;; TODO(jknotten): Move all the keyword highlighting into gyp-section-match
;; so that we can do the font-locking in a single font-lock pass.
;; Top-level keywords
(list (concat "['\"]\\("
(regexp-opt (list "action" "action_name" "actions" "cflags"
"conditions" "configurations" "copies" "defines"
"dependencies" "destination"
"export_dependent_settings" "extension" "files"
"include_dirs" "includes" "inputs" "libraries"
"link_settings" "mac_bundle" "message"
"msvs_external_rule" "outputs" "product_name"
"process_outputs_as_sources" "rules" "rule_name"
"sources" "suppress_wildcard"
"target_conditions" "target_defaults"
"target_defines" "target_name" "toolsets"
"targets" "type" "variables" "xcode_settings"))
"[!/+=]?\\)") 1 'font-lock-keyword-face t)
;; Type of target
(list (concat "['\"]\\("
(regexp-opt (list "loadable_module" "static_library"
"shared_library" "executable" "none"))
"\\)") 1 'font-lock-type-face t)
(list "\\(?:target\\|action\\)_name['\"]\\s-*:\\s-*['\"]\\([^ '\"]*\\)" 1
'font-lock-function-name-face t)
(list 'gyp-section-match
(list 1 'font-lock-function-name-face t t) ; dependencies
(list 2 'font-lock-variable-name-face t t) ; variables, conditions
(list 3 'font-lock-constant-face t t) ; sources
(list 4 'font-lock-preprocessor-face t t)) ; preprocessor
;; Variable expansion
(list "<@?(\\([^\n )]+\\))" 1 'font-lock-variable-name-face t)
;; Command expansion
(list "<!@?(\\([^\n )]+\\))" 1 'font-lock-variable-name-face t)
(provide 'gyp)