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// Copyright 2014 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/base/compiler-specific.h"
#include "src/compiler/simplified-operator.h"
#include "src/elements-kind.h"
#include "src/globals.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace compiler {
// This access builder provides a set of static methods constructing commonly
// used FieldAccess and ElementAccess descriptors. These descriptors serve as
// parameters to simplified load/store operators.
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE AccessBuilder final
: public NON_EXPORTED_BASE(AllStatic) {
// ===========================================================================
// Access to external values (based on external references).
// Provides access to a tagged field identified by an external reference.
static FieldAccess ForExternalTaggedValue();
// Provides access to an uint8 field identified by an external reference.
static FieldAccess ForExternalUint8Value();
// ===========================================================================
// Access to heap object fields and elements (based on tagged pointer).
// Provides access to HeapObject::map() field.
static FieldAccess ForMap();
// Provides access to HeapNumber::value() field.
static FieldAccess ForHeapNumberValue();
// Provides access to BigInt's bit field.
static FieldAccess ForBigIntBitfield();
// Provides access to JSObject::properties() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSObjectPropertiesOrHash();
// Provides access to JSObject::elements() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSObjectElements();
// Provides access to JSObject inobject property fields.
static FieldAccess ForJSObjectInObjectProperty(Handle<Map> map, int index);
static FieldAccess ForJSObjectOffset(
int offset, WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind = kFullWriteBarrier);
// Provides access to JSCollecton::table() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSCollectionTable();
// Provides access to JSCollectionIterator::table() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSCollectionIteratorTable();
// Provides access to JSCollectionIterator::index() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSCollectionIteratorIndex();
// Provides access to JSFunction::prototype_or_initial_map() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSFunctionPrototypeOrInitialMap();
// Provides access to JSFunction::context() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSFunctionContext();
// Provides access to JSFunction::shared() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSFunctionSharedFunctionInfo();
// Provides access to JSFunction::feedback_vector() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSFunctionFeedbackVector();
// Provides access to JSFunction::code() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSFunctionCode();
// Provides access to JSBoundFunction::bound_target_function() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSBoundFunctionBoundTargetFunction();
// Provides access to JSBoundFunction::bound_this() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSBoundFunctionBoundThis();
// Provides access to JSBoundFunction::bound_arguments() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSBoundFunctionBoundArguments();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::context() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectContext();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::continuation() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectContinuation();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::input_or_debug_pos() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectInputOrDebugPos();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::register_file() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectRegisterFile();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::function() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectFunction();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::receiver() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectReceiver();
// Provides access to JSGeneratorObject::resume_mode() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGeneratorObjectResumeMode();
// Provides access to JSAsyncGeneratorObject::queue() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSAsyncGeneratorObjectQueue();
// Provides access to JSAsyncGeneratorObject::awaited_promise() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSAsyncGeneratorObjectAwaitedPromise();
// Provides access to JSArray::length() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayLength(ElementsKind elements_kind);
// Provides access to JSArrayBuffer::backing_store() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayBufferBackingStore();
// Provides access to JSArrayBuffer::bit_field() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayBufferBitField();
// Provides access to JSArrayBufferView::buffer() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayBufferViewBuffer();
// Provides access to JSArrayBufferView::byteLength() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayBufferViewByteLength();
// Provides access to JSArrayBufferView::byteOffset() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayBufferViewByteOffset();
// Provides access to JSTypedArray::length() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSTypedArrayLength();
// Provides access to JSDate::value() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSDateValue();
// Provides access to JSDate fields.
static FieldAccess ForJSDateField(JSDate::FieldIndex index);
// Provides access to JSIteratorResult::done() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSIteratorResultDone();
// Provides access to JSIteratorResult::value() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSIteratorResultValue();
// Provides access to JSRegExp::data() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSRegExpData();
// Provides access to JSRegExp::flags() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSRegExpFlags();
// Provides access to JSRegExp::last_index() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSRegExpLastIndex();
// Provides access to JSRegExp::source() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSRegExpSource();
// Provides access to FixedArray::length() field.
static FieldAccess ForFixedArrayLength();
// Provides access to PropertyArray::length() field.
static FieldAccess ForPropertyArrayLengthAndHash();
// Provides access to FixedTypedArrayBase::base_pointer() field.
static FieldAccess ForFixedTypedArrayBaseBasePointer();
// Provides access to FixedTypedArrayBase::external_pointer() field.
static FieldAccess ForFixedTypedArrayBaseExternalPointer();
// Provides access to DescriptorArray::enum_cache() field.
static FieldAccess ForDescriptorArrayEnumCache();
// Provides access to Map::bit_field() byte.
static FieldAccess ForMapBitField();
// Provides access to Map::bit_field2() byte.
static FieldAccess ForMapBitField2();
// Provides access to Map::bit_field3() field.
static FieldAccess ForMapBitField3();
// Provides access to Map::descriptors() field.
static FieldAccess ForMapDescriptors();
// Provides access to Map::instance_type() field.
static FieldAccess ForMapInstanceType();
// Provides access to Map::prototype() field.
static FieldAccess ForMapPrototype();
// Provides access to Module::regular_exports() field.
static FieldAccess ForModuleRegularExports();
// Provides access to Module::regular_imports() field.
static FieldAccess ForModuleRegularImports();
// Provides access to Name::hash_field() field.
static FieldAccess ForNameHashField();
// Provides access to String::length() field.
static FieldAccess ForStringLength();
// Provides access to ConsString::first() field.
static FieldAccess ForConsStringFirst();
// Provides access to ConsString::second() field.
static FieldAccess ForConsStringSecond();
// Provides access to ThinString::actual() field.
static FieldAccess ForThinStringActual();
// Provides access to SlicedString::offset() field.
static FieldAccess ForSlicedStringOffset();
// Provides access to SlicedString::parent() field.
static FieldAccess ForSlicedStringParent();
// Provides access to ExternalString::resource_data() field.
static FieldAccess ForExternalStringResourceData();
// Provides access to ExternalOneByteString characters.
static ElementAccess ForExternalOneByteStringCharacter();
// Provides access to ExternalTwoByteString characters.
static ElementAccess ForExternalTwoByteStringCharacter();
// Provides access to SeqOneByteString characters.
static ElementAccess ForSeqOneByteStringCharacter();
// Provides access to SeqTwoByteString characters.
static ElementAccess ForSeqTwoByteStringCharacter();
// Provides access to JSGlobalObject::global_proxy() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGlobalObjectGlobalProxy();
// Provides access to JSGlobalObject::native_context() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGlobalObjectNativeContext();
// Provides access to JSGlobalProxy::native_context() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSGlobalProxyNativeContext();
// Provides access to JSArrayIterator::object() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayIteratorObject();
// Provides access to JSArrayIterator::index() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayIteratorIndex(InstanceType type = JS_OBJECT_TYPE,
ElementsKind kind = NO_ELEMENTS);
// Provides access to JSArrayIterator::object_map() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSArrayIteratorObjectMap();
// Provides access to JSStringIterator::string() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSStringIteratorString();
// Provides access to JSStringIterator::index() field.
static FieldAccess ForJSStringIteratorIndex();
// Provides access to JSValue::value() field.
static FieldAccess ForValue();
// Provides access to Cell::value() field.
static FieldAccess ForCellValue();
// Provides access to arguments object fields.
static FieldAccess ForArgumentsLength();
static FieldAccess ForArgumentsCallee();
// Provides access to FixedArray slots.
static FieldAccess ForFixedArraySlot(
size_t index, WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind = kFullWriteBarrier);
// Provides access to Context slots.
static FieldAccess ForContextSlot(size_t index);
// Provides access to ContextExtension fields.
static FieldAccess ForContextExtensionScopeInfo();
static FieldAccess ForContextExtensionExtension();
// Provides access to FixedArray elements.
static ElementAccess ForFixedArrayElement();
static ElementAccess ForFixedArrayElement(ElementsKind kind);
// Provides access to FixedDoubleArray elements.
static ElementAccess ForFixedDoubleArrayElement();
// Provides access to EnumCache::keys() field.
static FieldAccess ForEnumCacheKeys();
// Provides access to EnumCache::indices() field.
static FieldAccess ForEnumCacheIndices();
// Provides access to Fixed{type}TypedArray and External{type}Array elements.
static ElementAccess ForTypedArrayElement(ExternalArrayType type,
bool is_external);
// Provides access to HashTable fields.
static FieldAccess ForHashTableBaseNumberOfElements();
static FieldAccess ForHashTableBaseNumberOfDeletedElement();
static FieldAccess ForHashTableBaseCapacity();
// Provides access to OrderedHashTableBase fields.
static FieldAccess ForOrderedHashTableBaseNextTable();
static FieldAccess ForOrderedHashTableBaseNumberOfBuckets();
static FieldAccess ForOrderedHashTableBaseNumberOfElements();
static FieldAccess ForOrderedHashTableBaseNumberOfDeletedElements();
// Provides access to OrderedHashMap elements.
static ElementAccess ForOrderedHashMapEntryValue();
// Provides access to Dictionary fields.
static FieldAccess ForDictionaryMaxNumberKey();
static FieldAccess ForDictionaryNextEnumerationIndex();
static FieldAccess ForDictionaryObjectHashIndex();
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8