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// Copyright 2014 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <iosfwd>
#include "src/base/compiler-specific.h"
#include "src/compiler/operator.h"
#include "src/compiler/types.h"
#include "src/deoptimize-reason.h"
#include "src/globals.h"
#include "src/handles.h"
#include "src/machine-type.h"
#include "src/objects.h"
#include "src/type-hints.h"
#include "src/vector-slot-pair.h"
#include "src/zone/zone-handle-set.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// Forward declarations.
class Zone;
namespace compiler {
// Forward declarations.
class Operator;
struct SimplifiedOperatorGlobalCache;
enum BaseTaggedness : uint8_t { kUntaggedBase, kTaggedBase };
size_t hash_value(BaseTaggedness);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, BaseTaggedness);
// An access descriptor for loads/stores of fixed structures like field
// accesses of heap objects. Accesses from either tagged or untagged base
// pointers are supported; untagging is done automatically during lowering.
struct FieldAccess {
BaseTaggedness base_is_tagged; // specifies if the base pointer is tagged.
int offset; // offset of the field, without tag.
MaybeHandle<Name> name; // debugging only.
MaybeHandle<Map> map; // map of the field value (if known).
Type* type; // type of the field.
MachineType machine_type; // machine type of the field.
WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind; // write barrier hint.
int tag() const { return base_is_tagged == kTaggedBase ? kHeapObjectTag : 0; }
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE bool operator==(FieldAccess const&, FieldAccess const&);
size_t hash_value(FieldAccess const&);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, FieldAccess const&);
FieldAccess const& FieldAccessOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
template <>
void Operator1<FieldAccess>::PrintParameter(std::ostream& os,
PrintVerbosity verbose) const;
// An access descriptor for loads/stores of indexed structures like characters
// in strings or off-heap backing stores. Accesses from either tagged or
// untagged base pointers are supported; untagging is done automatically during
// lowering.
struct ElementAccess {
BaseTaggedness base_is_tagged; // specifies if the base pointer is tagged.
int header_size; // size of the header, without tag.
Type* type; // type of the element.
MachineType machine_type; // machine type of the element.
WriteBarrierKind write_barrier_kind; // write barrier hint.
int tag() const { return base_is_tagged == kTaggedBase ? kHeapObjectTag : 0; }
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE bool operator==(ElementAccess const&, ElementAccess const&);
size_t hash_value(ElementAccess const&);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, ElementAccess const&);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE ElementAccess const& ElementAccessOf(const Operator* op)
ExternalArrayType ExternalArrayTypeOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// The ConvertReceiverMode is used as parameter by ConvertReceiver operators.
ConvertReceiverMode ConvertReceiverModeOf(Operator const* op);
// A the parameters for several Check nodes. The {feedback} parameter is
// optional. If {feedback} references a valid CallIC slot and this MapCheck
// fails, then speculation on that CallIC slot will be disabled.
class CheckParameters final {
explicit CheckParameters(const VectorSlotPair& feedback)
: feedback_(feedback) {}
VectorSlotPair const& feedback() const { return feedback_; }
VectorSlotPair feedback_;
bool operator==(CheckParameters const&, CheckParameters const&);
size_t hash_value(CheckParameters const&);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, CheckParameters const&);
CheckParameters const& CheckParametersOf(Operator const*) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
enum class CheckFloat64HoleMode : uint8_t {
kNeverReturnHole, // Never return the hole (deoptimize instead).
kAllowReturnHole // Allow to return the hole (signaling NaN).
size_t hash_value(CheckFloat64HoleMode);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, CheckFloat64HoleMode);
CheckFloat64HoleMode CheckFloat64HoleModeOf(const Operator*) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
enum class CheckTaggedInputMode : uint8_t {
size_t hash_value(CheckTaggedInputMode);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, CheckTaggedInputMode);
CheckTaggedInputMode CheckTaggedInputModeOf(const Operator*);
class CheckTaggedInputParameters {
CheckTaggedInputParameters(CheckTaggedInputMode mode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback)
: mode_(mode), feedback_(feedback) {}
CheckTaggedInputMode mode() const { return mode_; }
const VectorSlotPair& feedback() const { return feedback_; }
CheckTaggedInputMode mode_;
VectorSlotPair feedback_;
const CheckTaggedInputParameters& CheckTaggedInputParametersOf(const Operator*)
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&,
const CheckTaggedInputParameters& params);
size_t hash_value(const CheckTaggedInputParameters& params);
bool operator==(CheckTaggedInputParameters const&,
CheckTaggedInputParameters const&);
enum class CheckForMinusZeroMode : uint8_t {
size_t hash_value(CheckForMinusZeroMode);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&,
CheckForMinusZeroMode CheckMinusZeroModeOf(const Operator*) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
class CheckMinusZeroParameters {
CheckMinusZeroParameters(CheckForMinusZeroMode mode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback)
: mode_(mode), feedback_(feedback) {}
CheckForMinusZeroMode mode() const { return mode_; }
const VectorSlotPair& feedback() const { return feedback_; }
CheckForMinusZeroMode mode_;
VectorSlotPair feedback_;
const CheckMinusZeroParameters& CheckMinusZeroParametersOf(const Operator* op)
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const CheckMinusZeroParameters& params);
size_t hash_value(const CheckMinusZeroParameters& params);
bool operator==(CheckMinusZeroParameters const&,
CheckMinusZeroParameters const&);
// Flags for map checks.
enum class CheckMapsFlag : uint8_t {
kNone = 0u,
kTryMigrateInstance = 1u << 0, // Try instance migration.
typedef base::Flags<CheckMapsFlag> CheckMapsFlags;
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, CheckMapsFlags);
class MapsParameterInfo {
explicit MapsParameterInfo(ZoneHandleSet<Map> const& maps);
Maybe<InstanceType> instance_type() const { return instance_type_; }
ZoneHandleSet<Map> const& maps() const { return maps_; }
ZoneHandleSet<Map> const maps_;
Maybe<InstanceType> instance_type_;
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, MapsParameterInfo const&);
bool operator==(MapsParameterInfo const&, MapsParameterInfo const&);
bool operator!=(MapsParameterInfo const&, MapsParameterInfo const&);
size_t hash_value(MapsParameterInfo const&);
// A descriptor for map checks. The {feedback} parameter is optional.
// If {feedback} references a valid CallIC slot and this MapCheck fails,
// then speculation on that CallIC slot will be disabled.
class CheckMapsParameters final {
CheckMapsParameters(CheckMapsFlags flags, ZoneHandleSet<Map> const& maps,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback)
: flags_(flags), maps_info_(maps), feedback_(feedback) {}
CheckMapsFlags flags() const { return flags_; }
ZoneHandleSet<Map> const& maps() const { return maps_info_.maps(); }
MapsParameterInfo const& maps_info() const { return maps_info_; }
VectorSlotPair const& feedback() const { return feedback_; }
CheckMapsFlags const flags_;
MapsParameterInfo const maps_info_;
VectorSlotPair const feedback_;
bool operator==(CheckMapsParameters const&, CheckMapsParameters const&);
size_t hash_value(CheckMapsParameters const&);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, CheckMapsParameters const&);
CheckMapsParameters const& CheckMapsParametersOf(Operator const*)
MapsParameterInfo const& MapGuardMapsOf(Operator const*) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Parameters for CompareMaps operator.
MapsParameterInfo const& CompareMapsParametersOf(Operator const*)
// A descriptor for growing elements backing stores.
enum class GrowFastElementsMode : uint8_t {
inline size_t hash_value(GrowFastElementsMode mode) {
return static_cast<uint8_t>(mode);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, GrowFastElementsMode);
class GrowFastElementsParameters {
GrowFastElementsParameters(GrowFastElementsMode mode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback)
: mode_(mode), feedback_(feedback) {}
GrowFastElementsMode mode() const { return mode_; }
const VectorSlotPair& feedback() const { return feedback_; }
GrowFastElementsMode mode_;
VectorSlotPair feedback_;
bool operator==(const GrowFastElementsParameters&,
const GrowFastElementsParameters&);
inline size_t hash_value(const GrowFastElementsParameters&);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const GrowFastElementsParameters&);
const GrowFastElementsParameters& GrowFastElementsParametersOf(const Operator*)
// A descriptor for elements kind transitions.
class ElementsTransition final {
enum Mode : uint8_t {
kFastTransition, // simple transition, just updating the map.
kSlowTransition // full transition, round-trip to the runtime.
ElementsTransition(Mode mode, Handle<Map> source, Handle<Map> target)
: mode_(mode), source_(source), target_(target) {}
Mode mode() const { return mode_; }
Handle<Map> source() const { return source_; }
Handle<Map> target() const { return target_; }
Mode const mode_;
Handle<Map> const source_;
Handle<Map> const target_;
bool operator==(ElementsTransition const&, ElementsTransition const&);
size_t hash_value(ElementsTransition);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, ElementsTransition);
ElementsTransition const& ElementsTransitionOf(const Operator* op)
// Parameters for TransitionAndStoreElement, or
// TransitionAndStoreNonNumberElement, or
// TransitionAndStoreNumberElement.
Handle<Map> DoubleMapParameterOf(const Operator* op);
Handle<Map> FastMapParameterOf(const Operator* op);
// Parameters for TransitionAndStoreNonNumberElement.
Type* ValueTypeParameterOf(const Operator* op);
// A hint for speculative number operations.
enum class NumberOperationHint : uint8_t {
kSignedSmall, // Inputs were Smi, output was in Smi.
kSignedSmallInputs, // Inputs were Smi, output was Number.
kSigned32, // Inputs were Signed32, output was Number.
kNumber, // Inputs were Number, output was Number.
kNumberOrOddball, // Inputs were Number or Oddball, output was Number.
size_t hash_value(NumberOperationHint);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, NumberOperationHint);
NumberOperationHint NumberOperationHintOf(const Operator* op)
int FormalParameterCountOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
bool IsRestLengthOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
class AllocateParameters {
AllocateParameters(Type* type, PretenureFlag pretenure)
: type_(type), pretenure_(pretenure) {}
Type* type() const { return type_; }
PretenureFlag pretenure() const { return pretenure_; }
Type* type_;
PretenureFlag pretenure_;
bool IsCheckedWithFeedback(const Operator* op);
size_t hash_value(AllocateParameters);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, AllocateParameters);
bool operator==(AllocateParameters const&, AllocateParameters const&);
PretenureFlag PretenureFlagOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
Type* AllocateTypeOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
UnicodeEncoding UnicodeEncodingOf(const Operator*) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
AbortReason AbortReasonOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
DeoptimizeReason DeoptimizeReasonOf(const Operator* op) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Interface for building simplified operators, which represent the
// medium-level operations of V8, including adding numbers, allocating objects,
// indexing into objects and arrays, etc.
// All operators are typed but many are representation independent.
// Number values from JS can be in one of these representations:
// - Tagged: word-sized integer that is either
// - a signed small integer (31 or 32 bits plus a tag)
// - a tagged pointer to a HeapNumber object that has a float64 field
// - Int32: an untagged signed 32-bit integer
// - Uint32: an untagged unsigned 32-bit integer
// - Float64: an untagged float64
// Additional representations for intermediate code or non-JS code:
// - Int64: an untagged signed 64-bit integer
// - Uint64: an untagged unsigned 64-bit integer
// - Float32: an untagged float32
// Boolean values can be:
// - Bool: a tagged pointer to either the canonical JS #false or
// the canonical JS #true object
// - Bit: an untagged integer 0 or 1, but word-sized
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE SimplifiedOperatorBuilder final
: public NON_EXPORTED_BASE(ZoneObject) {
explicit SimplifiedOperatorBuilder(Zone* zone);
const Operator* BooleanNot();
const Operator* NumberEqual();
const Operator* NumberLessThan();
const Operator* NumberLessThanOrEqual();
const Operator* NumberAdd();
const Operator* NumberSubtract();
const Operator* NumberMultiply();
const Operator* NumberDivide();
const Operator* NumberModulus();
const Operator* NumberBitwiseOr();
const Operator* NumberBitwiseXor();
const Operator* NumberBitwiseAnd();
const Operator* NumberShiftLeft();
const Operator* NumberShiftRight();
const Operator* NumberShiftRightLogical();
const Operator* NumberImul();
const Operator* NumberAbs();
const Operator* NumberClz32();
const Operator* NumberCeil();
const Operator* NumberFloor();
const Operator* NumberFround();
const Operator* NumberAcos();
const Operator* NumberAcosh();
const Operator* NumberAsin();
const Operator* NumberAsinh();
const Operator* NumberAtan();
const Operator* NumberAtan2();
const Operator* NumberAtanh();
const Operator* NumberCbrt();
const Operator* NumberCos();
const Operator* NumberCosh();
const Operator* NumberExp();
const Operator* NumberExpm1();
const Operator* NumberLog();
const Operator* NumberLog1p();
const Operator* NumberLog10();
const Operator* NumberLog2();
const Operator* NumberMax();
const Operator* NumberMin();
const Operator* NumberPow();
const Operator* NumberRound();
const Operator* NumberSign();
const Operator* NumberSin();
const Operator* NumberSinh();
const Operator* NumberSqrt();
const Operator* NumberTan();
const Operator* NumberTanh();
const Operator* NumberTrunc();
const Operator* NumberToBoolean();
const Operator* NumberToInt32();
const Operator* NumberToString();
const Operator* NumberToUint32();
const Operator* NumberToUint8Clamped();
const Operator* NumberSilenceNaN();
const Operator* SpeculativeSafeIntegerAdd(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeSafeIntegerSubtract(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberAdd(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberSubtract(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberMultiply(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberDivide(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberModulus(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberShiftLeft(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberShiftRight(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberShiftRightLogical(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberBitwiseAnd(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberBitwiseOr(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberBitwiseXor(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberLessThan(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberLessThanOrEqual(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* SpeculativeNumberEqual(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* ReferenceEqual();
const Operator* SameValue();
const Operator* TypeOf();
const Operator* ClassOf();
const Operator* ToBoolean();
const Operator* StringEqual();
const Operator* StringLessThan();
const Operator* StringLessThanOrEqual();
const Operator* StringCharAt();
const Operator* StringCharCodeAt();
const Operator* SeqStringCharCodeAt();
const Operator* StringCodePointAt();
const Operator* SeqStringCodePointAt();
const Operator* StringFromCharCode();
const Operator* StringFromCodePoint(UnicodeEncoding encoding);
const Operator* StringIndexOf();
const Operator* StringLength();
const Operator* StringToLowerCaseIntl();
const Operator* StringToUpperCaseIntl();
const Operator* FindOrderedHashMapEntry();
const Operator* FindOrderedHashMapEntryForInt32Key();
const Operator* SpeculativeToNumber(NumberOperationHint hint);
const Operator* StringToNumber();
const Operator* PlainPrimitiveToNumber();
const Operator* PlainPrimitiveToWord32();
const Operator* PlainPrimitiveToFloat64();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedSignedToInt32();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedToInt32();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedToUint32();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedToFloat64();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedToTaggedSigned();
const Operator* ChangeInt31ToTaggedSigned();
const Operator* ChangeInt32ToTagged();
const Operator* ChangeUint32ToTagged();
const Operator* ChangeFloat64ToTagged(CheckForMinusZeroMode);
const Operator* ChangeFloat64ToTaggedPointer();
const Operator* ChangeTaggedToBit();
const Operator* ChangeBitToTagged();
const Operator* TruncateTaggedToWord32();
const Operator* TruncateTaggedToFloat64();
const Operator* TruncateTaggedToBit();
const Operator* TruncateTaggedPointerToBit();
const Operator* MaskIndexWithBound();
const Operator* CompareMaps(ZoneHandleSet<Map>);
const Operator* MapGuard(ZoneHandleSet<Map> maps);
const Operator* CheckBounds(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckEqualsInternalizedString();
const Operator* CheckEqualsSymbol();
const Operator* CheckFloat64Hole(CheckFloat64HoleMode);
const Operator* CheckHeapObject();
const Operator* CheckIf(DeoptimizeReason deoptimize_reason);
const Operator* CheckInternalizedString();
const Operator* CheckMaps(CheckMapsFlags, ZoneHandleSet<Map>,
const VectorSlotPair& = VectorSlotPair());
const Operator* CheckNotTaggedHole();
const Operator* CheckNumber(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckReceiver();
const Operator* CheckSeqString();
const Operator* CheckSmi(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckString(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckSymbol();
const Operator* CheckedFloat64ToInt32(CheckForMinusZeroMode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedInt32Add();
const Operator* CheckedInt32Div();
const Operator* CheckedInt32Mod();
const Operator* CheckedInt32Mul(CheckForMinusZeroMode);
const Operator* CheckedInt32Sub();
const Operator* CheckedInt32ToTaggedSigned(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedTaggedSignedToInt32(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedTaggedToFloat64(CheckTaggedInputMode);
const Operator* CheckedTaggedToInt32(CheckForMinusZeroMode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedTaggedToTaggedPointer(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedTaggedToTaggedSigned(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedTruncateTaggedToWord32(CheckTaggedInputMode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedUint32Div();
const Operator* CheckedUint32Mod();
const Operator* CheckedUint32ToInt32(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* CheckedUint32ToTaggedSigned(const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
const Operator* ConvertReceiver(ConvertReceiverMode);
const Operator* ConvertTaggedHoleToUndefined();
const Operator* ObjectIsArrayBufferView();
const Operator* ObjectIsBigInt();
const Operator* ObjectIsCallable();
const Operator* ObjectIsConstructor();
const Operator* ObjectIsDetectableCallable();
const Operator* ObjectIsMinusZero();
const Operator* ObjectIsNaN();
const Operator* ObjectIsNonCallable();
const Operator* ObjectIsNumber();
const Operator* ObjectIsReceiver();
const Operator* ObjectIsSmi();
const Operator* ObjectIsString();
const Operator* ObjectIsSymbol();
const Operator* ObjectIsUndetectable();
const Operator* NumberIsFloat64Hole();
const Operator* ArgumentsFrame();
const Operator* ArgumentsLength(int formal_parameter_count,
bool is_rest_length);
const Operator* NewDoubleElements(PretenureFlag);
const Operator* NewSmiOrObjectElements(PretenureFlag);
// new-arguments-elements arguments-frame, arguments-length
const Operator* NewArgumentsElements(int mapped_count);
// new-cons-string length, first, second
const Operator* NewConsString();
// array-buffer-was-neutered buffer
const Operator* ArrayBufferWasNeutered();
// ensure-writable-fast-elements object, elements
const Operator* EnsureWritableFastElements();
// maybe-grow-fast-elements object, elements, index, length
const Operator* MaybeGrowFastElements(GrowFastElementsMode mode,
const VectorSlotPair& feedback);
// transition-elements-kind object, from-map, to-map
const Operator* TransitionElementsKind(ElementsTransition transition);
const Operator* Allocate(Type* type, PretenureFlag pretenure = NOT_TENURED);
const Operator* AllocateRaw(Type* type,
PretenureFlag pretenure = NOT_TENURED);
const Operator* LoadFieldByIndex();
const Operator* LoadField(FieldAccess const&);
const Operator* StoreField(FieldAccess const&);
// load-element [base + index]
const Operator* LoadElement(ElementAccess const&);
// store-element [base + index], value
const Operator* StoreElement(ElementAccess const&);
// store-element [base + index], value, only with fast arrays.
const Operator* TransitionAndStoreElement(Handle<Map> double_map,
Handle<Map> fast_map);
// store-element [base + index], smi value, only with fast arrays.
const Operator* StoreSignedSmallElement();
// store-element [base + index], double value, only with fast arrays.
const Operator* TransitionAndStoreNumberElement(Handle<Map> double_map);
// store-element [base + index], object value, only with fast arrays.
const Operator* TransitionAndStoreNonNumberElement(Handle<Map> fast_map,
Type* value_type);
// load-typed-element buffer, [base + external + index]
const Operator* LoadTypedElement(ExternalArrayType const&);
// store-typed-element buffer, [base + external + index], value
const Operator* StoreTypedElement(ExternalArrayType const&);
// Abort (for terminating execution on internal error).
const Operator* RuntimeAbort(AbortReason reason);
Zone* zone() const { return zone_; }
const SimplifiedOperatorGlobalCache& cache_;
Zone* const zone_;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8