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// Copyright 2017 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/allocation.h"
#include "src/cancelable-task.h"
#include "src/heap/spaces.h"
#include "src/heap/worklist.h"
#include "src/utils.h"
#include "src/v8.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class Heap;
class Isolate;
class MajorNonAtomicMarkingState;
struct WeakObjects;
using LiveBytesMap =
std::unordered_map<MemoryChunk*, intptr_t, MemoryChunk::Hasher>;
class ConcurrentMarking {
// When the scope is entered, the concurrent marking tasks
// are paused and are not looking at the heap objects.
class PauseScope {
explicit PauseScope(ConcurrentMarking* concurrent_marking);
ConcurrentMarking* concurrent_marking_;
static const int kMaxTasks = 4;
using MarkingWorklist = Worklist<HeapObject*, 64 /* segment size */>;
ConcurrentMarking(Heap* heap, MarkingWorklist* shared,
MarkingWorklist* bailout, MarkingWorklist* on_hold,
WeakObjects* weak_objects);
void ScheduleTasks();
void WaitForTasks();
void EnsureCompleted();
void RescheduleTasksIfNeeded();
// Flushes the local live bytes into the given marking state.
void FlushLiveBytes(MajorNonAtomicMarkingState* marking_state);
// This function is called for a new space page that was cleared after
// scavenge and is going to be re-used.
void ClearLiveness(MemoryChunk* chunk);
int TaskCount() { return task_count_; }
size_t TotalMarkedBytes();
struct TaskState {
// When the concurrent marking task has this lock, then objects in the
// heap are guaranteed to not move.
base::Mutex lock;
// The main thread sets this flag to true, when it wants the concurrent
// maker to give up the lock.
base::AtomicValue<bool> interrupt_request;
// The concurrent marker waits on this condition until the request
// flag is cleared by the main thread.
base::ConditionVariable interrupt_condition;
LiveBytesMap live_bytes;
size_t marked_bytes;
char cache_line_padding[64];
class Task;
void Run(int task_id, TaskState* task_state);
Heap* heap_;
MarkingWorklist* shared_;
MarkingWorklist* bailout_;
MarkingWorklist* on_hold_;
WeakObjects* weak_objects_;
TaskState task_state_[kMaxTasks + 1];
base::AtomicNumber<size_t> total_marked_bytes_;
base::Mutex pending_lock_;
base::ConditionVariable pending_condition_;
int pending_task_count_;
bool is_pending_[kMaxTasks + 1];
CancelableTaskManager::Id cancelable_id_[kMaxTasks + 1];
int task_count_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8