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// Copyright 2016 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cctype>
#include <climits>
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace v8_inspector {
using UChar = uint16_t;
class String16 {
static const size_t kNotFound = static_cast<size_t>(-1);
String16(const String16& other);
String16(String16&& other);
String16(const UChar* characters, size_t size);
String16(const UChar* characters); // NOLINT(runtime/explicit)
String16(const char* characters); // NOLINT(runtime/explicit)
String16(const char* characters, size_t size);
explicit String16(const std::basic_string<UChar>& impl);
String16& operator=(const String16& other);
String16& operator=(String16&& other);
static String16 fromInteger(int);
static String16 fromInteger(size_t);
static String16 fromDouble(double);
static String16 fromDouble(double, int precision);
int64_t toInteger64(bool* ok = nullptr) const;
int toInteger(bool* ok = nullptr) const;
String16 stripWhiteSpace() const;
const UChar* characters16() const { return m_impl.c_str(); }
size_t length() const { return m_impl.length(); }
bool isEmpty() const { return !m_impl.length(); }
UChar operator[](size_t index) const { return m_impl[index]; }
String16 substring(size_t pos, size_t len = UINT_MAX) const {
return String16(m_impl.substr(pos, len));
size_t find(const String16& str, size_t start = 0) const {
return m_impl.find(str.m_impl, start);
size_t reverseFind(const String16& str, size_t start = UINT_MAX) const {
return m_impl.rfind(str.m_impl, start);
size_t find(UChar c, size_t start = 0) const { return m_impl.find(c, start); }
size_t reverseFind(UChar c, size_t start = UINT_MAX) const {
return m_impl.rfind(c, start);
void swap(String16& other) {
std::swap(hash_code, other.hash_code);
// Convenience methods.
std::string utf8() const;
static String16 fromUTF8(const char* stringStart, size_t length);
std::size_t hash() const {
if (!hash_code) {
for (char c : m_impl) hash_code = 31 * hash_code + c;
// Map hash code 0 to 1. This double the number of hash collisions for 1,
// but avoids recomputing the hash code.
if (!hash_code) ++hash_code;
return hash_code;
inline bool operator==(const String16& other) const {
return m_impl == other.m_impl;
inline bool operator<(const String16& other) const {
return m_impl < other.m_impl;
inline bool operator!=(const String16& other) const {
return m_impl != other.m_impl;
inline String16 operator+(const String16& other) const {
return String16(m_impl + other.m_impl);
// Defined later, since it uses the String16Builder.
template <typename... T>
static String16 concat(T... args);
std::basic_string<UChar> m_impl;
mutable std::size_t hash_code = 0;
inline String16 operator+(const char* a, const String16& b) {
return String16(a) + b;
class String16Builder {
void append(const String16&);
void append(UChar);
void append(char);
void append(const UChar*, size_t);
void append(const char*, size_t);
void appendNumber(int);
void appendNumber(size_t);
String16 toString();
void reserveCapacity(size_t);
template <typename T, typename... R>
void appendAll(T first, R... rest) {
void appendAll() {}
std::vector<UChar> m_buffer;
template <typename... T>
String16 String16::concat(T... args) {
String16Builder builder;
return builder.toString();
} // namespace v8_inspector
#if !defined(__APPLE__) || defined(_LIBCPP_VERSION)
namespace std {
template <>
struct hash<v8_inspector::String16> {
std::size_t operator()(const v8_inspector::String16& string) const {
return string.hash();
} // namespace std
#endif // !defined(__APPLE__) || defined(_LIBCPP_VERSION)
#endif // V8_INSPECTOR_STRING16_H_