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// Copyright 2014 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <iosfwd>
#include "src/objects/fixed-array.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// LayoutDescriptor is a bit vector defining which fields contain non-tagged
// values. It could either be a fixed typed array (slow form) or a Smi
// if the length fits (fast form).
// Each bit in the layout represents a FIELD. The bits are referenced by
// field_index which is a field number. If the bit is set then the corresponding
// field contains a non-tagged value and therefore must be skipped by GC.
// Otherwise the field is considered tagged. If the queried bit lays "outside"
// of the descriptor then the field is also considered tagged.
// Once a layout descriptor is created it is allowed only to append properties
// to it. GC uses layout descriptors to iterate objects. Avoid heap pointers
// in a layout descriptor because they can lead to data races in GC when
// GC moves objects in parallel.
class LayoutDescriptor : public ByteArray {
V8_INLINE bool IsTagged(int field_index);
// Queries the contiguous region of fields that are either tagged or not.
// Returns true if the given field is tagged or false otherwise and writes
// the length of the contiguous region to |out_sequence_length|.
// If the sequence is longer than |max_sequence_length| then
// |out_sequence_length| is set to |max_sequence_length|.
bool IsTagged(int field_index, int max_sequence_length,
int* out_sequence_length);
// Returns true if this is a layout of the object having only tagged fields.
V8_INLINE bool IsFastPointerLayout();
V8_INLINE static bool IsFastPointerLayout(Object* layout_descriptor);
// Returns true if the layout descriptor is in non-Smi form.
V8_INLINE bool IsSlowLayout();
V8_INLINE static LayoutDescriptor* cast(Object* object);
V8_INLINE static const LayoutDescriptor* cast(const Object* object);
V8_INLINE static LayoutDescriptor* cast_gc_safe(Object* object);
// Builds layout descriptor optimized for given |map| by |num_descriptors|
// elements of given descriptors array. The |map|'s descriptors could be
// different.
static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> New(Handle<Map> map,
Handle<DescriptorArray> descriptors,
int num_descriptors);
// Modifies |map|'s layout descriptor or creates a new one if necessary by
// appending property with |details| to it.
static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> ShareAppend(Handle<Map> map,
PropertyDetails details);
// Creates new layout descriptor by appending property with |details| to
// |map|'s layout descriptor and if it is still fast then returns it.
// Otherwise the |full_layout_descriptor| is returned.
static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> AppendIfFastOrUseFull(
Handle<Map> map, PropertyDetails details,
Handle<LayoutDescriptor> full_layout_descriptor);
// Layout descriptor that corresponds to an object all fields of which are
// tagged (FastPointerLayout).
V8_INLINE static LayoutDescriptor* FastPointerLayout();
// Check that this layout descriptor corresponds to given map.
bool IsConsistentWithMap(Map* map, bool check_tail = false);
// Trims this layout descriptor to given number of descriptors. This happens
// only when corresponding descriptors array is trimmed.
// The layout descriptor could be trimmed if it was slow or it could
// become fast.
LayoutDescriptor* Trim(Heap* heap, Map* map, DescriptorArray* descriptors,
int num_descriptors);
// For our gdb macros, we should perhaps change these in the future.
void Print();
void ShortPrint(std::ostream& os);
void Print(std::ostream& os); // NOLINT
// Capacity of layout descriptors in bits.
V8_INLINE int capacity();
static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> NewForTesting(Isolate* isolate, int length);
LayoutDescriptor* SetTaggedForTesting(int field_index, bool tagged);
static const int kBitsPerLayoutWord = 32;
int number_of_layout_words() { return length() / kUInt32Size; }
uint32_t get_layout_word(int index) const { return get_uint32(index); }
void set_layout_word(int index, uint32_t value) { set_uint32(index, value); }
V8_INLINE static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> New(Isolate* isolate, int length);
V8_INLINE static LayoutDescriptor* FromSmi(Smi* smi);
V8_INLINE static bool InobjectUnboxedField(int inobject_properties,
PropertyDetails details);
// Calculates minimal layout descriptor capacity required for given
// |map|, |descriptors| and |num_descriptors|.
V8_INLINE static int CalculateCapacity(Map* map, DescriptorArray* descriptors,
int num_descriptors);
// Calculates the length of the slow-mode backing store array by given layout
// descriptor length.
V8_INLINE static int GetSlowModeBackingStoreLength(int length);
// Fills in clean |layout_descriptor| according to given |map|, |descriptors|
// and |num_descriptors|.
V8_INLINE static LayoutDescriptor* Initialize(
LayoutDescriptor* layout_descriptor, Map* map,
DescriptorArray* descriptors, int num_descriptors);
static Handle<LayoutDescriptor> EnsureCapacity(
Isolate* isolate, Handle<LayoutDescriptor> layout_descriptor,
int new_capacity);
// Returns false if requested field_index is out of bounds.
V8_INLINE bool GetIndexes(int field_index, int* layout_word_index,
int* layout_bit_index);
V8_INLINE MUST_USE_RESULT LayoutDescriptor* SetRawData(int field_index);
V8_INLINE MUST_USE_RESULT LayoutDescriptor* SetTagged(int field_index,
bool tagged);
// LayoutDescriptorHelper is a helper class for querying layout descriptor
// about whether the field at given offset is tagged or not.
class LayoutDescriptorHelper {
inline explicit LayoutDescriptorHelper(Map* map);
bool all_fields_tagged() { return all_fields_tagged_; }
inline bool IsTagged(int offset_in_bytes);
// Queries the contiguous region of fields that are either tagged or not.
// Returns true if fields starting at |offset_in_bytes| are tagged or false
// otherwise and writes the offset of the end of the contiguous region to
// |out_end_of_contiguous_region_offset|. The |end_offset| value is the
// upper bound for |out_end_of_contiguous_region_offset|.
bool IsTagged(int offset_in_bytes, int end_offset,
int* out_end_of_contiguous_region_offset);
bool all_fields_tagged_;
int header_size_;
LayoutDescriptor* layout_descriptor_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8