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// Copyright 2002 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Texture.h: Defines the gl::Texture class [OpenGL ES 2.0.24] section 3.7 page 63.
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "angle_gl.h"
#include "common/Optional.h"
#include "common/debug.h"
#include "common/utilities.h"
#include "libANGLE/Caps.h"
#include "libANGLE/Constants.h"
#include "libANGLE/Debug.h"
#include "libANGLE/Error.h"
#include "libANGLE/FramebufferAttachment.h"
#include "libANGLE/Image.h"
#include "libANGLE/Observer.h"
#include "libANGLE/Stream.h"
#include "libANGLE/angletypes.h"
#include "libANGLE/formatutils.h"
namespace egl
class Surface;
class Stream;
} // namespace egl
namespace rx
class GLImplFactory;
class TextureImpl;
class TextureGL;
} // namespace rx
namespace gl
class Framebuffer;
class MemoryObject;
class Sampler;
class State;
class Texture;
bool IsMipmapFiltered(const SamplerState &samplerState);
struct ImageDesc final
ImageDesc(const Extents &size, const Format &format, const InitState initState);
ImageDesc(const Extents &size,
const Format &format,
const GLsizei samples,
const bool fixedSampleLocations,
const InitState initState);
ImageDesc(const ImageDesc &other) = default;
ImageDesc &operator=(const ImageDesc &other) = default;
GLint getMemorySize() const;
Extents size;
Format format;
GLsizei samples;
bool fixedSampleLocations;
// Needed for robust resource initialization.
InitState initState;
struct SwizzleState final
SwizzleState(GLenum red, GLenum green, GLenum blue, GLenum alpha);
SwizzleState(const SwizzleState &other) = default;
SwizzleState &operator=(const SwizzleState &other) = default;
bool swizzleRequired() const;
bool operator==(const SwizzleState &other) const;
bool operator!=(const SwizzleState &other) const;
GLenum swizzleRed;
GLenum swizzleGreen;
GLenum swizzleBlue;
GLenum swizzleAlpha;
// State from Table 6.9 (state per texture object) in the OpenGL ES 3.0.2 spec.
class TextureState final : private angle::NonCopyable
TextureState(TextureType type);
bool swizzleRequired() const;
GLuint getEffectiveBaseLevel() const;
GLuint getEffectiveMaxLevel() const;
// Returns the value called "q" in the GLES 3.0.4 spec section 3.8.10.
GLuint getMipmapMaxLevel() const;
// Returns true if base level changed.
bool setBaseLevel(GLuint baseLevel);
bool setMaxLevel(GLuint maxLevel);
bool isCubeComplete() const;
ANGLE_INLINE bool compatibleWithSamplerFormat(SamplerFormat format,
const SamplerState &samplerState) const
if (!mCachedSamplerFormatValid ||
mCachedSamplerCompareMode != samplerState.getCompareMode())
mCachedSamplerFormat = computeRequiredSamplerFormat(samplerState);
mCachedSamplerCompareMode = samplerState.getCompareMode();
mCachedSamplerFormatValid = true;
// Incomplete textures are compatible with any sampler format.
return mCachedSamplerFormat == SamplerFormat::InvalidEnum || format == mCachedSamplerFormat;
const ImageDesc &getImageDesc(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
const ImageDesc &getImageDesc(const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const;
TextureType getType() const { return mType; }
const SwizzleState &getSwizzleState() const { return mSwizzleState; }
const SamplerState &getSamplerState() const { return mSamplerState; }
GLenum getUsage() const { return mUsage; }
GLenum getDepthStencilTextureMode() const { return mDepthStencilTextureMode; }
bool isStencilMode() const { return mDepthStencilTextureMode == GL_STENCIL_INDEX; }
// Returns the desc of the base level. Only valid for cube-complete/mip-complete textures.
const ImageDesc &getBaseLevelDesc() const;
// GLES1 emulation: For GL_OES_draw_texture
void setCrop(const gl::Rectangle &rect);
const gl::Rectangle &getCrop() const;
// GLES1 emulation: Auto-mipmap generation is a texparameter
void setGenerateMipmapHint(GLenum hint);
GLenum getGenerateMipmapHint() const;
// Return the enabled mipmap level count.
GLuint getEnabledLevelCount() const;
// Texture needs access to the ImageDesc functions.
friend class Texture;
// TODO(jmadill): Remove TextureGL from friends.
friend class rx::TextureGL;
friend bool operator==(const TextureState &a, const TextureState &b);
bool computeSamplerCompleteness(const SamplerState &samplerState, const State &data) const;
bool computeMipmapCompleteness() const;
bool computeLevelCompleteness(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
SamplerFormat computeRequiredSamplerFormat(const SamplerState &samplerState) const;
TextureTarget getBaseImageTarget() const;
void setImageDesc(TextureTarget target, size_t level, const ImageDesc &desc);
void setImageDescChain(GLuint baselevel,
GLuint maxLevel,
Extents baseSize,
const Format &format,
InitState initState);
void setImageDescChainMultisample(Extents baseSize,
const Format &format,
GLsizei samples,
bool fixedSampleLocations,
InitState initState);
void clearImageDesc(TextureTarget target, size_t level);
void clearImageDescs();
const TextureType mType;
SwizzleState mSwizzleState;
SamplerState mSamplerState;
GLuint mBaseLevel;
GLuint mMaxLevel;
GLenum mDepthStencilTextureMode;
bool mBoundAsImageTexture;
bool mImmutableFormat;
GLuint mImmutableLevels;
// From GL_ANGLE_texture_usage
GLenum mUsage;
std::vector<ImageDesc> mImageDescs;
// GLES1 emulation: Texture crop rectangle
// For GL_OES_draw_texture
gl::Rectangle mCropRect;
// GLES1 emulation: Generate-mipmap hint per texture
GLenum mGenerateMipmapHint;
InitState mInitState;
mutable SamplerFormat mCachedSamplerFormat;
mutable GLenum mCachedSamplerCompareMode;
mutable bool mCachedSamplerFormatValid;
bool operator==(const TextureState &a, const TextureState &b);
bool operator!=(const TextureState &a, const TextureState &b);
class Texture final : public RefCountObject<TextureID>,
public egl::ImageSibling,
public LabeledObject
Texture(rx::GLImplFactory *factory, TextureID id, TextureType type);
~Texture() override;
void onDestroy(const Context *context) override;
void setLabel(const Context *context, const std::string &label) override;
const std::string &getLabel() const override;
TextureType getType() const { return mState.mType; }
void setSwizzleRed(const Context *context, GLenum swizzleRed);
GLenum getSwizzleRed() const;
void setSwizzleGreen(const Context *context, GLenum swizzleGreen);
GLenum getSwizzleGreen() const;
void setSwizzleBlue(const Context *context, GLenum swizzleBlue);
GLenum getSwizzleBlue() const;
void setSwizzleAlpha(const Context *context, GLenum swizzleAlpha);
GLenum getSwizzleAlpha() const;
void setMinFilter(const Context *context, GLenum minFilter);
GLenum getMinFilter() const;
void setMagFilter(const Context *context, GLenum magFilter);
GLenum getMagFilter() const;
void setWrapS(const Context *context, GLenum wrapS);
GLenum getWrapS() const;
void setWrapT(const Context *context, GLenum wrapT);
GLenum getWrapT() const;
void setWrapR(const Context *context, GLenum wrapR);
GLenum getWrapR() const;
void setMaxAnisotropy(const Context *context, float maxAnisotropy);
float getMaxAnisotropy() const;
void setMinLod(const Context *context, GLfloat minLod);
GLfloat getMinLod() const;
void setMaxLod(const Context *context, GLfloat maxLod);
GLfloat getMaxLod() const;
void setCompareMode(const Context *context, GLenum compareMode);
GLenum getCompareMode() const;
void setCompareFunc(const Context *context, GLenum compareFunc);
GLenum getCompareFunc() const;
void setSRGBDecode(const Context *context, GLenum sRGBDecode);
GLenum getSRGBDecode() const;
const SamplerState &getSamplerState() const;
angle::Result setBaseLevel(const Context *context, GLuint baseLevel);
GLuint getBaseLevel() const;
void setMaxLevel(const Context *context, GLuint maxLevel);
GLuint getMaxLevel() const;
void setDepthStencilTextureMode(const Context *context, GLenum mode);
GLenum getDepthStencilTextureMode() const;
bool getImmutableFormat() const;
GLuint getImmutableLevels() const;
void setUsage(const Context *context, GLenum usage);
GLenum getUsage() const;
void setBorderColor(const Context *context, const ColorGeneric &color);
const ColorGeneric &getBorderColor() const;
const TextureState &getTextureState() const;
size_t getWidth(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
size_t getHeight(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
size_t getDepth(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
GLsizei getSamples(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
bool getFixedSampleLocations(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
const Format &getFormat(TextureTarget target, size_t level) const;
// Returns the value called "q" in the GLES 3.0.4 spec section 3.8.10.
GLuint getMipmapMaxLevel() const;
bool isMipmapComplete() const;
angle::Result setImage(Context *context,
const PixelUnpackState &unpackState,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
GLenum internalFormat,
const Extents &size,
GLenum format,
GLenum type,
const uint8_t *pixels);
angle::Result setSubImage(Context *context,
const PixelUnpackState &unpackState,
Buffer *unpackBuffer,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
const Box &area,
GLenum format,
GLenum type,
const uint8_t *pixels);
angle::Result setCompressedImage(Context *context,
const PixelUnpackState &unpackState,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
GLenum internalFormat,
const Extents &size,
size_t imageSize,
const uint8_t *pixels);
angle::Result setCompressedSubImage(const Context *context,
const PixelUnpackState &unpackState,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
const Box &area,
GLenum format,
size_t imageSize,
const uint8_t *pixels);
angle::Result copyImage(Context *context,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
const Rectangle &sourceArea,
GLenum internalFormat,
Framebuffer *source);
angle::Result copySubImage(Context *context,
const ImageIndex &index,
const Offset &destOffset,
const Rectangle &sourceArea,
Framebuffer *source);
angle::Result copyTexture(Context *context,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
GLenum internalFormat,
GLenum type,
GLint sourceLevel,
bool unpackFlipY,
bool unpackPremultiplyAlpha,
bool unpackUnmultiplyAlpha,
Texture *source);
angle::Result copySubTexture(const Context *context,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
const Offset &destOffset,
GLint sourceLevel,
const Box &sourceBox,
bool unpackFlipY,
bool unpackPremultiplyAlpha,
bool unpackUnmultiplyAlpha,
Texture *source);
angle::Result copyCompressedTexture(Context *context, const Texture *source);
angle::Result setStorage(Context *context,
TextureType type,
GLsizei levels,
GLenum internalFormat,
const Extents &size);
angle::Result setStorageMultisample(Context *context,
TextureType type,
GLsizei samples,
GLint internalformat,
const Extents &size,
bool fixedSampleLocations);
angle::Result setStorageExternalMemory(Context *context,
TextureType type,
GLsizei levels,
GLenum internalFormat,
const Extents &size,
MemoryObject *memoryObject,
GLuint64 offset);
angle::Result setImageExternal(Context *context,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
GLenum internalFormat,
const Extents &size,
GLenum format,
GLenum type);
angle::Result setEGLImageTarget(Context *context, TextureType type, egl::Image *imageTarget);
angle::Result generateMipmap(Context *context);
void onBindImageTexture();
egl::Surface *getBoundSurface() const;
egl::Stream *getBoundStream() const;
GLint getMemorySize() const;
GLint getLevelMemorySize(TextureTarget target, GLint level) const;
void signalDirtyStorage(InitState initState);
bool isSamplerComplete(const Context *context, const Sampler *optionalSampler);
GLenum getImplementationColorReadFormat(const Context *context) const;
GLenum getImplementationColorReadType(const Context *context) const;
// We pass the pack buffer and state explicitly so they can be overridden during capture.
angle::Result getTexImage(const Context *context,
const PixelPackState &packState,
Buffer *packBuffer,
TextureTarget target,
GLint level,
GLenum format,
GLenum type,
void *pixels) const;
rx::TextureImpl *getImplementation() const { return mTexture; }
// FramebufferAttachmentObject implementation
Extents getAttachmentSize(const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const override;
Format getAttachmentFormat(GLenum binding, const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const override;
GLsizei getAttachmentSamples(const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const override;
bool isRenderable(const Context *context,
GLenum binding,
const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const override;
bool getAttachmentFixedSampleLocations(const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const;
// GLES1 emulation
void setCrop(const gl::Rectangle &rect);
const gl::Rectangle &getCrop() const;
void setGenerateMipmapHint(GLenum generate);
GLenum getGenerateMipmapHint() const;
void onAttach(const Context *context) override;
void onDetach(const Context *context) override;
// Used specifically for FramebufferAttachmentObject.
GLuint getId() const override;
GLuint getNativeID() const;
// Needed for robust resource init.
angle::Result ensureInitialized(const Context *context);
InitState initState(const ImageIndex &imageIndex) const override;
InitState initState() const { return mState.mInitState; }
void setInitState(const ImageIndex &imageIndex, InitState initState) override;
enum DirtyBitType
// Sampler state
// Texture state
// Image state
// Misc
using DirtyBits = angle::BitSet<DIRTY_BIT_COUNT>;
angle::Result syncState(const Context *context);
bool hasAnyDirtyBit() const { return mDirtyBits.any(); }
// ObserverInterface implementation.
void onSubjectStateChange(angle::SubjectIndex index, angle::SubjectMessage message) override;
rx::FramebufferAttachmentObjectImpl *getAttachmentImpl() const override;
// ANGLE-only method, used internally
friend class egl::Surface;
angle::Result bindTexImageFromSurface(Context *context, egl::Surface *surface);
angle::Result releaseTexImageFromSurface(const Context *context);
// ANGLE-only methods, used internally
friend class egl::Stream;
void bindStream(egl::Stream *stream);
void releaseStream();
angle::Result acquireImageFromStream(const Context *context,
const egl::Stream::GLTextureDescription &desc);
angle::Result releaseImageFromStream(const Context *context);
void invalidateCompletenessCache() const;
angle::Result releaseTexImageInternal(Context *context);
angle::Result ensureSubImageInitialized(const Context *context,
TextureTarget target,
size_t level,
const gl::Box &area);
angle::Result handleMipmapGenerationHint(Context *context, int level);
void signalDirtyState(size_t dirtyBit);
TextureState mState;
DirtyBits mDirtyBits;
rx::TextureImpl *mTexture;
angle::ObserverBinding mImplObserver;
std::string mLabel;
egl::Surface *mBoundSurface;
egl::Stream *mBoundStream;
struct SamplerCompletenessCache
// Context used to generate this cache entry
ContextID context;
// All values that affect sampler completeness that are not stored within
// the texture itself
SamplerState samplerState;
// Result of the sampler completeness with the above parameters
bool samplerComplete;
mutable SamplerCompletenessCache mCompletenessCache;
inline bool operator==(const TextureState &a, const TextureState &b)
return a.mSwizzleState == b.mSwizzleState && a.mSamplerState == b.mSamplerState &&
a.mBaseLevel == b.mBaseLevel && a.mMaxLevel == b.mMaxLevel &&
a.mImmutableFormat == b.mImmutableFormat && a.mImmutableLevels == b.mImmutableLevels &&
a.mUsage == b.mUsage;
inline bool operator!=(const TextureState &a, const TextureState &b)
return !(a == b);
} // namespace gl