Standalone glslang validator

This folder contains a standalone glslang validator binary. We use this binary for offline compilation of internal Vulkan shaders. See the internal shader docs for more info on offline shader compilation.

Use the script to update the versions of the validator in cloud storage. It must be run on Linux or Windows. It will update the SHA for your platform. After running the script run git commit and then git cl upload to code review using the normal review process. Note that if the version of glslang has been updated you will also want to run scripts/ to update the compiled shader binaries.

Please update both Windows and Linux binaries at the same time. Use two CLs. One for each platform. Note that we don't currently support Mac on Vulkan. If we do we should add a glslang download for Mac as well.

Contact jmadill or syoussefi for any help with the validator or updating the binaries.