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<its:rules xmlns:its="" version="2.0">
<its:param name="DisableInfoParam">DisableInfo</its:param>
<its:locNoteRule selector="//@alt" locNoteType="description">
<its:locNote>This text will be displayed over the image.</its:locNote>
<its:locNoteRule selector="//msg[@id='1']/img/@alt" locNoteType="alert">
<its:locNote>Do not translate the word "Chobe"</its:locNote>
<its:locNoteRule locNoteType="alert" selector="//msg[@id=$DisableInfoParam]">
The variable
has three possible values: 'printer', 'stacker' and 'stapler options'.
<msg id="1">
This is a hippoptamus:
<img src="hippo.png" alt="Hippo in the Chobe River"/>
<msg id="2">
This is an elephant:
<img src="elephants.png" alt="Elephants taking a mud bath"/>
<msg id="DisableInfo">The {0} has been disabled.</msg>