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""" support for providing temporary directories to test functions. """
import re
import pytest
import py
from _pytest.monkeypatch import monkeypatch
class TempdirFactory:
"""Factory for temporary directories under the common base temp directory.
The base directory can be configured using the ``--basetemp`` option.
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
self.trace = config.trace.get("tmpdir")
def ensuretemp(self, string, dir=1):
""" (deprecated) return temporary directory path with
the given string as the trailing part. It is usually
better to use the 'tmpdir' function argument which
provides an empty unique-per-test-invocation directory
and is guaranteed to be empty.
#py.log._apiwarn(">1.1", "use tmpdir function argument")
return self.getbasetemp().ensure(string, dir=dir)
def mktemp(self, basename, numbered=True):
"""Create a subdirectory of the base temporary directory and return it.
If ``numbered``, ensure the directory is unique by adding a number
prefix greater than any existing one.
basetemp = self.getbasetemp()
if not numbered:
p = basetemp.mkdir(basename)
p = py.path.local.make_numbered_dir(prefix=basename,
keep=0, rootdir=basetemp, lock_timeout=None)
self.trace("mktemp", p)
return p
def getbasetemp(self):
""" return base temporary directory. """
return self._basetemp
except AttributeError:
basetemp = self.config.option.basetemp
if basetemp:
basetemp = py.path.local(basetemp)
if basetemp.check():
temproot = py.path.local.get_temproot()
user = get_user()
if user:
# use a sub-directory in the temproot to speed-up
# make_numbered_dir() call
rootdir = temproot.join('pytest-of-%s' % user)
rootdir = temproot
basetemp = py.path.local.make_numbered_dir(prefix='pytest-',
self._basetemp = t = basetemp.realpath()
self.trace("new basetemp", t)
return t
def finish(self):
def get_user():
"""Return the current user name, or None if getuser() does not work
in the current environment (see #1010).
import getpass
return getpass.getuser()
except (ImportError, KeyError):
return None
# backward compatibility
TempdirHandler = TempdirFactory
def pytest_configure(config):
"""Create a TempdirFactory and attach it to the config object.
This is to comply with existing plugins which expect the handler to be
available at pytest_configure time, but ideally should be moved entirely
to the tmpdir_factory session fixture.
mp = monkeypatch()
t = TempdirFactory(config)
config._cleanup.extend([mp.undo, t.finish])
mp.setattr(config, '_tmpdirhandler', t, raising=False)
mp.setattr(pytest, 'ensuretemp', t.ensuretemp, raising=False)
def tmpdir_factory(request):
"""Return a TempdirFactory instance for the test session.
return request.config._tmpdirhandler
def tmpdir(request, tmpdir_factory):
"""return a temporary directory path object
which is unique to each test function invocation,
created as a sub directory of the base temporary
directory. The returned object is a `py.path.local`_
path object.
name =
name = re.sub("[\W]", "_", name)
if len(name) > MAXVAL:
name = name[:MAXVAL]
x = tmpdir_factory.mktemp(name, numbered=True)
return x