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pytest-2.3.4: stabilization, more flexible selection via "-k expr"
pytest-2.3.4 is a small stabilization release of the py.test tool
which offers uebersimple assertions, scalable fixture mechanisms
and deep customization for testing with Python. This release
comes with the following fixes and features:
- make "-k" option accept an expressions the same as with "-m" so that one
can write: -k "name1 or name2" etc. This is a slight usage incompatibility
if you used special syntax like "TestClass.test_method" which you now
need to write as -k "TestClass and test_method" to match a certain
method in a certain test class.
- allow to dynamically define markers via
item.keywords[...]=assignment integrating with "-m" option
- yielded test functions will now have autouse-fixtures active but
cannot accept fixtures as funcargs - it's anyway recommended to
rather use the post-2.0 parametrize features instead of yield, see:
- fix autouse-issue where autouse-fixtures would not be discovered
if defined in a a/ file and tests in a/tests/
- fix issue226 - LIFO ordering for fixture teardowns
- fix issue224 - invocations with >256 char arguments now work
- fix issue91 - add/discuss package/directory level setups in example
- fixes related to autouse discovery and calling
Thanks in particular to Thomas Waldmann for spotting and reporting issues.
for general information. To install or upgrade pytest:
pip install -U pytest # or
easy_install -U pytest
holger krekel