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// Copyright 2016 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "src/interpreter/bytecodes.h"
#include "src/objects/objects.h"
namespace v8 {
class Isolate;
namespace internal {
class BytecodeArray;
class SourcePositionTableIterator;
namespace interpreter {
class BytecodeArrayIterator;
class BytecodeExpectationsPrinter final {
explicit BytecodeExpectationsPrinter(v8::Isolate* i)
: isolate_(i),
test_function_name_(kDefaultTopFunctionName) {}
void PrintExpectation(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
const std::string& snippet) const;
void set_module(bool module) { module_ = module; }
bool module() const { return module_; }
void set_wrap(bool wrap) { wrap_ = wrap; }
bool wrap() const { return wrap_; }
void set_top_level(bool top_level) { top_level_ = top_level; }
bool top_level() const { return top_level_; }
void set_print_callee(bool print_callee) { print_callee_ = print_callee; }
bool print_callee() { return print_callee_; }
void set_oneshot_opt(bool oneshot_opt) { oneshot_opt_ = oneshot_opt; }
bool oneshot_opt() { return oneshot_opt_; }
void set_test_function_name(const std::string& test_function_name) {
test_function_name_ = test_function_name;
std::string test_function_name() const { return test_function_name_; }
void PrintEscapedString(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
const std::string& string) const;
void PrintBytecodeOperand(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
const BytecodeArrayIterator& bytecode_iterator,
const Bytecode& bytecode, int op_index,
int parameter_count) const;
void PrintBytecode(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
const BytecodeArrayIterator& bytecode_iterator,
int parameter_count) const;
void PrintSourcePosition(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
source_iterator, // NOLINT(runtime/references)
int bytecode_offset) const;
void PrintV8String(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::String string) const;
void PrintConstant(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::Handle<i::Object> constant) const;
void PrintFrameSize(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> bytecode_array) const;
void PrintBytecodeSequence(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> bytecode_array) const;
void PrintConstantPool(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::FixedArray constant_pool) const;
void PrintCodeSnippet(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
const std::string& body) const;
void PrintBytecodeArray(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> bytecode_array) const;
void PrintHandlers(std::ostream& stream, // NOLINT
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> bytecode_array) const;
v8::Local<v8::String> V8StringFromUTF8(const char* data) const;
std::string WrapCodeInFunction(const char* function_name,
const std::string& function_body) const;
v8::Local<v8::Script> CompileScript(const char* program) const;
v8::Local<v8::Module> CompileModule(const char* program) const;
void Run(v8::Local<v8::Script> script) const;
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> GetBytecodeArrayForGlobal(
const char* global_name) const;
i::Handle<v8::internal::BytecodeArray> GetBytecodeArrayForModule(
v8::Local<v8::Module> module) const;
i::Handle<v8::internal::BytecodeArray> GetBytecodeArrayForScript(
v8::Local<v8::Script> script) const;
i::Handle<i::BytecodeArray> GetBytecodeArrayOfCallee(
const char* source_code) const;
i::Isolate* i_isolate() const {
return reinterpret_cast<i::Isolate*>(isolate_);
v8::Isolate* isolate_;
bool module_;
bool wrap_;
bool top_level_;
bool print_callee_;
bool oneshot_opt_;
std::string test_function_name_;
static const char* const kDefaultTopFunctionName;
static const char* const kIndent;
} // namespace interpreter
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8