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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// A crazy linker test to:
// - Load a library (libzoo) with the crazy linker.
// - Find the address of the "Zoo" function in libzoo.
// - Load a library (libbar) with the *system* linker.
// - Call the Zoo() function, passing the handle for libbar to it.
// Zoo() will call the crazy wrapper for dlsym() with a system handle.
// The wrapper is supposed to recognize the handle as not one of its
// own and fall-back to the system dlsym().
// This will allow the function to find "Bar" within libbar()
// then call it. After that, Zoo() wll call the crazy wrapper for
// dlclose() with the same handle. The wrapper should recognize
// this and close bar as well.
// Finally, Zoo() will return the address of dlclose() as it
// sees it, which should be the address of the crazy wrapper for
// it, as checked by this program at the end of main().
#include <crazy_linker.h>
#include <dlfcn.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "test_util.h"
using dlclose_func_t = int(void*);
using zoo_func_t = dlclose_func_t*(void*);
namespace crazy {
extern void* GetDlCloseWrapperAddressForTesting();
} // namespace crazy
#define LIB_NAME ""
#define LIB2_NAME ""
int main() {
crazy_context_t* context = crazy_context_create();
crazy_library_t* library;
// Load
if (!crazy_library_open(&library, LIB_NAME, context)) {
Panic("Could not open library: %s\n", crazy_context_get_error(context));
// Find the "Zoo" symbol.
zoo_func_t* zoo_func;
if (!crazy_library_find_symbol(library, "Zoo",
reinterpret_cast<void**>(&zoo_func))) {
Panic("Could not find 'Zoo' in %s\n", LIB_NAME);
printf("OK: Found 'Zoo' at %p in %s\n", zoo_func, LIB_NAME);
// Open the 2nd library with the system linker.
void* bar_lib = ::dlopen(LIB2_NAME, RTLD_NOW);
if (!bar_lib) {
Panic("Could not open %s: %s\n", LIB2_NAME, dlerror());
printf("OK: Loaded libbar @%p with system linker\n", bar_lib);
// Call Zoo(), passing the system handle to the second library.
dlclose_func_t* ret = (*zoo_func)(bar_lib);
if (!ret)
Panic("'Zoo' function failed (returned nullptr)!\n");
auto* expected_ret = reinterpret_cast<dlclose_func_t*>(
if (ret == &::dlclose) {
Panic("'Zoo' returned system dlclose() @%p, expected wrapper @%p\n",
&::dlclose, expected_ret);
if (ret != expected_ret) {
Panic("'Zoo' returned unknown address %p, expected wrapper @%p\n", ret,
printf("OK: Returned address was dlclose wrapper\n");
// Close the 1st library.
printf("Closing %s\n", LIB_NAME);
return 0;