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// Copyright 2018 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// ShaderStorageBlockOutputHLSL: A traverser to translate a buffer variable of shader storage block
// to an offset of RWByteAddressBuffer.
#include "compiler/translator/ShaderStorageBlockFunctionHLSL.h"
#include "compiler/translator/blocklayout.h"
#include "compiler/translator/tree_util/IntermTraverse.h"
namespace sh
class ResourcesHLSL;
class OutputHLSL;
class TSymbolTable;
struct TReferencedBlock : angle::NonCopyable
TReferencedBlock(const TInterfaceBlock *block, const TVariable *instanceVariable);
const TInterfaceBlock *block;
const TVariable *instanceVariable; // May be nullptr if the block is not instanced.
// Maps from uniqueId to a variable.
using ReferencedInterfaceBlocks = std::map<int, const TReferencedBlock *>;
// Used to save shader storage block field member information.
using BlockMemberInfoMap = std::map<const TField *, BlockMemberInfo>;
using ShaderVarToFieldMap = std::map<std::string, const TField *>;
class ShaderStorageBlockOutputHLSL : public TIntermTraverser
ShaderStorageBlockOutputHLSL(OutputHLSL *outputHLSL,
TSymbolTable *symbolTable,
ResourcesHLSL *resourcesHLSL,
const std::vector<InterfaceBlock> &shaderStorageBlocks);
~ShaderStorageBlockOutputHLSL() override;
// This writes part of the function call to store a value to a SSBO to the output stream. After
// calling this, ", <stored value>)" should be written to the output stream to complete the
// function call.
void outputStoreFunctionCallPrefix(TIntermTyped *node);
// This writes the function call to load a SSBO value to the output stream.
void outputLoadFunctionCall(TIntermTyped *node);
// This writes the function call to get the lengh of unsized array member of SSBO.
void outputLengthFunctionCall(TIntermTyped *node);
// Writes the atomic memory function calls for SSBO.
void outputAtomicMemoryFunctionCallPrefix(TIntermTyped *node, TOperator op);
void writeShaderStorageBlocksHeader(TInfoSinkBase &out) const;
void visitSymbol(TIntermSymbol *) override;
void visitConstantUnion(TIntermConstantUnion *) override;
bool visitSwizzle(Visit visit, TIntermSwizzle *node) override;
bool visitBinary(Visit visit, TIntermBinary *) override;
bool visitAggregate(Visit visit, TIntermAggregate *node) override;
bool visitTernary(Visit visit, TIntermTernary *) override;
bool visitUnary(Visit visit, TIntermUnary *) override;
void traverseSSBOAccess(TIntermTyped *node, SSBOMethod method);
void setMatrixStride(TIntermTyped *node, TLayoutBlockStorage storage, bool rowMajor);
bool isEndOfSSBOAccessChain();
void writeEOpIndexDirectOrIndirectOutput(TInfoSinkBase &out, Visit visit, TIntermBinary *node);
// Common part in dot operations.
void writeDotOperatorOutput(TInfoSinkBase &out, const TField *field);
int mMatrixStride;
bool mRowMajor;
bool mLocationAsTheLastArgument;
OutputHLSL *mOutputHLSL;
ShaderStorageBlockFunctionHLSL *mSSBOFunctionHLSL;
ResourcesHLSL *mResourcesHLSL;
ReferencedInterfaceBlocks mReferencedShaderStorageBlocks;
BlockMemberInfoMap mBlockMemberInfoMap;
const std::vector<InterfaceBlock> &mShaderStorageBlocks;
} // namespace sh