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"""Provides a pre-kill method to run on macOS."""
from __future__ import print_function
# system imports
import subprocess
import sys
# third-party module imports
import six
def do_pre_kill(process_id, runner_context, output_stream, sample_time=3):
"""Samples the given process id, and puts the output to output_stream.
@param process_id the local process to sample.
@param runner_context a dictionary of details about the architectures
and platform on which the given process is running. Expected keys are
archs (array of architectures), platform_name, platform_url, and
@param output_stream file-like object that should be used to write the
results of sampling.
@param sample_time specifies the time in seconds that should be captured.
# Validate args.
if runner_context is None:
raise Exception("runner_context argument is required")
if not isinstance(runner_context, dict):
raise Exception("runner_context argument must be a dictionary")
# We will try to run sample on the local host only if there is no URL
# to a remote.
if "platform_url" in runner_context and (
runner_context["platform_url"] is not None):
import pprint
"warning: skipping timeout pre-kill sample invocation because we "
"don't know how to run on a remote yet. runner_context={}\n"
output = subprocess.check_output(['sample', six.text_type(process_id),