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The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import absolute_import
# System modules
import os
# Our modules
from .results_formatter import ResultsFormatter
from six.moves import cPickle
class RawPickledFormatter(ResultsFormatter):
"""Formats events as a pickled stream.
The parallel test runner has inferiors pickle their results and send them
over a socket back to the parallel test. The parallel test runner then
aggregates them into the final results formatter (e.g. xUnit).
def arg_parser(cls):
"""@return arg parser used to parse formatter-specific options."""
parser = super(RawPickledFormatter, cls).arg_parser()
return parser
class StreamSerializer(object):
def serialize(test_event, out_file):
# Send it as
# {serialized_length_of_serialized_bytes}{serialized_bytes}
import struct
msg = cPickle.dumps(test_event)
packet = struct.pack("!I%ds" % len(msg), len(msg), msg)
class BlockSerializer(object):
def serialize(test_event, out_file):
cPickle.dump(test_event, out_file)
def __init__(self, out_file, options, file_is_stream):
file_is_stream) = os.getpid()
if file_is_stream:
self.serializer = self.StreamSerializer()
self.serializer = self.BlockSerializer()
def handle_event(self, test_event):
super(RawPickledFormatter, self).handle_event(test_event)
# Convert initialize/terminate events into job_begin/job_end events.
event_type = test_event["event"]
if event_type is None:
if event_type == "initialize":
test_event["event"] = "job_begin"
elif event_type == "terminate":
test_event["event"] = "job_end"
# Tack on the pid.
test_event["pid"] =
# Serialize the test event.
self.serializer.serialize(test_event, self.out_file)