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* Copyright 2018 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrCCDrawPathsOp_DEFINED
#define GrCCDrawPathsOp_DEFINED
#include "src/core/SkTInternalLList.h"
#include "src/gpu/ccpr/GrCCPathCache.h"
#include "src/gpu/ccpr/GrCCSTLList.h"
#include "src/gpu/geometry/GrShape.h"
#include "src/gpu/ops/GrDrawOp.h"
class GrCCAtlas;
class GrCCPerFlushResources;
struct GrCCPerFlushResourceSpecs;
struct GrCCPerOpsTaskPaths;
class GrOnFlushResourceProvider;
class GrRecordingContext;
* This is the Op that draws paths to the actual canvas, using atlases generated by CCPR.
class GrCCDrawPathsOp : public GrDrawOp {
static std::unique_ptr<GrCCDrawPathsOp> Make(GrRecordingContext*, const SkIRect& clipIBounds,
const SkMatrix&, const GrShape&, GrPaint&&);
~GrCCDrawPathsOp() override;
const char* name() const override { return "GrCCDrawPathsOp"; }
FixedFunctionFlags fixedFunctionFlags() const override { return FixedFunctionFlags::kNone; }
GrProcessorSet::Analysis finalize(const GrCaps&, const GrAppliedClip*,
bool hasMixedSampledCoverage, GrClampType) override;
CombineResult onCombineIfPossible(GrOp*, const GrCaps&) override;
void visitProxies(const VisitProxyFunc& fn) const override {
for (const auto& range : fInstanceRanges) {
fn(range.fAtlasProxy, GrMipMapped::kNo);
void onPrepare(GrOpFlushState*) override;
void addToOwningPerOpsTaskPaths(sk_sp<GrCCPerOpsTaskPaths> owningPerOpsTaskPaths);
// Makes decisions about how to draw each path (cached, copied, rendered, etc.), and
// increments/fills out the corresponding GrCCPerFlushResourceSpecs.
void accountForOwnPaths(GrCCPathCache*, GrOnFlushResourceProvider*, GrCCPerFlushResourceSpecs*);
// Allows the caller to decide whether to actually do the suggested copies from cached 16-bit
// coverage count atlases, and into 8-bit literal coverage atlases. Purely to save space.
enum class DoCopiesToA8Coverage : bool {
kNo = false,
kYes = true
// Allocates the GPU resources indicated by accountForOwnPaths(), in preparation for drawing. If
// DoCopiesToA8Coverage is kNo, the paths slated for copy will instead be left in their 16-bit
// coverage count atlases.
// NOTE: If using DoCopiesToA8Coverage::kNo, it is the caller's responsibility to have called
// cancelCopies() on the GrCCPerFlushResourceSpecs, prior to making this call.
void setupResources(GrCCPathCache*, GrOnFlushResourceProvider*, GrCCPerFlushResources*,
void onExecute(GrOpFlushState*, const SkRect& chainBounds) override;
friend class GrOpMemoryPool;
static std::unique_ptr<GrCCDrawPathsOp> InternalMake(GrRecordingContext*,
const SkIRect& clipIBounds,
const SkMatrix&, const GrShape&,
float strokeDevWidth,
const SkRect& conservativeDevBounds,
GrCCDrawPathsOp(const SkMatrix&, const GrShape&, float strokeDevWidth,
const SkIRect& shapeConservativeIBounds, const SkIRect& maskDevIBounds,
const SkRect& conservativeDevBounds, GrPaint&&);
void recordInstance(
GrCCPathProcessor::CoverageMode, GrTextureProxy* atlasProxy, int instanceIdx);
const SkMatrix fViewMatrixIfUsingLocalCoords;
class SingleDraw {
SingleDraw(const SkMatrix&, const GrShape&, float strokeDevWidth,
const SkIRect& shapeConservativeIBounds, const SkIRect& maskDevIBounds,
const SkPMColor4f&);
// See the corresponding methods in GrCCDrawPathsOp.
GrProcessorSet::Analysis finalize(
const GrCaps&, const GrAppliedClip*, bool hasMixedSampledCoverage, GrClampType,
void accountForOwnPath(GrCCPathCache*, GrOnFlushResourceProvider*,
void setupResources(GrCCPathCache*, GrOnFlushResourceProvider*, GrCCPerFlushResources*,
DoCopiesToA8Coverage, GrCCDrawPathsOp*);
bool shouldCachePathMask(int maxRenderTargetSize) const;
SkMatrix fMatrix;
GrShape fShape;
float fStrokeDevWidth;
const SkIRect fShapeConservativeIBounds;
SkIRect fMaskDevIBounds;
SkPMColor4f fColor;
GrCCPathCache::OnFlushEntryRef fCacheEntry;
SkIVector fCachedMaskShift;
bool fDoCopyToA8Coverage = false;
bool fDoCachePathMask = false;
SkDEBUGCODE(bool fWasCountedAsRender = false);
SingleDraw* fNext = nullptr;
friend class GrCCSTLList<SingleDraw>; // To access fNext.
// Declare fOwningPerOpsTaskPaths first, before fDraws. The draws use memory allocated by
// fOwningPerOpsTaskPaths, so it must not be unreffed until after fDraws is destroyed.
sk_sp<GrCCPerOpsTaskPaths> fOwningPerOpsTaskPaths;
GrCCSTLList<SingleDraw> fDraws;
SkDEBUGCODE(int fNumDraws = 1);
GrProcessorSet fProcessors;
struct InstanceRange {
GrCCPathProcessor::CoverageMode fCoverageMode;
GrTextureProxy* fAtlasProxy;
int fEndInstanceIdx;
SkSTArray<2, InstanceRange, true> fInstanceRanges;
int fBaseInstance SkDEBUGCODE(= -1);