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* Copyright 2017 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrCCPathProcessor_DEFINED
#define GrCCPathProcessor_DEFINED
#include <array>
#include "include/core/SkPath.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrCaps.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrGeometryProcessor.h"
#include "src/gpu/GrPipeline.h"
#include "src/gpu/ccpr/GrCCAtlas.h"
#include "src/gpu/ccpr/GrOctoBounds.h"
class GrCCPathCacheEntry;
class GrCCPerFlushResources;
class GrOnFlushResourceProvider;
class GrOpFlushState;
* This class draws AA paths using the coverage count masks produced by GrCCCoverageProcessor.
* Paths are drawn as bloated octagons, and coverage is derived from the coverage count mask and
* fill rule.
* To draw paths, the caller must set up an instance buffer as detailed below, then call drawPaths()
* providing its own instance buffer alongside the buffers found by calling FindIndexBuffer/
* FindVertexBuffer.
class GrCCPathProcessor : public GrGeometryProcessor {
struct Instance {
SkRect fDevBounds; // "right < left" indicates even-odd fill type.
SkRect fDevBounds45; // Bounding box in "| 1 -1 | * devCoords" space. See GrOctoBounds.
// | 1 1 |
SkIVector fDevToAtlasOffset; // Translation from device space to location in atlas.
uint64_t fColor; // Color always stored as 4 x fp16
void set(const GrOctoBounds&, const SkIVector& devToAtlasOffset, uint64_t, GrFillRule);
void set(const GrCCPathCacheEntry&, const SkIVector& shift, uint64_t, GrFillRule);
GR_STATIC_ASSERT(4 * 12 == sizeof(Instance));
static sk_sp<const GrGpuBuffer> FindVertexBuffer(GrOnFlushResourceProvider*);
static sk_sp<const GrGpuBuffer> FindIndexBuffer(GrOnFlushResourceProvider*);
enum class CoverageMode : bool {
static CoverageMode GetCoverageMode(GrCCAtlas::CoverageType coverageType) {
return (GrCCAtlas::CoverageType::kFP16_CoverageCount == coverageType)
? CoverageMode::kCoverageCount
: CoverageMode::kLiteral;
CoverageMode, const GrTexture* atlasTexture, const GrSwizzle&,
GrSurfaceOrigin atlasOrigin,
const SkMatrix& viewMatrixIfUsingLocalCoords = SkMatrix::I());
const char* name() const override { return "GrCCPathProcessor"; }
void getGLSLProcessorKey(const GrShaderCaps&, GrProcessorKeyBuilder* b) const override {
GrGLSLPrimitiveProcessor* createGLSLInstance(const GrShaderCaps&) const override;
void drawPaths(GrOpFlushState*, const GrPipeline&, const GrPipeline::FixedDynamicState*,
const GrCCPerFlushResources&, int baseInstance, int endInstance,
const SkRect& bounds) const;
const TextureSampler& onTextureSampler(int) const override { return fAtlasAccess; }
const CoverageMode fCoverageMode;
const TextureSampler fAtlasAccess;
SkISize fAtlasSize;
GrSurfaceOrigin fAtlasOrigin;
SkMatrix fLocalMatrix;
static constexpr Attribute kInstanceAttribs[] = {
{"devbounds", kFloat4_GrVertexAttribType, kFloat4_GrSLType},
{"devbounds45", kFloat4_GrVertexAttribType, kFloat4_GrSLType},
{"dev_to_atlas_offset", kInt2_GrVertexAttribType, kInt2_GrSLType},
{"color", kHalf4_GrVertexAttribType, kHalf4_GrSLType}
static constexpr int kColorAttribIdx = 3;
static constexpr Attribute kCornersAttrib =
{"corners", kFloat4_GrVertexAttribType, kFloat4_GrSLType};
class Impl;
typedef GrGeometryProcessor INHERITED;
inline void GrCCPathProcessor::Instance::set(
const GrOctoBounds& octoBounds, const SkIVector& devToAtlasOffset, uint64_t color,
GrFillRule fillRule) {
if (GrFillRule::kNonzero == fillRule) {
// We cover "nonzero" paths with clockwise triangles, which is the default result from
// normal octo bounds.
fDevBounds = octoBounds.bounds();
fDevBounds45 = octoBounds.bounds45();
} else {
// We cover "even/odd" paths with counterclockwise triangles. Here we reorder the bounding
// box vertices so the output is flipped horizontally.
octoBounds.right(),, octoBounds.left(), octoBounds.bottom());
octoBounds.bottom45(), octoBounds.right45(), octoBounds.top45(),
fDevToAtlasOffset = devToAtlasOffset;
fColor = color;