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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGSCoverageProcessor_DEFINED
#define GrGSCoverageProcessor_DEFINED
#include "src/gpu/ccpr/GrCCCoverageProcessor.h"
* This class implements GrCCCoverageProcessor with analytic coverage using geometry shaders.
class GrGSCoverageProcessor : public GrCCCoverageProcessor {
GrGSCoverageProcessor() : GrCCCoverageProcessor(kGrGSCoverageProcessor_ClassID) {
void reset(PrimitiveType, GrResourceProvider*) override;
void getGLSLProcessorKey(const GrShaderCaps&, GrProcessorKeyBuilder* b) const override {
b->add32(((int)fPrimitiveType << 16) | (int)fSubpass);
void appendMesh(sk_sp<const GrGpuBuffer> instanceBuffer, int instanceCount, int baseInstance,
SkTArray<GrMesh>* out) const override;
void draw(GrOpFlushState*, const GrPipeline&, const SkIRect scissorRects[], const GrMesh[],
int meshCount, const SkRect& drawBounds) const override;
GrGLSLPrimitiveProcessor* onCreateGLSLInstance(std::unique_ptr<Shader>) const override;
// The geometry shader impl draws primitives in two subpasses. The first pass fills the interior
// and does edge AA. The second pass does touch up on corner pixels.
enum class Subpass : bool {
Attribute fInputXOrYValues;
mutable Subpass fSubpass = Subpass::kHulls;
class Impl;
class TriangleHullImpl;
class CurveHullImpl;
class CornerImpl;