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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module containing base test results classes."""
from __future__ import absolute_import
import threading
import six
class ResultType(object):
"""Class enumerating test types."""
# The test passed.
# The test was intentionally skipped.
# The test failed.
# The test caused the containing process to crash.
# The test timed out.
# The test ran, but we couldn't determine what happened.
# The test did not run.
def GetTypes():
"""Get a list of all test types."""
return [ResultType.PASS, ResultType.SKIP, ResultType.FAIL,
ResultType.CRASH, ResultType.TIMEOUT, ResultType.UNKNOWN,
class BaseTestResult(object):
"""Base class for a single test result."""
def __init__(self, name, test_type, duration=0, log=''):
"""Construct a BaseTestResult.
name: Name of the test which defines uniqueness.
test_type: Type of the test result as defined in ResultType.
duration: Time it took for the test to run in milliseconds.
log: An optional string listing any errors.
assert name
assert test_type in ResultType.GetTypes()
self._name = name
self._test_type = test_type
self._duration = duration
self._log = log
self._links = {}
def __str__(self):
return self._name
def __repr__(self):
return self._name
def __cmp__(self, other):
# pylint: disable=W0212
return cmp(self._name, other._name)
def __hash__(self):
return hash(self._name)
def SetName(self, name):
"""Set the test name.
Because we're putting this into a set, this should only be used if moving
this test result into another set.
self._name = name
def GetName(self):
"""Get the test name."""
return self._name
def SetType(self, test_type):
"""Set the test result type."""
assert test_type in ResultType.GetTypes()
self._test_type = test_type
def GetType(self):
"""Get the test result type."""
return self._test_type
def GetDuration(self):
"""Get the test duration."""
return self._duration
def SetLog(self, log):
"""Set the test log."""
self._log = log
def GetLog(self):
"""Get the test log."""
return self._log
def SetLink(self, name, link_url):
"""Set link with test result data."""
self._links[name] = link_url
def GetLinks(self):
"""Get dict containing links to test result data."""
return self._links
class TestRunResults(object):
"""Set of results for a test run."""
def __init__(self):
self._links = {}
self._results = set()
self._results_lock = threading.RLock()
def SetLink(self, name, link_url):
"""Add link with test run results data."""
self._links[name] = link_url
def GetLinks(self):
"""Get dict containing links to test run result data."""
return self._links
def GetLogs(self):
"""Get the string representation of all test logs."""
with self._results_lock:
s = []
for test_type in ResultType.GetTypes():
if test_type != ResultType.PASS:
for t in sorted(self._GetType(test_type)):
log = t.GetLog()
if log:
s.append('[%s] %s:' % (test_type, t))
s.append(six.text_type(log, 'utf-8'))
return '\n'.join(s)
def GetGtestForm(self):
"""Get the gtest string representation of this object."""
with self._results_lock:
s = []
plural = lambda n, s, p: '%d %s' % (n, p if n != 1 else s)
tests = lambda n: plural(n, 'test', 'tests')
s.append('[==========] %s ran.' % (tests(len(self.GetAll()))))
s.append('[ PASSED ] %s.' % (tests(len(self.GetPass()))))
skipped = self.GetSkip()
if skipped:
s.append('[ SKIPPED ] Skipped %s, listed below:' % tests(len(skipped)))
for t in sorted(skipped):
s.append('[ SKIPPED ] %s' % str(t))
all_failures = self.GetFail().union(self.GetCrash(), self.GetTimeout(),
if all_failures:
s.append('[ FAILED ] %s, listed below:' % tests(len(all_failures)))
for t in sorted(self.GetFail()):
s.append('[ FAILED ] %s' % str(t))
for t in sorted(self.GetCrash()):
s.append('[ FAILED ] %s (CRASHED)' % str(t))
for t in sorted(self.GetTimeout()):
s.append('[ FAILED ] %s (TIMEOUT)' % str(t))
for t in sorted(self.GetUnknown()):
s.append('[ FAILED ] %s (UNKNOWN)' % str(t))
s.append(plural(len(all_failures), 'FAILED TEST', 'FAILED TESTS'))
return '\n'.join(s)
def GetShortForm(self):
"""Get the short string representation of this object."""
with self._results_lock:
s = []
s.append('ALL: %d' % len(self._results))
for test_type in ResultType.GetTypes():
s.append('%s: %d' % (test_type, len(self._GetType(test_type))))
return ''.join([x.ljust(15) for x in s])
def __str__(self):
return self.GetGtestForm()
def AddResult(self, result):
"""Add |result| to the set.
result: An instance of BaseTestResult.
assert isinstance(result, BaseTestResult)
with self._results_lock:
def AddResults(self, results):
"""Add |results| to the set.
results: An iterable of BaseTestResult objects.
with self._results_lock:
for t in results:
def AddTestRunResults(self, results):
"""Add the set of test results from |results|.
results: An instance of TestRunResults.
assert isinstance(results, TestRunResults), (
'Expected TestRunResult object: %s' % type(results))
with self._results_lock:
# pylint: disable=W0212
def GetAll(self):
"""Get the set of all test results."""
with self._results_lock:
return self._results.copy()
def _GetType(self, test_type):
"""Get the set of test results with the given test type."""
with self._results_lock:
return set(t for t in self._results if t.GetType() == test_type)
def GetPass(self):
"""Get the set of all passed test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.PASS)
def GetSkip(self):
"""Get the set of all skipped test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.SKIP)
def GetFail(self):
"""Get the set of all failed test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.FAIL)
def GetCrash(self):
"""Get the set of all crashed test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.CRASH)
def GetTimeout(self):
"""Get the set of all timed out test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.TIMEOUT)
def GetUnknown(self):
"""Get the set of all unknown test results."""
return self._GetType(ResultType.UNKNOWN)
def GetNotPass(self):
"""Get the set of all non-passed test results."""
return self.GetAll() - self.GetPass()
def DidRunPass(self):
"""Return whether the test run was successful."""
return not self.GetNotPass() - self.GetSkip()