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Get callsites from the V8 stack trace API


$ npm install callsites


const callsites = require('callsites');

function unicorn() {
	//=> '/Users/sindresorhus/dev/callsites/test.js'



Returns an array of callsite objects with the following methods:

  • getThis: returns the value of this.
  • getTypeName: returns the type of this as a string. This is the name of the function stored in the constructor field of this, if available, otherwise the object's [[Class]] internal property.
  • getFunction: returns the current function.
  • getFunctionName: returns the name of the current function, typically its name property. If a name property is not available an attempt will be made to try to infer a name from the function's context.
  • getMethodName: returns the name of the property of this or one of its prototypes that holds the current function.
  • getFileName: if this function was defined in a script returns the name of the script.
  • getLineNumber: if this function was defined in a script returns the current line number.
  • getColumnNumber: if this function was defined in a script returns the current column number
  • getEvalOrigin: if this function was created using a call to eval returns a string representing the location where eval was called.
  • isToplevel: is this a top-level invocation, that is, is this the global object?
  • isEval: does this call take place in code defined by a call to eval?
  • isNative: is this call in native V8 code?
  • isConstructor: is this a constructor call?


MIT © Sindre Sorhus