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A super light (0.5K) and fast circular JSON parser, directly from the creator of CircularJSON.

Usable via CDN or as regular module.

// ESM
import {parse, stringify} from 'flatted/esm';

// CJS
const {parse, stringify} = require('flatted/cjs');

const a = [{}];
a[0].a = a;

stringify(a); // [["1","0"],{"a":"0"}]

New in V1: Exact same JSON API

  • Added a reviver parameter to .parse(string, reviver) and revive your own objects.
  • Added a replacer and a space parameter to .stringify(object, replacer, space) for feature parity with JSON signature.


All ECMAScript engines compatible with Map, Set, Object.keys, and Array.prototype.reduce will work, even if polyfilled.

How does it work ?

While stringifying, all Objects, including Arrays, and strings, are flattened out and replaced as unique index. *

Once parsed, all indexes will be replaced through the flattened collection.

* represented as string to avoid conflicts with numbers

// logic example
var a = [{one: 1}, {two: '2'}];
a[0].a = a;
// a is the main object, will be at index '0'
// {one: 1} is the second object, index '1'
// {two: '2'} the third, in '2', and it has a string
// which will be found at index '3'

// [["1","2"],{"one":1,"a":"0"},{"two":"3"},"2"]
// a[one,two]    {one: 1, a}    {two: '2'}  '2'