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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/base/media_switches.h"
namespace switches {
// Allow users to specify a custom buffer size for debugging purpose.
const char kAudioBufferSize[] = "audio-buffer-size";
#if defined(OS_LINUX) || defined(OS_FREEBSD) || defined(OS_SOLARIS)
// The Alsa device to use when opening an audio stream.
const char kAlsaOutputDevice[] = "alsa-output-device";
// The Alsa device to use when opening an audio input stream.
const char kAlsaInputDevice[] = "alsa-input-device";
#if defined(USE_CRAS)
// Use CRAS, the ChromeOS audio server.
const char kUseCras[] = "use-cras";
#if defined(USE_PULSEAUDIO)
// Use PulseAudio on platforms that support it.
const char kUsePulseAudio[] = "use-pulseaudio";
#if defined(OS_WIN)
// Use exclusive mode audio streaming for Windows Vista and higher.
// Leads to lower latencies for audio streams which uses the
// AudioParameters::AUDIO_PCM_LOW_LATENCY audio path.
// See
// for details.
const char kEnableExclusiveAudio[] = "enable-exclusive-audio";
// Disable automatic fallback from low latency to high latency path.
const char kDisableAudioFallback[] = "disable-audio-fallback";
// Disable AudioOutputResampler for automatic audio resampling and rebuffering.
const char kDisableAudioOutputResampler[] = "disable-audio-output-resampler";
// Controls renderer side mixing and low latency audio path for media elements.
#if defined(OS_WIN) || defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kDisableRendererSideMixing[] = "disable-renderer-side-mixing";
const char kEnableRendererSideMixing[] = "enable-renderer-side-mixing";
// Enable browser-side audio mixer.
const char kEnableAudioMixer[] = "enable-audio-mixer";
// Enable live audio input with getUserMedia() and the Web Audio API.
const char kEnableWebAudioInput[] = "enable-webaudio-input";
// Set number of threads to use for video decoding.
const char kVideoThreads[] = "video-threads";
// Enables support for encrypted media. Current implementation is
// incomplete and this flag is used for development and testing.
const char kEnableEncryptedMedia[] = "enable-encrypted-media";
// Enables Opus playback in media elements.
const char kEnableOpusPlayback[] = "enable-opus-playback";
} // namespace switches