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# 2006 October 1
# The author disclaims copyright to this source code. In place of
# a legal notice, here is a blessing:
# May you do good and not evil.
# May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
# May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
# This file implements regression tests for SQLite library. The
# focus of this script is testing the FTS1 module, and in particular
# the Porter stemmer.
# $Id: fts1porter.test,v 1.5 2006/10/03 19:37:37 drh Exp $
set testdir [file dirname $argv0]
source $testdir/tester.tcl
# If SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS1 is defined, omit this file.
ifcapable !fts1 {
# Test data for the Porter stemmer. The first word of each line
# is the input. The second word is the desired output.
# This test data is taken from
# There is no claim of copyright made on that page, but you should
# probably contact the author (Martin Porter - the inventor of the
# Porter Stemmer algorithm) if you want to use this test data in a
# commerical product of some kind. The stemmer code in FTS1 is a
# complete rewrite from scratch based on the algorithm specification
# and does not contain any code under copyright.
set porter_test_data {
a a
aaron aaron
abaissiez abaissiez
abandon abandon
abandoned abandon
abase abas
abash abash
abate abat
abated abat
abatement abat
abatements abat
abates abat
abbess abbess
abbey abbei
abbeys abbei
abbominable abbomin
abbot abbot
abbots abbot
abbreviated abbrevi
abed ab
abel abel
aberga aberga
abergavenny abergavenni
abet abet
abetting abet
abhominable abhomin
abhor abhor
abhorr abhorr
abhorred abhor
abhorring abhor
abhors abhor
abhorson abhorson
abide abid
abides abid
abilities abil
ability abil
abject abject
abjectly abjectli
abjects abject
abjur abjur
abjure abjur
able abl
abler abler
aboard aboard
abode abod
aboded abod
abodements abod
aboding abod
abominable abomin
abominably abomin
abominations abomin
abortive abort
abortives abort
abound abound
abounding abound
about about
above abov
abr abr
abraham abraham
abram abram
abreast abreast
abridg abridg
abridge abridg
abridged abridg
abridgment abridg
abroach abroach
abroad abroad
abrogate abrog
abrook abrook
abrupt abrupt
abruption abrupt
abruptly abruptli
absence absenc
absent absent
absey absei
absolute absolut
absolutely absolut
absolv absolv
absolver absolv
abstains abstain
abstemious abstemi
abstinence abstin
abstract abstract
absurd absurd
absyrtus absyrtu
abundance abund
abundant abund
abundantly abundantli
abus abu
abuse abus
abused abus
abuser abus
abuses abus
abusing abus
abutting abut
aby abi
abysm abysm
ac ac
academe academ
academes academ
accent accent
accents accent
accept accept
acceptable accept
acceptance accept
accepted accept
accepts accept
access access
accessary accessari
accessible access
accidence accid
accident accid
accidental accident
accidentally accident
accidents accid
accite accit
accited accit
accites accit
acclamations acclam
accommodate accommod
accommodated accommod
accommodation accommod
accommodations accommod
accommodo accommodo
accompanied accompani
accompany accompani
accompanying accompani
accomplices accomplic
accomplish accomplish
accomplished accomplish
accomplishing accomplish
accomplishment accomplish
accompt accompt
accord accord
accordant accord
accorded accord
accordeth accordeth
according accord
accordingly accordingli
accords accord
accost accost
accosted accost
account account
accountant account
accounted account
accounts account
accoutred accoutr
accoutrement accoutr
accoutrements accoutr
accrue accru
accumulate accumul
accumulated accumul
accumulation accumul
accurs accur
accursed accurs
accurst accurst
accus accu
accusation accus
accusations accus
accusative accus
accusativo accusativo
accuse accus
accused accus
accuser accus
accusers accus
accuses accus
accuseth accuseth
accusing accus
accustom accustom
accustomed accustom
ace ac
acerb acerb
ache ach
acheron acheron
aches ach
achiev achiev
achieve achiev
achieved achiev
achievement achiev
achievements achiev
achiever achiev
achieves achiev
achieving achiev
achilles achil
aching ach
achitophel achitophel
acknowledg acknowledg
acknowledge acknowledg
acknowledged acknowledg
acknowledgment acknowledg
acknown acknown
acold acold
aconitum aconitum
acordo acordo
acorn acorn
acquaint acquaint
acquaintance acquaint
acquainted acquaint
acquaints acquaint
acquir acquir
acquire acquir
acquisition acquisit
acquit acquit
acquittance acquitt
acquittances acquitt
acquitted acquit
acre acr
acres acr
across across
act act
actaeon actaeon
acted act
acting act
action action
actions action
actium actium
active activ
actively activ
activity activ
actor actor
actors actor
acts act
actual actual
acture actur
acute acut
acutely acut
ad ad
adage adag
adallas adalla
adam adam
adamant adam
add add
added ad
adder adder
adders adder
addeth addeth
addict addict
addicted addict
addiction addict
adding ad
addition addit
additions addit
addle addl
address address
addressing address
addrest addrest
adds add
adhere adher
adheres adher
adieu adieu
adieus adieu
adjacent adjac
adjoin adjoin
adjoining adjoin
adjourn adjourn
adjudg adjudg
adjudged adjudg
adjunct adjunct
administer administ
administration administr
admir admir
admirable admir
admiral admir
admiration admir
admire admir
admired admir
admirer admir
admiring admir
admiringly admiringli
admission admiss
admit admit
admits admit
admittance admitt
admitted admit
admitting admit
admonish admonish
admonishing admonish
admonishment admonish
admonishments admonish
admonition admonit
ado ado
adonis adoni
adopt adopt
adopted adopt
adoptedly adoptedli
adoption adopt
adoptious adopti
adopts adopt
ador ador
adoration ador
adorations ador
adore ador
adorer ador
adores ador
adorest adorest
adoreth adoreth
adoring ador
adorn adorn
adorned adorn
adornings adorn
adornment adorn
adorns adorn
adown adown
adramadio adramadio
adrian adrian
adriana adriana
adriano adriano
adriatic adriat
adsum adsum
adulation adul
adulterate adulter
adulterates adulter
adulterers adulter
adulteress adulteress
adulteries adulteri
adulterous adulter
adultery adulteri
adultress adultress
advanc advanc
advance advanc
advanced advanc
advancement advanc
advancements advanc
advances advanc
advancing advanc
advantage advantag
advantageable advantag
advantaged advantag
advantageous advantag
advantages advantag
advantaging advantag
advent advent
adventur adventur
adventure adventur
adventures adventur
adventuring adventur
adventurous adventur
adventurously adventur
adversaries adversari
adversary adversari
adverse advers
adversely advers
adversities advers
adversity advers
advertis adverti
advertise advertis
advertised advertis
advertisement advertis
advertising advertis
advice advic
advis advi
advise advis
advised advis
advisedly advisedli
advises advis
advisings advis
advocate advoc
advocation advoc
aeacida aeacida
aeacides aeacid
aedile aedil
aediles aedil
aegeon aegeon
aegion aegion
aegles aegl
aemelia aemelia
aemilia aemilia
aemilius aemiliu
aeneas aenea
aeolus aeolu
aer aer
aerial aerial
aery aeri
aesculapius aesculapiu
aeson aeson
aesop aesop
aetna aetna
afar afar
afear afear
afeard afeard
affability affabl
affable affabl
affair affair
affaire affair
affairs affair
affect affect
affectation affect
affectations affect
affected affect
affectedly affectedli
affecteth affecteth
affecting affect
affection affect
affectionate affection
affectionately affection
affections affect
affects affect
affeer affeer
affianc affianc
affiance affianc
affianced affianc
affied affi
affin affin
affined affin
affinity affin
affirm affirm
affirmation affirm
affirmatives affirm
afflict afflict
afflicted afflict
affliction afflict
afflictions afflict
afflicts afflict
afford afford
affordeth affordeth
affords afford
affray affrai
affright affright
affrighted affright
affrights affright
affront affront
affronted affront
affy affi
afield afield
afire afir
afloat afloat
afoot afoot
afore afor
aforehand aforehand
aforesaid aforesaid
afraid afraid
afresh afresh
afric afric
africa africa
african african
afront afront
after after
afternoon afternoon
afterward afterward
afterwards afterward
ag ag
again again
against against
agamemmon agamemmon
agamemnon agamemnon
agate agat
agaz agaz
age ag
aged ag
agenor agenor
agent agent
agents agent
ages ag
aggravate aggrav
aggrief aggrief
agile agil
agincourt agincourt
agitation agit
aglet aglet
agnize agniz
ago ago
agone agon
agony agoni
agree agre
agreed agre
agreeing agre
agreement agreement
agrees agre
agrippa agrippa
aground aground
ague agu
aguecheek aguecheek
agued agu
agueface aguefac
agues agu
ah ah
aha aha
ahungry ahungri
ai ai
aialvolio aialvolio
aiaria aiaria
aid aid
aidance aidanc
aidant aidant
aided aid
aiding aid
aidless aidless
aids aid
ail ail
aim aim
aimed aim
aimest aimest
aiming aim
aims aim
ainsi ainsi
aio aio
air air
aired air
airless airless
airs air
airy airi
ajax ajax
akilling akil
al al
alabaster alabast
alack alack
alacrity alacr
alarbus alarbu
alarm alarm
alarms alarm
alarum alarum
alarums alarum
alas ala
alb alb
alban alban
albans alban
albany albani
albeit albeit
albion albion
alchemist alchemist
alchemy alchemi
alcibiades alcibiad
alcides alcid
alder alder
alderman alderman
aldermen aldermen
ale al
alecto alecto
alehouse alehous
alehouses alehous
alencon alencon
alengon alengon
aleppo aleppo
ales al
alewife alewif
alexander alexand
alexanders alexand
alexandria alexandria
alexandrian alexandrian
alexas alexa
alias alia
alice alic
alien alien
aliena aliena
alight alight
alighted alight
alights alight
aliis alii
alike alik
alisander alisand
alive aliv
all all
alla alla
allay allai
allayed allai
allaying allai
allayment allay
allayments allay
allays allai
allegation alleg
allegations alleg
allege alleg
alleged alleg
allegiance allegi
allegiant allegi
alley allei
alleys allei
allhallowmas allhallowma
alliance allianc
allicholy allicholi
allied alli
allies alli
alligant allig
alligator allig
allons allon
allot allot
allots allot
allotted allot
allottery allotteri
allow allow
allowance allow
allowed allow
allowing allow
allows allow
allur allur
allure allur
allurement allur
alluring allur
allusion allus
ally alli
allycholly allycholli
almain almain
almanac almanac
almanack almanack
almanacs almanac
almighty almighti
almond almond
almost almost
alms alm
almsman almsman
aloes alo
aloft aloft
alone alon
along along
alonso alonso
aloof aloof
aloud aloud
alphabet alphabet
alphabetical alphabet
alphonso alphonso
alps alp
already alreadi
also also
alt alt
altar altar
altars altar
alter alter
alteration alter
altered alter
alters alter
althaea althaea
although although
altitude altitud
altogether altogeth
alton alton
alway alwai
always alwai
am am
amaimon amaimon
amain amain
amaking amak
amamon amamon
amaz amaz
amaze amaz
amazed amaz
amazedly amazedli
amazedness amazed
amazement amaz
amazes amaz
amazeth amazeth
amazing amaz
amazon amazon
amazonian amazonian
amazons amazon
ambassador ambassador
ambassadors ambassador
amber amber
ambiguides ambiguid
ambiguities ambigu
ambiguous ambigu
ambition ambit
ambitions ambit
ambitious ambiti
ambitiously ambiti
amble ambl
ambled ambl
ambles ambl
ambling ambl
ambo ambo
ambuscadoes ambuscado
ambush ambush
amen amen
amend amend
amended amend
amendment amend
amends amend
amerce amerc
america america
ames am
amiable amiabl
amid amid
amidst amidst
amiens amien
amis ami
amiss amiss
amities amiti
amity amiti
amnipotent amnipot
among among
amongst amongst
amorous amor
amorously amor
amort amort
amount amount
amounts amount
amour amour
amphimacus amphimacu
ample ampl
ampler ampler
amplest amplest
amplified amplifi
amplify amplifi
amply ampli
ampthill ampthil
amurath amurath
amyntas amynta
an an
anatomiz anatomiz
anatomize anatom
anatomy anatomi
ancestor ancestor
ancestors ancestor
ancestry ancestri
anchises anchis
anchor anchor
anchorage anchorag
anchored anchor
anchoring anchor
anchors anchor
anchovies anchovi
ancient ancient
ancientry ancientri
ancients ancient
ancus ancu
and and
andirons andiron
andpholus andpholu
andren andren
andrew andrew
andromache andromach
andronici andronici
andronicus andronicu
anew anew
ang ang
angel angel
angelica angelica
angelical angel
angelo angelo
angels angel
anger anger
angerly angerli
angers anger
anges ang
angiers angier
angl angl
anglais anglai
angle angl
angler angler
angleterre angleterr
angliae anglia
angling angl
anglish anglish
angrily angrili
angry angri
anguish anguish
angus angu
animal anim
animals anim
animis animi
anjou anjou
ankle ankl
anna anna
annals annal
anne ann
annex annex
annexed annex
annexions annexion
annexment annex
annothanize annothan
announces announc
annoy annoi
annoyance annoy
annoying annoi
annual annual
anoint anoint
anointed anoint
anon anon
another anoth
anselmo anselmo
answer answer
answerable answer
answered answer
answerest answerest
answering answer
answers answer
ant ant
ante ant
antenor antenor
antenorides antenorid
anteroom anteroom
anthem anthem
anthems anthem
anthony anthoni
anthropophagi anthropophagi
anthropophaginian anthropophaginian
antiates antiat
antic antic
anticipate anticip
anticipates anticip
anticipatest anticipatest
anticipating anticip
anticipation anticip
antick antick
anticly anticli
antics antic
antidote antidot
antidotes antidot
antigonus antigonu
antiopa antiopa
antipathy antipathi
antipholus antipholu
antipholuses antipholus
antipodes antipod
antiquary antiquari
antique antiqu
antiquity antiqu
antium antium
antoniad antoniad
antonio antonio
antonius antoniu
antony antoni
antres antr
anvil anvil
any ani
anybody anybodi
anyone anyon
anything anyth
anywhere anywher
ap ap
apace apac
apart apart
apartment apart
apartments apart
ape ap
apemantus apemantu
apennines apennin
apes ap
apiece apiec
apish apish
apollinem apollinem
apollo apollo
apollodorus apollodoru
apology apolog
apoplex apoplex
apoplexy apoplexi
apostle apostl
apostles apostl
apostrophas apostropha
apoth apoth
apothecary apothecari
appal appal
appall appal
appalled appal
appals appal
apparel apparel
apparell apparel
apparelled apparel
apparent appar
apparently appar
apparition apparit
apparitions apparit
appeach appeach
appeal appeal
appeals appeal
appear appear
appearance appear
appeared appear
appeareth appeareth
appearing appear
appears appear
appeas appea
appease appeas
appeased appeas
appelant appel
appele appel
appelee appele
appeles appel
appelez appelez
appellant appel
appellants appel
appelons appelon
appendix appendix
apperil apperil
appertain appertain
appertaining appertain
appertainings appertain
appertains appertain
appertinent appertin
appertinents appertin
appetite appetit
appetites appetit
applaud applaud
applauded applaud
applauding applaud
applause applaus
applauses applaus
apple appl
apples appl
appletart appletart
appliance applianc
appliances applianc
applications applic
applied appli
applies appli
apply appli
applying appli
appoint appoint
appointed appoint
appointment appoint
appointments appoint
appoints appoint
apprehend apprehend
apprehended apprehend
apprehends apprehend
apprehension apprehens
apprehensions apprehens
apprehensive apprehens
apprendre apprendr
apprenne apprenn
apprenticehood apprenticehood
appris appri
approach approach
approachers approach
approaches approach
approacheth approacheth
approaching approach
approbation approb
approof approof
appropriation appropri
approv approv
approve approv
approved approv
approvers approv
approves approv
appurtenance appurten
appurtenances appurten
apricocks apricock
april april
apron apron
aprons apron
apt apt
apter apter
aptest aptest
aptly aptli
aptness apt
aqua aqua
aquilon aquilon
aquitaine aquitain
arabia arabia
arabian arabian
araise arais
arbitrate arbitr
arbitrating arbitr
arbitrator arbitr
arbitrement arbitr
arbors arbor
arbour arbour
arc arc
arch arch
archbishop archbishop
archbishopric archbishopr
archdeacon archdeacon
arched arch
archelaus archelau
archer archer
archers archer
archery archeri
archibald archibald
archidamus archidamu
architect architect
arcu arcu
arde ard
arden arden
ardent ardent
ardour ardour
are ar
argal argal
argier argier
argo argo
argosies argosi
argosy argosi
argu argu
argue argu
argued argu
argues argu
arguing argu
argument argument
arguments argument
argus argu
ariachne ariachn
ariadne ariadn
ariel ariel
aries ari
aright aright
arinado arinado
arinies arini
arion arion
arise aris
arises aris
ariseth ariseth
arising aris
aristode aristod
aristotle aristotl
arithmetic arithmet
arithmetician arithmetician
ark ark
arm arm
arma arma
armado armado
armadoes armado
armagnac armagnac
arme arm
armed arm
armenia armenia
armies armi
armigero armigero
arming arm
armipotent armipot
armor armor
armour armour
armourer armour
armourers armour
armours armour
armoury armouri
arms arm
army armi
arn arn
aroint aroint
arose aros
arouse arous
aroused arous
arragon arragon
arraign arraign
arraigned arraign
arraigning arraign
arraignment arraign
arrant arrant
arras arra
array arrai
arrearages arrearag
arrest arrest
arrested arrest
arrests arrest
arriv arriv
arrival arriv
arrivance arriv
arrive arriv
arrived arriv
arrives arriv
arriving arriv
arrogance arrog
arrogancy arrog
arrogant arrog
arrow arrow
arrows arrow
art art
artemidorus artemidoru
arteries arteri
arthur arthur
article articl
articles articl
articulate articul
artificer artific
artificial artifici
artillery artilleri
artire artir
artist artist
artists artist
artless artless
artois artoi
arts art
artus artu
arviragus arviragu
as as
asaph asaph
ascanius ascaniu
ascend ascend
ascended ascend
ascendeth ascendeth
ascends ascend
ascension ascens
ascent ascent
ascribe ascrib
ascribes ascrib
ash ash
asham asham
ashamed asham
asher asher
ashes ash
ashford ashford
ashore ashor
ashouting ashout
ashy ashi
asia asia
aside asid
ask ask
askance askanc
asked ask
asker asker
asketh asketh
asking ask
asks ask
aslant aslant
asleep asleep
asmath asmath
asp asp
aspect aspect
aspects aspect
aspen aspen
aspersion aspers
aspic aspic
aspicious aspici
aspics aspic
aspir aspir
aspiration aspir
aspire aspir
aspiring aspir
asquint asquint
ass ass
assail assail
assailable assail
assailant assail
assailants assail
assailed assail
assaileth assaileth
assailing assail
assails assail
assassination assassin
assault assault
assaulted assault
assaults assault
assay assai
assaying assai
assays assai
assemblance assembl
assemble assembl
assembled assembl
assemblies assembl
assembly assembl
assent assent
asses ass
assez assez
assign assign
assigned assign
assigns assign
assinico assinico
assist assist
assistance assist
assistances assist
assistant assist
assistants assist
assisted assist
assisting assist
associate associ
associated associ
associates associ
assuage assuag
assubjugate assubjug
assum assum
assume assum
assumes assum
assumption assumpt
assur assur
assurance assur
assure assur
assured assur
assuredly assuredli
assures assur
assyrian assyrian
astonish astonish
astonished astonish
astraea astraea
astray astrai
astrea astrea
astronomer astronom
astronomers astronom
astronomical astronom
astronomy astronomi
asunder asund
at at
atalanta atalanta
ate at
ates at
athenian athenian
athenians athenian
athens athen
athol athol
athversary athversari
athwart athwart
atlas atla
atomies atomi
atomy atomi
atone aton
atonement aton
atonements aton
atropos atropo
attach attach
attached attach
attachment attach
attain attain
attainder attaind
attains attain
attaint attaint
attainted attaint
attainture attaintur
attempt attempt
attemptable attempt
attempted attempt
attempting attempt
attempts attempt
attend attend
attendance attend
attendant attend
attendants attend
attended attend
attendents attend
attendeth attendeth
attending attend
attends attend
attent attent
attention attent
attentive attent
attentivenes attentiven
attest attest
attested attest
attir attir
attire attir
attired attir
attires attir
attorney attornei
attorneyed attornei
attorneys attornei
attorneyship attorneyship
attract attract
attraction attract
attractive attract
attracts attract
attribute attribut
attributed attribut
attributes attribut
attribution attribut
attributive attribut
atwain atwain
au au
aubrey aubrei
auburn auburn
aucun aucun
audacious audaci
audaciously audaci
audacity audac
audible audibl
audience audienc
audis audi
audit audit
auditor auditor
auditors auditor
auditory auditori
audre audr
audrey audrei
aufidius aufidiu
aufidiuses aufidius
auger auger
aught aught
augment augment
augmentation augment
augmented augment
augmenting augment
augurer augur
augurers augur
augures augur
auguring augur
augurs augur
augury auguri
august august
augustus augustu
auld auld
aumerle aumerl
aunchient aunchient
aunt aunt
aunts aunt
auricular auricular
aurora aurora
auspicious auspici
aussi aussi
austere auster
austerely auster
austereness auster
austerity auster
austria austria
aut aut
authentic authent
author author
authorities author
authority author
authorized author
authorizing author
authors author
autolycus autolycu
autre autr
autumn autumn
auvergne auvergn
avail avail
avails avail
avarice avaric
avaricious avarici
avaunt avaunt
ave av
aveng aveng
avenge aveng
avenged aveng
averring aver
avert avert
aves av
avez avez
avis avi
avoid avoid
avoided avoid
avoiding avoid
avoids avoid
avoirdupois avoirdupoi
avouch avouch
avouched avouch
avouches avouch
avouchment avouch
avow avow
aw aw
await await
awaits await
awak awak
awake awak
awaked awak
awaken awaken
awakened awaken
awakens awaken
awakes awak
awaking awak
award award
awards award
awasy awasi
away awai
awe aw
aweary aweari
aweless aweless
awful aw
awhile awhil
awkward awkward
awl awl
awooing awoo
awork awork
awry awri
axe ax
axle axl
axletree axletre
ay ay
aye ay
ayez ayez
ayli ayli
azur azur
azure azur
b b
ba ba
baa baa
babbl babbl
babble babbl
babbling babbl
babe babe
babes babe
babies babi
baboon baboon
baboons baboon
baby babi
babylon babylon
bacare bacar
bacchanals bacchan
bacchus bacchu
bach bach
bachelor bachelor
bachelors bachelor
back back
backbite backbit
backbitten backbitten
backing back
backs back
backward backward
backwardly backwardli
backwards backward
bacon bacon
bacons bacon
bad bad
bade bade
badge badg
badged badg
badges badg
badly badli
badness bad
baes bae
baffl baffl
baffle baffl
baffled baffl
bag bag
baggage baggag
bagot bagot
bagpipe bagpip
bags bag
bail bail
bailiff bailiff
baillez baillez
baily baili
baisant baisant
baisees baise
baiser baiser
bait bait
baited bait
baiting bait
baitings bait
baits bait
bajazet bajazet
bak bak
bake bake
baked bake
baker baker
bakers baker
bakes bake
baking bake
bal bal
balanc balanc
balance balanc
balcony balconi
bald bald
baldrick baldrick
bale bale
baleful bale
balk balk
ball ball
ballad ballad
ballads ballad
ballast ballast
ballasting ballast
ballet ballet
ballow ballow
balls ball
balm balm
balms balm
balmy balmi
balsam balsam
balsamum balsamum
balth balth
balthasar balthasar
balthazar balthazar
bames bame
ban ban
banbury banburi
band band
bandied bandi
banding band
bandit bandit
banditti banditti
banditto banditto
bands band
bandy bandi
bandying bandi
bane bane
banes bane
bang bang
bangor bangor
banish banish
banished banish
banishers banish
banishment banish
banister banist
bank bank
bankrout bankrout
bankrupt bankrupt
bankrupts bankrupt
banks bank
banner banner
bannerets banneret
banners banner
banning ban
banns bann
banquet banquet
banqueted banquet
banqueting banquet
banquets banquet
banquo banquo
bans ban
baptism baptism
baptista baptista
baptiz baptiz
bar bar
barbarian barbarian
barbarians barbarian
barbarism barbar
barbarous barbar
barbary barbari
barbason barbason
barbed barb
barber barber
barbermonger barbermong
bard bard
bardolph bardolph
bards bard
bare bare
bared bare
barefac barefac
barefaced barefac
barefoot barefoot
bareheaded barehead
barely bare
bareness bare
barful bar
bargain bargain
bargains bargain
barge barg
bargulus bargulu
baring bare
bark bark
barking bark
barkloughly barkloughli
barks bark
barky barki
barley barlei
barm barm
barn barn
barnacles barnacl
barnardine barnardin
barne barn
barnes barn
barnet barnet
barns barn
baron baron
barons baron
barony baroni
barr barr
barrabas barraba
barrel barrel
barrels barrel
barren barren
barrenly barrenli
barrenness barren
barricado barricado
barricadoes barricado
barrow barrow
bars bar
barson barson
barter barter
bartholomew bartholomew
bas ba
basan basan
base base
baseless baseless
basely base
baseness base
baser baser
bases base
basest basest
bashful bash
bashfulness bash
basilisco basilisco
basilisk basilisk
basilisks basilisk
basimecu basimecu
basin basin
basingstoke basingstok
basins basin
basis basi
bask bask
basket basket
baskets basket
bass bass
bassanio bassanio
basset basset
bassianus bassianu
basta basta
bastard bastard
bastardizing bastard
bastardly bastardli
bastards bastard
bastardy bastardi
basted bast
bastes bast
bastinado bastinado
basting bast
bat bat
batailles batail
batch batch
bate bate
bated bate
bates bate
bath bath
bathe bath
bathed bath
bathing bath
baths bath
bating bate
batler batler
bats bat
batt batt
battalia battalia
battalions battalion
batten batten
batter batter
battering batter
batters batter
battery batteri
battle battl
battled battl
battlefield battlefield
battlements battlement
battles battl
batty batti
bauble baubl
baubles baubl
baubling baubl
baulk baulk
bavin bavin
bawcock bawcock
bawd bawd
bawdry bawdri
bawds bawd
bawdy bawdi
bawl bawl
bawling bawl
bay bai
baying bai
baynard baynard
bayonne bayonn
bays bai
be be
beach beach
beached beach
beachy beachi
beacon beacon
bead bead
beaded bead
beadle beadl
beadles beadl
beads bead
beadsmen beadsmen
beagle beagl
beagles beagl
beak beak
beaks beak
beam beam
beamed beam
beams beam
bean bean
beans bean
bear bear
beard beard
bearded beard
beardless beardless
beards beard
bearer bearer
bearers bearer
bearest bearest
beareth beareth
bearing bear
bears bear
beast beast
beastliest beastliest
beastliness beastli
beastly beastli
beasts beast
beat beat
beated beat
beaten beaten
beating beat
beatrice beatric
beats beat
beau beau
beaufort beaufort
beaumond beaumond
beaumont beaumont
beauteous beauteou
beautied beauti
beauties beauti
beautified beautifi
beautiful beauti
beautify beautifi
beauty beauti
beaver beaver
beavers beaver
became becam
because becaus
bechanc bechanc
bechance bechanc
bechanced bechanc
beck beck
beckon beckon
beckons beckon
becks beck
becom becom
become becom
becomed becom
becomes becom
becoming becom
becomings becom
bed bed
bedabbled bedabbl
bedash bedash
bedaub bedaub
bedazzled bedazzl
bedchamber bedchamb
bedclothes bedcloth
bedded bed
bedeck bedeck
bedecking bedeck
bedew bedew
bedfellow bedfellow
bedfellows bedfellow
bedford bedford
bedlam bedlam
bedrench bedrench
bedrid bedrid
beds bed
bedtime bedtim
bedward bedward
bee bee
beef beef
beefs beef
beehives beehiv
been been
beer beer
bees bee
beest beest
beetle beetl
beetles beetl
beeves beev
befall befal
befallen befallen
befalls befal
befell befel
befits befit
befitted befit
befitting befit
befor befor
before befor
beforehand beforehand
befortune befortun
befriend befriend
befriended befriend
befriends befriend
beg beg
began began
beget beget
begets beget
begetting beget
begg begg
beggar beggar
beggared beggar
beggarly beggarli
beggarman beggarman
beggars beggar
beggary beggari
begging beg
begin begin
beginners beginn
beginning begin
beginnings begin
begins begin
begnawn begnawn
begone begon
begot begot
begotten begotten
begrimed begrim
begs beg
beguil beguil
beguile beguil
beguiled beguil
beguiles beguil
beguiling beguil
begun begun
behalf behalf
behalfs behalf
behav behav
behaved behav
behavedst behavedst
behavior behavior
behaviors behavior
behaviour behaviour
behaviours behaviour
behead behead
beheaded behead
beheld beheld
behest behest
behests behest
behind behind
behold behold
beholder behold
beholders behold
beholdest beholdest
beholding behold
beholds behold
behoof behoof
behooffull behoofful
behooves behoov
behove behov
behoves behov
behowls behowl
being be
bel bel
belarius belariu
belch belch
belching belch
beldam beldam
beldame beldam
beldams beldam
belee bele
belgia belgia
belie beli
belied beli
belief belief
beliest beliest
believ believ
believe believ
believed believ
believes believ
believest believest
believing believ
belike belik
bell bell
bellario bellario
belle bell
bellied belli
bellies belli
bellman bellman
bellona bellona
bellow bellow
bellowed bellow
bellowing bellow
bellows bellow
bells bell
belly belli
bellyful belly
belman belman
belmont belmont
belock belock
belong belong
belonging belong
belongings belong
belongs belong
belov belov
beloved belov
beloving belov
below below
belt belt
belzebub belzebub
bemadding bemad
bemet bemet
bemete bemet
bemoan bemoan
bemoaned bemoan
bemock bemock
bemoil bemoil
bemonster bemonst
ben ben
bench bench
bencher bencher
benches bench
bend bend
bended bend
bending bend
bends bend
bene bene
beneath beneath
benedicite benedicit
benedick benedick
benediction benedict
benedictus benedictu
benefactors benefactor
benefice benefic
beneficial benefici
benefit benefit
benefited benefit
benefits benefit
benetted benet
benevolence benevol
benevolences benevol
benied beni
benison benison
bennet bennet
bent bent
bentii bentii
bentivolii bentivolii
bents bent
benumbed benumb
benvolio benvolio
bepaint bepaint
bepray beprai
bequeath bequeath
bequeathed bequeath
bequeathing bequeath
bequest bequest
ber ber
berard berard
berattle berattl
beray berai
bere bere
bereave bereav
bereaved bereav
bereaves bereav
bereft bereft
bergamo bergamo
bergomask bergomask
berhym berhym
berhyme berhym
berkeley berkelei
bermoothes bermooth
bernardo bernardo
berod berod
berowne berown
berri berri
berries berri
berrord berrord
berry berri
bertram bertram
berwick berwick
bescreen bescreen
beseech beseech
beseeched beseech
beseechers beseech
beseeching beseech
beseek beseek
beseem beseem
beseemeth beseemeth
beseeming beseem
beseems beseem
beset beset
beshrew beshrew
beside besid
besides besid
besieg besieg
besiege besieg
besieged besieg
beslubber beslubb
besmear besmear
besmeared besmear
besmirch besmirch
besom besom
besort besort
besotted besot
bespake bespak
bespeak bespeak
bespice bespic
bespoke bespok
bespotted bespot
bess bess
bessy bessi
best best
bestained bestain
bested best
bestial bestial
bestir bestir
bestirr bestirr
bestow bestow
bestowed bestow
bestowing bestow
bestows bestow
bestraught bestraught
bestrew bestrew
bestrid bestrid
bestride bestrid
bestrides bestrid
bet bet
betake betak
beteem beteem
bethink bethink
bethought bethought
bethrothed bethroth
bethump bethump
betid betid
betide betid
betideth betideth
betime betim
betimes betim
betoken betoken
betook betook
betossed betoss
betray betrai
betrayed betrai
betraying betrai
betrays betrai
betrims betrim
betroth betroth
betrothed betroth
betroths betroth
bett bett
betted bet
better better
bettered better
bettering better
betters better
betting bet
bettre bettr
between between
betwixt betwixt
bevel bevel
beverage beverag
bevis bevi
bevy bevi
bewail bewail
bewailed bewail
bewailing bewail
bewails bewail
beware bewar
bewasted bewast
beweep beweep
bewept bewept
bewet bewet
bewhored bewhor
bewitch bewitch
bewitched bewitch
bewitchment bewitch
bewray bewrai
beyond beyond
bezonian bezonian
bezonians bezonian
bianca bianca
bianco bianco
bias bia
bibble bibbl
bickerings bicker
bid bid
bidden bidden
bidding bid
biddings bid
biddy biddi
bide bide
bides bide
biding bide
bids bid
bien bien
bier bier
bifold bifold
big big
bigamy bigami
biggen biggen
bigger bigger
bigness big
bigot bigot
bilberry bilberri
bilbo bilbo
bilboes bilbo
bilbow bilbow
bill bill
billeted billet
billets billet
billiards billiard
billing bill
billow billow
billows billow
bills bill
bin bin
bind bind
bindeth bindeth
binding bind
binds bind
biondello biondello
birch birch
bird bird
birding bird
birdlime birdlim
birds bird
birnam birnam
birth birth
birthday birthdai
birthdom birthdom
birthplace birthplac
birthright birthright
birthrights birthright
births birth
bis bi
biscuit biscuit
bishop bishop
bishops bishop
bisson bisson
bit bit
bitch bitch
bite bite
biter biter
bites bite
biting bite
bits bit
bitt bitt
bitten bitten
bitter bitter
bitterest bitterest
bitterly bitterli
bitterness bitter
blab blab
blabb blabb
blabbing blab
blabs blab
black black
blackamoor blackamoor
blackamoors blackamoor
blackberries blackberri
blackberry blackberri
blacker blacker
blackest blackest
blackfriars blackfriar
blackheath blackheath
blackmere blackmer
blackness black
blacks black
bladder bladder
bladders bladder
blade blade
bladed blade
blades blade
blains blain
blam blam
blame blame
blamed blame
blameful blame
blameless blameless
blames blame
blanc blanc
blanca blanca
blanch blanch
blank blank
blanket blanket
blanks blank
blaspheme blasphem
blaspheming blasphem
blasphemous blasphem
blasphemy blasphemi
blast blast
blasted blast
blasting blast
blastments blastment
blasts blast
blaz blaz
blaze blaze
blazes blaze
blazing blaze
blazon blazon
blazoned blazon
blazoning blazon
bleach bleach
bleaching bleach
bleak bleak
blear blear
bleared blear
bleat bleat
bleated bleat
bleats bleat
bled bled
bleed bleed
bleedest bleedest
bleedeth bleedeth
bleeding bleed
bleeds bleed
blemish blemish
blemishes blemish
blench blench
blenches blench
blend blend
blended blend
blent blent
bless bless
blessed bless
blessedly blessedli
blessedness blessed
blesses bless
blesseth blesseth
blessing bless
blessings bless
blest blest
blew blew
blind blind
blinded blind
blindfold blindfold
blinding blind
blindly blindli
blindness blind
blinds blind
blink blink
blinking blink
bliss bliss
blist blist
blister blister
blisters blister
blithe blith
blithild blithild
bloat bloat
block block
blockish blockish
blocks block
blois bloi
blood blood
blooded blood
bloodhound bloodhound
bloodied bloodi
bloodier bloodier
bloodiest bloodiest
bloodily bloodili
bloodless bloodless
bloods blood
bloodshed bloodsh
bloodshedding bloodshed
bloodstained bloodstain
bloody bloodi
bloom bloom
blooms bloom
blossom blossom
blossoming blossom
blossoms blossom
blot blot
blots blot
blotted blot
blotting blot
blount blount
blow blow
blowed blow
blowers blower
blowest blowest
blowing blow
blown blown
blows blow
blowse blows
blubb blubb
blubber blubber
blubbering blubber
blue blue
bluecaps bluecap
bluest bluest
blunt blunt
blunted blunt
blunter blunter
bluntest bluntest
blunting blunt
bluntly bluntli
bluntness blunt
blunts blunt
blur blur
blurr blurr
blurs blur
blush blush
blushes blush
blushest blushest
blushing blush
blust blust
bluster bluster
blusterer bluster
blusters bluster
bo bo
boar boar
board board
boarded board
boarding board
boards board
boarish boarish
boars boar
boast boast
boasted boast
boastful boast
boasting boast
boasts boast
boat boat
boats boat
boatswain boatswain
bob bob
bobb bobb
boblibindo boblibindo
bobtail bobtail
bocchus bocchu
bode bode
boded bode
bodements bodement
bodes bode
bodg bodg
bodied bodi
bodies bodi
bodiless bodiless
bodily bodili
boding bode
bodkin bodkin
body bodi
bodykins bodykin
bog bog
boggle boggl
boggler boggler
bogs bog
bohemia bohemia
bohemian bohemian
bohun bohun
boil boil
boiling boil
boils boil
boist boist
boisterous boister
boisterously boister
boitier boitier
bold bold
bolden bolden
bolder bolder
boldest boldest
boldly boldli
boldness bold
bolds bold
bolingbroke bolingbrok
bolster bolster
bolt bolt
bolted bolt
bolter bolter
bolters bolter
bolting bolt
bolts bolt
bombard bombard
bombards bombard
bombast bombast
bon bon
bona bona
bond bond
bondage bondag
bonded bond
bondmaid bondmaid
bondman bondman
bondmen bondmen
bonds bond
bondslave bondslav
bone bone
boneless boneless
bones bone
bonfire bonfir
bonfires bonfir
bonjour bonjour
bonne bonn
bonnet bonnet
bonneted bonnet
bonny bonni
bonos bono
bonto bonto
bonville bonvil
bood bood
book book
bookish bookish
books book
boon boon
boor boor
boorish boorish
boors boor
boot boot
booted boot
booties booti
bootless bootless
boots boot
booty booti
bor bor
bora bora
borachio borachio
bordeaux bordeaux
border border
bordered border
borderers border
borders border
bore bore
boreas borea
bores bore
boring bore
born born
borne born
borough borough
boroughs borough
borrow borrow
borrowed borrow
borrower borrow
borrowing borrow
borrows borrow
bosko bosko
boskos bosko
bosky boski
bosom bosom
bosoms bosom
boson boson
boss boss
bosworth bosworth
botch botch
botcher botcher
botches botch
botchy botchi
both both
bots bot
bottle bottl
bottled bottl
bottles bottl
bottom bottom
bottomless bottomless
bottoms bottom
bouciqualt bouciqualt
bouge boug
bough bough
boughs bough
bought bought
bounce bounc
bouncing bounc
bound bound
bounded bound
bounden bounden
boundeth boundeth
bounding bound
boundless boundless
bounds bound
bounteous bounteou
bounteously bounteous
bounties bounti
bountiful bounti
bountifully bountifulli
bounty bounti
bourbier bourbier
bourbon bourbon
bourchier bourchier
bourdeaux bourdeaux
bourn bourn
bout bout
bouts bout
bove bove
bow bow
bowcase bowcas
bowed bow
bowels bowel
bower bower
bowing bow
bowl bowl
bowler bowler
bowling bowl
bowls bowl
bows bow
bowsprit bowsprit
bowstring bowstr
box box
boxes box
boy boi
boyet boyet
boyish boyish
boys boi
brabant brabant
brabantio brabantio
brabble brabbl
brabbler brabbler
brac brac
brace brace
bracelet bracelet
bracelets bracelet
brach brach
bracy braci
brag brag
bragg bragg
braggardism braggard
braggards braggard
braggart braggart
braggarts braggart
bragged brag
bragging brag
bragless bragless
brags brag
braid braid
braided braid
brain brain
brained brain
brainford brainford
brainish brainish
brainless brainless
brains brain
brainsick brainsick
brainsickly brainsickli
brake brake
brakenbury brakenburi
brakes brake
brambles brambl
bran bran
branch branch
branches branch
branchless branchless
brand brand
branded brand
brandish brandish
brandon brandon
brands brand
bras bra
brass brass
brassy brassi
brat brat
brats brat
brav brav
brave brave
braved brave
bravely brave
braver braver
bravery braveri
braves brave
bravest bravest
braving brave
brawl brawl
brawler brawler
brawling brawl
brawls brawl
brawn brawn
brawns brawn
bray brai
braying brai
braz braz
brazen brazen
brazier brazier
breach breach
breaches breach
bread bread
breadth breadth
break break
breaker breaker
breakfast breakfast
breaking break
breaks break
breast breast
breasted breast
breasting breast
breastplate breastplat
breasts breast
breath breath
breathe breath
breathed breath
breather breather
breathers breather
breathes breath
breathest breathest
breathing breath
breathless breathless
breaths breath
brecknock brecknock
bred bred
breech breech
breeches breech
breeching breech
breed breed
breeder breeder
breeders breeder
breeding breed
breeds breed
breese brees
breeze breez
breff breff
bretagne bretagn
brethen brethen
bretheren bretheren
brethren brethren
brevis brevi
brevity breviti
brew brew
brewage brewag
brewer brewer
brewers brewer
brewing brew
brews brew
briareus briareu
briars briar
brib brib
bribe bribe
briber briber
bribes bribe
brick brick
bricklayer bricklay
bricks brick
bridal bridal
bride bride
bridegroom bridegroom
bridegrooms bridegroom
brides bride
bridge bridg
bridgenorth bridgenorth
bridges bridg
bridget bridget
bridle bridl
bridled bridl
brief brief
briefer briefer
briefest briefest
briefly briefli
briefness brief
brier brier
briers brier
brigandine brigandin
bright bright
brighten brighten
brightest brightest
brightly brightli
brightness bright
brim brim
brimful brim
brims brim
brimstone brimston
brinded brind
brine brine
bring bring
bringer bringer
bringeth bringeth
bringing bring
bringings bring
brings bring
brinish brinish
brink brink
brisk brisk
brisky briski
bristle bristl
bristled bristl
bristly bristli
bristol bristol
bristow bristow
britain britain
britaine britain
britaines britain
british british
briton briton
britons briton
brittany brittani
brittle brittl
broach broach
broached broach
broad broad
broader broader
broadsides broadsid
brocas broca
brock brock
brogues brogu
broil broil
broiling broil
broils broil
broke broke
broken broken
brokenly brokenli
broker broker
brokers broker
brokes broke
broking broke
brooch brooch
brooches brooch
brood brood
brooded brood
brooding brood
brook brook
brooks brook
broom broom
broomstaff broomstaff
broth broth
brothel brothel
brother brother
brotherhood brotherhood
brotherhoods brotherhood
brotherly brotherli
brothers brother
broths broth
brought brought
brow brow
brown brown
browner browner
brownist brownist
browny browni
brows brow
browse brows
browsing brows
bruis brui
bruise bruis
bruised bruis
bruises bruis
bruising bruis
bruit bruit
bruited bruit
brundusium brundusium
brunt brunt
brush brush
brushes brush
brute brute
brutish brutish
brutus brutu
bubble bubbl
bubbles bubbl
bubbling bubbl
bubukles bubukl
buck buck
bucket bucket
buckets bucket
bucking buck
buckingham buckingham
buckle buckl
buckled buckl
buckler buckler
bucklers buckler
bucklersbury bucklersburi
buckles buckl
buckram buckram
bucks buck
bud bud
budded bud
budding bud
budge budg
budger budger
budget budget
buds bud
buff buff
buffet buffet
buffeting buffet
buffets buffet
bug bug
bugbear bugbear
bugle bugl
bugs bug
build build
builded build
buildeth buildeth
building build
buildings build
builds build
built built
bulk bulk
bulks bulk
bull bull
bullcalf bullcalf
bullen bullen
bullens bullen
bullet bullet
bullets bullet
bullocks bullock
bulls bull
bully bulli
bulmer bulmer
bulwark bulwark
bulwarks bulwark
bum bum
bumbast bumbast
bump bump
bumper bumper
bums bum
bunch bunch
bunches bunch
bundle bundl
bung bung
bunghole bunghol
bungle bungl
bunting bunt
buoy buoi
bur bur
burbolt burbolt
burd burd
burden burden
burdened burden
burdening burden
burdenous burden
burdens burden
burgh burgh
burgher burgher
burghers burgher
burglary burglari
burgomasters burgomast
burgonet burgonet
burgundy burgundi
burial burial
buried buri
burier burier
buriest buriest
burly burli
burn burn
burned burn
burnet burnet
burneth burneth
burning burn
burnish burnish
burns burn
burnt burnt
burr burr
burrows burrow
burs bur
burst burst
bursting burst
bursts burst
burthen burthen
burthens burthen
burton burton
bury buri
burying buri
bush bush
bushels bushel
bushes bush
bushy bushi
busied busi
busily busili
busines busin
business busi
businesses busi
buskin buskin
busky buski
buss buss
busses buss
bussing buss
bustle bustl
bustling bustl
busy busi
but but
butcheed butche
butcher butcher
butchered butcher
butcheries butcheri
butcherly butcherli
butchers butcher
butchery butcheri
butler butler
butt butt
butter butter
buttered butter
butterflies butterfli
butterfly butterfli
butterwoman butterwoman
buttery butteri
buttock buttock
buttocks buttock
button button
buttonhole buttonhol
buttons button
buttress buttress
buttry buttri
butts butt
buxom buxom
buy bui
buyer buyer
buying bui
buys bui
buzz buzz
buzzard buzzard
buzzards buzzard
buzzers buzzer
buzzing buzz
by by
bye bye
byzantium byzantium
c c
ca ca
cabbage cabbag
cabileros cabilero
cabin cabin
cabins cabin
cable cabl
cables cabl
cackling cackl
cacodemon cacodemon
caddis caddi
caddisses caddiss
cade cade
cadence cadenc
cadent cadent
cades cade
cadmus cadmu
caduceus caduceu
cadwal cadwal
cadwallader cadwallad
caelius caeliu
caelo caelo
caesar caesar
caesarion caesarion
caesars caesar
cage cage
caged cage
cagion cagion
cain cain
caithness caith
caitiff caitiff
caitiffs caitiff
caius caiu
cak cak
cake cake
cakes cake
calaber calab
calais calai
calamities calam
calamity calam
calchas calcha
calculate calcul
calen calen
calendar calendar
calendars calendar
calf calf
caliban caliban
calibans caliban
calipolis calipoli
cality caliti
caliver caliv
call call
callat callat
called call
callet callet
calling call
calls call
calm calm
calmest calmest
calmly calmli
calmness calm
calms calm
calpurnia calpurnia
calumniate calumni
calumniating calumni
calumnious calumni
calumny calumni
calve calv
calved calv
calves calv
calveskins calveskin
calydon calydon
cam cam
cambio cambio
cambria cambria
cambric cambric
cambrics cambric
cambridge cambridg
cambyses cambys
came came
camel camel
camelot camelot
camels camel
camest camest
camillo camillo
camlet camlet
camomile camomil
camp camp
campeius campeiu
camping camp
camps camp
can can
canakin canakin
canaries canari
canary canari
cancel cancel
cancell cancel
cancelled cancel
cancelling cancel
cancels cancel
cancer cancer
candidatus candidatu
candied candi
candle candl
candles candl
candlesticks candlestick
candy candi
canidius canidiu
cank cank
canker canker
cankerblossom cankerblossom
cankers canker
cannibally cannib
cannibals cannib
cannon cannon
cannoneer cannon
cannons cannon
cannot cannot
canon canon
canoniz canoniz
canonize canon
canonized canon
canons canon
canopied canopi
canopies canopi
canopy canopi
canst canst
canstick canstick
canterbury canterburi
cantle cantl
cantons canton
canus canu
canvas canva
canvass canvass
canzonet canzonet
cap cap
capability capabl
capable capabl
capacities capac
capacity capac
caparison caparison
capdv capdv
cape cape
capel capel
capels capel
caper caper
capers caper
capet capet
caphis caphi
capilet capilet
capitaine capitain
capital capit
capite capit
capitol capitol
capitulate capitul
capocchia capocchia
capon capon
capons capon
capp capp
cappadocia cappadocia
capriccio capriccio
capricious caprici
caps cap
capt capt
captain captain
captains captain
captainship captainship
captious captiou
captivate captiv
captivated captiv
captivates captiv
captive captiv
captives captiv
captivity captiv
captum captum
capucius capuciu
capulet capulet
capulets capulet
car car
carack carack
caracks carack
carat carat
caraways carawai
carbonado carbonado
carbuncle carbuncl
carbuncled carbuncl
carbuncles carbuncl
carcanet carcanet
carcase carcas
carcases carcas
carcass carcass
carcasses carcass
card card
cardecue cardecu
carded card
carders carder
cardinal cardin
cardinally cardin
cardinals cardin
cardmaker cardmak
cards card
carduus carduu
care care
cared care
career career
careers career
careful care
carefully carefulli
careless careless
carelessly carelessli
carelessness careless
cares care
caret caret
cargo cargo
carl carl
carlisle carlisl
carlot carlot
carman carman
carmen carmen
carnal carnal
carnally carnal
carnarvonshire carnarvonshir
carnation carnat
carnations carnat
carol carol
carous carou
carouse carous
caroused carous
carouses carous
carousing carous
carp carp
carpenter carpent
carper carper
carpet carpet
carpets carpet
carping carp
carriage carriag
carriages carriag
carried carri
carrier carrier
carriers carrier
carries carri
carrion carrion
carrions carrion
carry carri
carrying carri
cars car
cart cart
carters carter
carthage carthag
carts cart
carv carv
carve carv
carved carv
carver carver
carves carv
carving carv
cas ca
casa casa
casaer casaer
casca casca
case case
casement casement
casements casement
cases case
cash cash
cashier cashier
casing case
cask cask
casket casket
casketed casket
caskets casket
casque casqu
casques casqu
cassado cassado
cassandra cassandra
cassibelan cassibelan
cassio cassio
cassius cassiu
cassocks cassock
cast cast
castalion castalion
castaway castawai
castaways castawai
casted cast
caster caster
castigate castig
castigation castig
castile castil
castiliano castiliano
casting cast
castle castl
castles castl
casts cast
casual casual
casually casual
casualties casualti
casualty casualti
cat cat
cataian cataian
catalogue catalogu
cataplasm cataplasm
cataracts cataract
catarrhs catarrh
catastrophe catastroph
catch catch
catcher catcher
catches catch
catching catch
cate cate
catechising catechis
catechism catech
catechize catech
cater cater
caterpillars caterpillar
caters cater
caterwauling caterwaul
cates cate
catesby catesbi
cathedral cathedr
catlike catlik
catling catl
catlings catl
cato cato
cats cat
cattle cattl
caucasus caucasu
caudle caudl
cauf cauf
caught caught
cauldron cauldron
caus cau
cause caus
caused caus
causeless causeless
causer causer
causes caus
causest causest
causeth causeth
cautel cautel
cautelous cautel
cautels cautel
cauterizing cauter
caution caution
cautions caution
cavaleiro cavaleiro
cavalery cavaleri
cavaliers cavali
cave cave
cavern cavern
caverns cavern
caves cave
caveto caveto
caviary caviari
cavil cavil
cavilling cavil
cawdor cawdor
cawdron cawdron
cawing caw
ce ce
ceas cea
cease ceas
ceases ceas
ceaseth ceaseth
cedar cedar
cedars cedar
cedius cediu
celebrate celebr
celebrated celebr
celebrates celebr
celebration celebr
celerity celer
celestial celesti
celia celia
cell cell
cellar cellar
cellarage cellarag
celsa celsa
cement cement
censer censer
censor censor
censorinus censorinu
censur censur
censure censur
censured censur
censurers censur
censures censur
censuring censur
centaur centaur
centaurs centaur
centre centr
cents cent
centuries centuri
centurion centurion
centurions centurion
century centuri
cerberus cerberu
cerecloth cerecloth
cerements cerement
ceremonial ceremoni
ceremonies ceremoni
ceremonious ceremoni
ceremoniously ceremoni
ceremony ceremoni
ceres cere
cerns cern
certain certain
certainer certain
certainly certainli
certainties certainti
certainty certainti
certes cert
certificate certif
certified certifi
certifies certifi
certify certifi
ces ce
cesario cesario
cess cess
cesse cess
cestern cestern
cetera cetera
cette cett
chaces chace
chaf chaf
chafe chafe
chafed chafe
chafes chafe
chaff chaff
chaffless chaffless
chafing chafe
chain chain
chains chain
chair chair
chairs chair
chalic chalic
chalice chalic
chalices chalic
chalk chalk
chalks chalk
chalky chalki
challeng challeng
challenge challeng
challenged challeng
challenger challeng
challengers challeng
challenges challeng
cham cham
chamber chamber
chamberers chamber
chamberlain chamberlain
chamberlains chamberlain
chambermaid chambermaid
chambermaids chambermaid
chambers chamber
chameleon chameleon
champ champ
champagne champagn
champain champain
champains champain
champion champion
champions champion
chanc chanc
chance chanc
chanced chanc
chancellor chancellor
chances chanc
chandler chandler
chang chang
change chang
changeable changeabl
changed chang
changeful chang
changeling changel
changelings changel
changer changer
changes chang
changest changest
changing chang
channel channel
channels channel
chanson chanson
chant chant
chanticleer chanticl
chanting chant
chantries chantri
chantry chantri
chants chant
chaos chao
chap chap
chape chape
chapel chapel
chapeless chapeless
chapels chapel
chaplain chaplain
chaplains chaplain
chapless chapless
chaplet chaplet
chapmen chapmen
chaps chap
chapter chapter
character charact
charactered charact
characterless characterless
characters charact
charactery characteri
characts charact
charbon charbon
chare chare
chares chare
charg charg
charge charg
charged charg
chargeful charg
charges charg
chargeth chargeth
charging charg
chariest chariest
chariness chari
charing chare
chariot chariot
chariots chariot
charitable charit
charitably charit
charities chariti
charity chariti
charlemain charlemain
charles charl
charm charm
charmed charm
charmer charmer
charmeth charmeth
charmian charmian
charming charm
charmingly charmingli
charms charm
charneco charneco
charnel charnel
charolois charoloi
charon charon
charter charter
charters charter
chartreux chartreux
chary chari
charybdis charybdi
chas cha
chase chase
chased chase
chaser chaser
chaseth chaseth
chasing chase
chaste chast
chastely chast
chastis chasti
chastise chastis
chastised chastis
chastisement chastis
chastity chastiti
chat chat
chatham chatham
chatillon chatillon
chats chat
chatt chatt
chattels chattel
chatter chatter
chattering chatter
chattles chattl
chaud chaud
chaunted chaunt
chaw chaw
chawdron chawdron
che che
cheap cheap
cheapen cheapen
cheaper cheaper
cheapest cheapest
cheaply cheapli
cheapside cheapsid
cheat cheat
cheated cheat
cheater cheater
cheaters cheater
cheating cheat
cheats cheat
check check
checked check
checker checker
checking check
checks check
cheek cheek
cheeks cheek
cheer cheer
cheered cheer
cheerer cheerer
cheerful cheer
cheerfully cheerfulli
cheering cheer
cheerless cheerless
cheerly cheerli
cheers cheer
cheese chees
chequer chequer
cher cher
cherish cherish
cherished cherish
cherisher cherish
cherishes cherish
cherishing cherish
cherries cherri
cherry cherri
cherrypit cherrypit
chertsey chertsei
cherub cherub
cherubims cherubim
cherubin cherubin
cherubins cherubin
cheshu cheshu
chess chess
chest chest
chester chester
chestnut chestnut
chestnuts chestnut
chests chest
chetas cheta
chev chev
cheval cheval
chevalier chevali
chevaliers chevali
cheveril cheveril
chew chew
chewed chew
chewet chewet
chewing chew
chez chez
chi chi
chick chick
chicken chicken
chickens chicken
chicurmurco chicurmurco
chid chid
chidden chidden
chide chide
chiders chider
chides chide
chiding chide
chief chief
chiefest chiefest
chiefly chiefli
chien chien
child child
childed child
childeric childer
childhood childhood
childhoods childhood
childing child
childish childish
childishness childish
childlike childlik
childness child
children children
chill chill
chilling chill
chime chime
chimes chime
chimney chimnei
chimneypiece chimneypiec
chimneys chimnei
chimurcho chimurcho
chin chin
china china
chine chine
chines chine
chink chink
chinks chink
chins chin
chipp chipp
chipper chipper
chips chip
chiron chiron
chirping chirp
chirrah chirrah
chirurgeonly chirurgeonli
chisel chisel
chitopher chitoph
chivalrous chivalr
chivalry chivalri
choice choic
choicely choic
choicest choicest
choir choir
choirs choir
chok chok
choke choke
choked choke
chokes choke
choking choke
choler choler
choleric choler
cholers choler
chollors chollor
choose choos
chooser chooser
chooses choos
chooseth chooseth
choosing choos
chop chop
chopine chopin
choplogic choplog
chopp chopp
chopped chop
chopping chop
choppy choppi
chops chop
chopt chopt
chor chor
choristers chorist
chorus choru
chose chose
chosen chosen
chough chough
choughs chough
chrish chrish
christ christ
christen christen
christendom christendom
christendoms christendom
christening christen
christenings christen
christian christian
christianlike christianlik
christians christian
christmas christma
christom christom
christopher christoph
christophero christophero
chronicle chronicl
chronicled chronicl
chronicler chronicl
chroniclers chronicl
chronicles chronicl
chrysolite chrysolit
chuck chuck
chucks chuck
chud chud
chuffs chuff
church church
churches church
churchman churchman
churchmen churchmen
churchyard churchyard
churchyards churchyard
churl churl
churlish churlish
churlishly churlishli
churls churl
churn churn
chus chu
cicatrice cicatric
cicatrices cicatric
cicely cice
cicero cicero
ciceter cicet
ciel ciel
ciitzens ciitzen
cilicia cilicia
cimber cimber
cimmerian cimmerian
cinable cinabl
cincture cinctur
cinders cinder
cine cine
cinna cinna
cinque cinqu
cipher cipher
ciphers cipher
circa circa
circe circ
circle circl
circled circl
circlets circlet
circling circl
circuit circuit
circum circum
circumcised circumcis
circumference circumfer
circummur circummur
circumscrib circumscrib
circumscribed circumscrib
circumscription circumscript
circumspect circumspect
circumstance circumst
circumstanced circumstanc
circumstances circumst
circumstantial circumstanti
circumvent circumv
circumvention circumvent
cistern cistern
citadel citadel
cital cital
cite cite
cited cite
cites cite
cities citi
citing cite
citizen citizen
citizens citizen
cittern cittern
city citi
civet civet
civil civil
civility civil
civilly civilli
clack clack
clad clad
claim claim
claiming claim
claims claim
clamb clamb
clamber clamber
clammer clammer
clamor clamor
clamorous clamor
clamors clamor
clamour clamour
clamours clamour
clang clang
clangor clangor
clap clap
clapp clapp
clapped clap
clapper clapper
clapping clap
claps clap
clare clare
clarence clarenc
claret claret
claribel claribel
clasp clasp
clasps clasp
clatter clatter
claud claud
claudio claudio
claudius claudiu
clause claus
claw claw
clawed claw
clawing claw
claws claw
clay clai
clays clai
clean clean
cleanliest cleanliest
cleanly cleanli
cleans clean
cleanse cleans
cleansing cleans
clear clear
clearer clearer
clearest clearest
clearly clearli
clearness clear
clears clear
cleave cleav
cleaving cleav
clef clef
cleft cleft
cleitus cleitu
clemency clemenc
clement clement
cleomenes cleomen
cleopatpa cleopatpa
cleopatra cleopatra
clepeth clepeth
clept clept
clerestories clerestori
clergy clergi
clergyman clergyman
clergymen clergymen
clerk clerk
clerkly clerkli
clerks clerk
clew clew
client client
clients client
cliff cliff
clifford clifford
cliffords clifford
cliffs cliff
clifton clifton
climate climat
climature climatur
climb climb
climbed climb
climber climber
climbeth climbeth
climbing climb
climbs climb
clime clime
cling cling
clink clink
clinking clink
clinquant clinquant
clip clip
clipp clipp
clipper clipper
clippeth clippeth
clipping clip
clipt clipt
clitus clitu
clo clo
cloak cloak
cloakbag cloakbag
cloaks cloak
clock clock
clocks clock
clod clod
cloddy cloddi
clodpole clodpol
clog clog
clogging clog
clogs clog
cloister cloister
cloistress cloistress
cloquence cloquenc
clos clo
close close
closed close
closely close
closeness close
closer closer
closes close
closest closest
closet closet
closing close
closure closur
cloten cloten
clotens cloten
cloth cloth
clothair clothair
clotharius clothariu
clothe cloth
clothes cloth
clothier clothier
clothiers clothier
clothing cloth
cloths cloth
clotpoles clotpol
clotpoll clotpol
cloud cloud
clouded cloud
cloudiness cloudi
clouds cloud
cloudy cloudi
clout clout
clouted clout
clouts clout
cloven cloven
clover clover
cloves clove
clovest clovest
clowder clowder
clown clown
clownish clownish
clowns clown
cloy cloi
cloyed cloi
cloying cloi
cloyless cloyless
cloyment cloyment
cloys cloi
club club
clubs club
cluck cluck
clung clung
clust clust
clusters cluster
clutch clutch
clyster clyster
cneius cneiu
cnemies cnemi
co co
coach coach
coaches coach
coachmakers coachmak
coact coact
coactive coactiv
coagulate coagul
coal coal
coals coal
coarse coars
coarsely coars
coast coast
coasting coast
coasts coast
coat coat
coated coat
coats coat
cobble cobbl
cobbled cobbl
cobbler cobbler
cobham cobham
cobloaf cobloaf
cobweb cobweb
cobwebs cobweb
cock cock
cockatrice cockatric
cockatrices cockatric
cockle cockl
cockled cockl
cockney cocknei
cockpit cockpit
cocks cock
cocksure cocksur
coctus coctu
cocytus cocytu
cod cod
codding cod
codling codl
codpiece codpiec
codpieces codpiec
cods cod
coelestibus coelestibu
coesar coesar
coeur coeur
coffer coffer
coffers coffer
coffin coffin
coffins coffin
cog cog
cogging cog
cogitation cogit
cogitations cogit
cognition cognit
cognizance cogniz
cogscomb cogscomb
cohabitants cohabit
coher coher
cohere coher
coherence coher
coherent coher
cohorts cohort
coif coif
coign coign
coil coil
coin coin
coinage coinag
coiner coiner
coining coin
coins coin
col col
colbrand colbrand
colchos colcho
cold cold
colder colder
coldest coldest
coldly coldli
coldness cold
coldspur coldspur
colebrook colebrook
colic colic
collar collar
collars collar
collateral collater
colleagued colleagu
collect collect
collected collect
collection collect
college colleg
colleges colleg
collied colli
collier collier
colliers collier
collop collop
collusion collus
colme colm
colmekill colmekil
coloquintida coloquintida
color color
colors color
colossus colossu
colour colour
colourable colour
coloured colour
colouring colour
colours colour
colt colt
colted colt
colts colt
columbine columbin
columbines columbin
colville colvil
com com
comagene comagen
comart comart
comb comb
combat combat
combatant combat
combatants combat
combated combat
combating combat
combin combin
combinate combin
combination combin
combine combin
combined combin
combless combless
combustion combust
come come
comedian comedian
comedians comedian
comedy comedi
comeliness comeli
comely come
comer comer
comers comer
comes come
comest comest
comet comet
cometh cometh
comets comet
comfect comfect
comfit comfit
comfits comfit
comfort comfort
comfortable comfort
comforted comfort
comforter comfort
comforting comfort
comfortless comfortless
comforts comfort
comic comic
comical comic
coming come
comings come
cominius cominiu
comma comma
command command
commande command
commanded command
commander command
commanders command
commanding command
commandment command
commandments command
commands command
comme comm
commenc commenc
commence commenc
commenced commenc
commencement commenc
commences commenc
commencing commenc
commend commend
commendable commend
commendation commend
commendations commend
commended commend
commending commend
commends commend
comment comment
commentaries commentari
commenting comment
comments comment
commerce commerc
commingled commingl
commiseration commiser
commission commiss
commissioners commission
commissions commiss
commit commit
commits commit
committ committ
committed commit
committing commit
commix commix
commixed commix
commixtion commixt
commixture commixtur
commodious commodi
commodities commod
commodity commod
common common
commonalty commonalti
commoner common
commoners common
commonly commonli
commons common
commonweal commonw
commonwealth commonwealth
commotion commot
commotions commot
commune commun
communicat communicat
communicate commun
communication commun
communities commun
community commun
comonty comonti
compact compact
companies compani
companion companion
companions companion
companionship companionship
company compani
compar compar
comparative compar
compare compar
compared compar
comparing compar
comparison comparison
comparisons comparison
compartner compartn
compass compass
compasses compass
compassing compass
compassion compass
compassionate compassion
compeers compeer
compel compel
compell compel
compelled compel
compelling compel
compels compel
compensation compens
competence compet
competency compet
competent compet
competitor competitor
competitors competitor
compil compil
compile compil
compiled compil
complain complain
complainer complain
complainest complainest
complaining complain
complainings complain
complains complain
complaint complaint
complaints complaint
complement complement
complements complement
complete complet
complexion complexion
complexioned complexion
complexions complexion
complices complic
complies compli
compliment compliment
complimental compliment
compliments compliment
complot complot
complots complot
complotted complot
comply compli
compos compo
compose compos
composed compos
composition composit
compost compost
composture compostur
composure composur
compound compound
compounded compound
compounds compound
comprehend comprehend
comprehended comprehend
comprehends comprehend
compremises compremis
compris compri
comprising compris
compromis compromi
compromise compromis
compt compt
comptible comptibl
comptrollers comptrol
compulsatory compulsatori
compulsion compuls
compulsive compuls
compunctious compuncti
computation comput
comrade comrad
comrades comrad
comutual comutu
con con
concave concav
concavities concav
conceal conceal
concealed conceal
concealing conceal
concealment conceal
concealments conceal
conceals conceal
conceit conceit
conceited conceit
conceitless conceitless
conceits conceit
conceiv conceiv
conceive conceiv
conceived conceiv
conceives conceiv
conceiving conceiv
conception concept
conceptions concept
conceptious concepti
concern concern
concernancy concern
concerneth concerneth
concerning concern
concernings concern
concerns concern
conclave conclav
conclud conclud
conclude conclud
concluded conclud
concludes conclud
concluding conclud
conclusion conclus
conclusions conclus
concolinel concolinel
concord concord
concubine concubin
concupiscible concupisc
concupy concupi
concur concur
concurring concur
concurs concur
condemn condemn
condemnation condemn
condemned condemn
condemning condemn
condemns condemn
condescend condescend
condign condign
condition condit
conditionally condition
conditions condit
condole condol
condolement condol
condoling condol
conduce conduc
conduct conduct
conducted conduct
conducting conduct
conductor conductor
conduit conduit
conduits conduit
conected conect
coney conei
confection confect
confectionary confectionari
confections confect
confederacy confederaci
confederate confeder
confederates confeder
confer confer
conference confer
conferr conferr
conferring confer
confess confess
confessed confess
confesses confess
confesseth confesseth
confessing confess
confession confess
confessions confess
confessor confessor
confidence confid
confident confid
confidently confid
confin confin
confine confin
confined confin
confineless confineless
confiners confin
confines confin
confining confin
confirm confirm
confirmation confirm
confirmations confirm
confirmed confirm
confirmer confirm
confirmers confirm
confirming confirm
confirmities confirm
confirms confirm
confiscate confisc
confiscated confisc
confiscation confisc
confixed confix
conflict conflict
conflicting conflict
conflicts conflict
confluence confluenc
conflux conflux
conform conform
conformable conform
confound confound
confounded confound
confounding confound
confounds confound
confront confront
confronted confront
confus confu
confused confus
confusedly confusedli
confusion confus
confusions confus
confutation confut
confutes confut