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Name: Chromium base:: helper Classes
Short Name: base::numerics, base::MRUCachem, base::SHA1
SOURCE CODE: Copy the Chromium folder manually into this folder and run git cl format.
Date: 24/05/2017
Revision: 28b5bbb227d331c01e6ff9b2f8729732135aadc7 (Chromium)
Security Critical: no
License: Chromium
License File: LICENSE in Chromium/src
base::numerics is a library for doing some simple safe math and conversions.
base::MRUCache is a few collections of most-recently-used caching structures.
base::SHA1 is a secure hashing algorithm.
To update the checkout, simply overwrite the folder with Chromium's latest, apply
the appropriate namespace, and make sure the paths are correct (anglebase/ instead of
base/), and update the header guards and macros.
- the file scope is now anglebase/ from base/ to prevent include conflicts.
- anglebase/logging.h defines (D)CHECK to be ASSERT to be compatible with ANGLE.
- the headers use namespace angle::base instead of base:: to avoid ODR
violations when ANGLE code is mixed with Chromium code.
- header guards and macros are changed from BASE to ANGLEBASE to prevent conflicts.