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// Copyright 2015 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// DisplayGLX.h: GLX implementation of egl::Display
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "common/Optional.h"
#include "libANGLE/renderer/gl/DisplayGL.h"
#include "libANGLE/renderer/gl/glx/FunctionsGLX.h"
namespace rx
class FunctionsGLX;
class WorkerContext;
// State-tracking data for the swap control to allow DisplayGLX to remember per
// drawable information for swap control.
struct SwapControlData
// Set by the drawable
int targetSwapInterval;
// DisplayGLX-side state-tracking
int maxSwapInterval;
int currentSwapInterval;
class DisplayGLX : public DisplayGL
DisplayGLX(const egl::DisplayState &state);
~DisplayGLX() override;
egl::Error initialize(egl::Display *display) override;
void terminate() override;
egl::Error makeCurrent(egl::Surface *drawSurface,
egl::Surface *readSurface,
gl::Context *context) override;
SurfaceImpl *createWindowSurface(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
EGLNativeWindowType window,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribs) override;
SurfaceImpl *createPbufferSurface(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribs) override;
SurfaceImpl *createPbufferFromClientBuffer(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
EGLenum buftype,
EGLClientBuffer clientBuffer,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribs) override;
SurfaceImpl *createPixmapSurface(const egl::SurfaceState &state,
NativePixmapType nativePixmap,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribs) override;
ContextImpl *createContext(const gl::State &state,
gl::ErrorSet *errorSet,
const egl::Config *configuration,
const gl::Context *shareContext,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribs) override;
egl::ConfigSet generateConfigs() override;
bool testDeviceLost() override;
egl::Error restoreLostDevice(const egl::Display *display) override;
bool isValidNativeWindow(EGLNativeWindowType window) const override;
DeviceImpl *createDevice() override;
std::string getVendorString() const override;
egl::Error waitClient(const gl::Context *context) override;
egl::Error waitNative(const gl::Context *context, EGLint engine) override;
gl::Version getMaxSupportedESVersion() const override;
// Synchronizes with the X server, if the display has been opened by ANGLE.
// Calling this is required at the end of every functions that does buffered
// X calls (not for glX calls) otherwise there might be race conditions
// between the application's display and ANGLE's one.
void syncXCommands() const;
// Depending on the supported GLX extension, swap interval can be set
// globally or per drawable. This function will make sure the drawable's
// swap interval is the one required so that the subsequent swapBuffers
// acts as expected.
void setSwapInterval(glx::Drawable drawable, SwapControlData *data);
bool isValidWindowVisualId(unsigned long visualId) const;
WorkerContext *createWorkerContext(std::string *infoLog);
void initializeFrontendFeatures(angle::FrontendFeatures *features) const override;
void populateFeatureList(angle::FeatureList *features) override;
egl::Error initializeContext(glx::FBConfig config,
const egl::AttributeMap &eglAttributes,
glx::Context *context);
void generateExtensions(egl::DisplayExtensions *outExtensions) const override;
void generateCaps(egl::Caps *outCaps) const override;
egl::Error makeCurrentSurfaceless(gl::Context *context) override;
int getGLXFBConfigAttrib(glx::FBConfig config, int attrib) const;
egl::Error createContextAttribs(glx::FBConfig,
const Optional<gl::Version> &version,
int profileMask,
glx::Context *context);
std::shared_ptr<RendererGL> mRenderer;
std::map<int, glx::FBConfig> configIdToGLXConfig;
EGLint mRequestedVisual;
glx::FBConfig mContextConfig;
std::vector<int> mAttribs;
XVisualInfo *mVisuals;
glx::Context mContext;
glx::Context mSharedContext;
// A pbuffer the context is current on during ANGLE initialization
glx::Pbuffer mDummyPbuffer;
std::vector<glx::Pbuffer> mWorkerPbufferPool;
bool mUsesNewXDisplay;
bool mIsMesa;
bool mHasMultisample;
bool mHasARBCreateContext;
bool mHasARBCreateContextProfile;
bool mHasARBCreateContextRobustness;
bool mHasEXTCreateContextES2Profile;
enum class SwapControl
SwapControl mSwapControl;
int mMinSwapInterval;
int mMaxSwapInterval;
int mCurrentSwapInterval;
glx::Drawable mCurrentDrawable;
FunctionsGLX mGLX;
Display *mXDisplay;
egl::Display *mEGLDisplay;
} // namespace rx