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//===- CodeCoverage.cpp - Coverage tool based on profiling instrumentation-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// The 'CodeCoverageTool' class implements a command line tool to analyze and
// report coverage information using the profiling instrumentation and code
// coverage mapping.
#include "CoverageExporterJson.h"
#include "CoverageFilters.h"
#include "CoverageReport.h"
#include "CoverageSummaryInfo.h"
#include "CoverageViewOptions.h"
#include "RenderingSupport.h"
#include "SourceCoverageView.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/SmallString.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Triple.h"
#include "llvm/ProfileData/Coverage/CoverageMapping.h"
#include "llvm/ProfileData/InstrProfReader.h"
#include "llvm/Support/CommandLine.h"
#include "llvm/Support/FileSystem.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Format.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Path.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Process.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Program.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ScopedPrinter.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ThreadPool.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Threading.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ToolOutputFile.h"
#include <functional>
#include <map>
#include <system_error>
using namespace llvm;
using namespace coverage;
void exportCoverageDataToJson(const coverage::CoverageMapping &CoverageMapping,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
raw_ostream &OS);
namespace {
/// The implementation of the coverage tool.
class CodeCoverageTool {
enum Command {
/// The show command.
/// The report command.
/// The export command.
int run(Command Cmd, int argc, const char **argv);
/// Print the error message to the error output stream.
void error(const Twine &Message, StringRef Whence = "");
/// Print the warning message to the error output stream.
void warning(const Twine &Message, StringRef Whence = "");
/// Convert \p Path into an absolute path and append it to the list
/// of collected paths.
void addCollectedPath(const std::string &Path);
/// If \p Path is a regular file, collect the path. If it's a
/// directory, recursively collect all of the paths within the directory.
void collectPaths(const std::string &Path);
/// Return a memory buffer for the given source file.
ErrorOr<const MemoryBuffer &> getSourceFile(StringRef SourceFile);
/// Create source views for the expansions of the view.
void attachExpansionSubViews(SourceCoverageView &View,
ArrayRef<ExpansionRecord> Expansions,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// Create the source view of a particular function.
createFunctionView(const FunctionRecord &Function,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// Create the main source view of a particular source file.
createSourceFileView(StringRef SourceFile, const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// Load the coverage mapping data. Return nullptr if an error occurred.
std::unique_ptr<CoverageMapping> load();
/// Create a mapping from files in the Coverage data to local copies
/// (path-equivalence).
void remapPathNames(const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// Remove input source files which aren't mapped by \p Coverage.
void removeUnmappedInputs(const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// If a demangler is available, demangle all symbol names.
void demangleSymbols(const CoverageMapping &Coverage);
/// Write out a source file view to the filesystem.
void writeSourceFileView(StringRef SourceFile, CoverageMapping *Coverage,
CoveragePrinter *Printer, bool ShowFilenames);
typedef llvm::function_ref<int(int, const char **)> CommandLineParserType;
int doShow(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser);
int doReport(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser);
int doExport(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser);
std::vector<StringRef> ObjectFilenames;
CoverageViewOptions ViewOpts;
CoverageFiltersMatchAll Filters;
CoverageFilters IgnoreFilenameFilters;
/// The path to the indexed profile.
std::string PGOFilename;
/// A list of input source files.
std::vector<std::string> SourceFiles;
/// In -path-equivalence mode, this maps the absolute paths from the coverage
/// mapping data to the input source files.
StringMap<std::string> RemappedFilenames;
/// The coverage data path to be remapped from, and the source path to be
/// remapped to, when using -path-equivalence.
Optional<std::pair<std::string, std::string>> PathRemapping;
/// The architecture the coverage mapping data targets.
std::vector<StringRef> CoverageArches;
/// A cache for demangled symbols.
DemangleCache DC;
/// A lock which guards printing to stderr.
std::mutex ErrsLock;
/// A container for input source file buffers.
std::mutex LoadedSourceFilesLock;
std::vector<std::pair<std::string, std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer>>>
/// Whitelist from -name-whitelist to be used for filtering.
std::unique_ptr<SpecialCaseList> NameWhitelist;
static std::string getErrorString(const Twine &Message, StringRef Whence,
bool Warning) {
std::string Str = (Warning ? "warning" : "error");
Str += ": ";
if (!Whence.empty())
Str += Whence.str() + ": ";
Str += Message.str() + "\n";
return Str;
void CodeCoverageTool::error(const Twine &Message, StringRef Whence) {
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> Guard{ErrsLock};
ViewOpts.colored_ostream(errs(), raw_ostream::RED)
<< getErrorString(Message, Whence, false);
void CodeCoverageTool::warning(const Twine &Message, StringRef Whence) {
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> Guard{ErrsLock};
ViewOpts.colored_ostream(errs(), raw_ostream::RED)
<< getErrorString(Message, Whence, true);
void CodeCoverageTool::addCollectedPath(const std::string &Path) {
SmallString<128> EffectivePath(Path);
if (std::error_code EC = sys::fs::make_absolute(EffectivePath)) {
error(EC.message(), Path);
sys::path::remove_dots(EffectivePath, /*remove_dot_dots=*/true);
if (!IgnoreFilenameFilters.matchesFilename(EffectivePath))
void CodeCoverageTool::collectPaths(const std::string &Path) {
llvm::sys::fs::file_status Status;
llvm::sys::fs::status(Path, Status);
if (!llvm::sys::fs::exists(Status)) {
if (PathRemapping)
warning("Source file doesn't exist, proceeded by ignoring it.", Path);
if (llvm::sys::fs::is_regular_file(Status)) {
if (llvm::sys::fs::is_directory(Status)) {
std::error_code EC;
for (llvm::sys::fs::recursive_directory_iterator F(Path, EC), E;
F != E; F.increment(EC)) {
if (EC) {
warning(EC.message(), F->path());
if (llvm::sys::fs::is_regular_file(F->path()))
ErrorOr<const MemoryBuffer &>
CodeCoverageTool::getSourceFile(StringRef SourceFile) {
// If we've remapped filenames, look up the real location for this file.
std::unique_lock<std::mutex> Guard{LoadedSourceFilesLock};
if (!RemappedFilenames.empty()) {
auto Loc = RemappedFilenames.find(SourceFile);
if (Loc != RemappedFilenames.end())
SourceFile = Loc->second;
for (const auto &Files : LoadedSourceFiles)
if (sys::fs::equivalent(SourceFile, Files.first))
return *Files.second;
auto Buffer = MemoryBuffer::getFile(SourceFile);
if (auto EC = Buffer.getError()) {
error(EC.message(), SourceFile);
return EC;
LoadedSourceFiles.emplace_back(SourceFile, std::move(Buffer.get()));
return *LoadedSourceFiles.back().second;
void CodeCoverageTool::attachExpansionSubViews(
SourceCoverageView &View, ArrayRef<ExpansionRecord> Expansions,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
if (!ViewOpts.ShowExpandedRegions)
for (const auto &Expansion : Expansions) {
auto ExpansionCoverage = Coverage.getCoverageForExpansion(Expansion);
if (ExpansionCoverage.empty())
auto SourceBuffer = getSourceFile(ExpansionCoverage.getFilename());
if (!SourceBuffer)
auto SubViewExpansions = ExpansionCoverage.getExpansions();
auto SubView =
SourceCoverageView::create(Expansion.Function.Name, SourceBuffer.get(),
ViewOpts, std::move(ExpansionCoverage));
attachExpansionSubViews(*SubView, SubViewExpansions, Coverage);
View.addExpansion(Expansion.Region, std::move(SubView));
CodeCoverageTool::createFunctionView(const FunctionRecord &Function,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
auto FunctionCoverage = Coverage.getCoverageForFunction(Function);
if (FunctionCoverage.empty())
return nullptr;
auto SourceBuffer = getSourceFile(FunctionCoverage.getFilename());
if (!SourceBuffer)
return nullptr;
auto Expansions = FunctionCoverage.getExpansions();
auto View = SourceCoverageView::create(DC.demangle(Function.Name),
SourceBuffer.get(), ViewOpts,
attachExpansionSubViews(*View, Expansions, Coverage);
return View;
CodeCoverageTool::createSourceFileView(StringRef SourceFile,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
auto SourceBuffer = getSourceFile(SourceFile);
if (!SourceBuffer)
return nullptr;
auto FileCoverage = Coverage.getCoverageForFile(SourceFile);
if (FileCoverage.empty())
return nullptr;
auto Expansions = FileCoverage.getExpansions();
auto View = SourceCoverageView::create(SourceFile, SourceBuffer.get(),
ViewOpts, std::move(FileCoverage));
attachExpansionSubViews(*View, Expansions, Coverage);
if (!ViewOpts.ShowFunctionInstantiations)
return View;
for (const auto &Group : Coverage.getInstantiationGroups(SourceFile)) {
// Skip functions which have a single instantiation.
if (Group.size() < 2)
for (const FunctionRecord *Function : Group.getInstantiations()) {
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> SubView{nullptr};
StringRef Funcname = DC.demangle(Function->Name);
if (Function->ExecutionCount > 0) {
auto SubViewCoverage = Coverage.getCoverageForFunction(*Function);
auto SubViewExpansions = SubViewCoverage.getExpansions();
SubView = SourceCoverageView::create(
Funcname, SourceBuffer.get(), ViewOpts, std::move(SubViewCoverage));
attachExpansionSubViews(*SubView, SubViewExpansions, Coverage);
unsigned FileID = Function->CountedRegions.front().FileID;
unsigned Line = 0;
for (const auto &CR : Function->CountedRegions)
if (CR.FileID == FileID)
Line = std::max(CR.LineEnd, Line);
View->addInstantiation(Funcname, Line, std::move(SubView));
return View;
static bool modifiedTimeGT(StringRef LHS, StringRef RHS) {
sys::fs::file_status Status;
if (sys::fs::status(LHS, Status))
return false;
auto LHSTime = Status.getLastModificationTime();
if (sys::fs::status(RHS, Status))
return false;
auto RHSTime = Status.getLastModificationTime();
return LHSTime > RHSTime;
std::unique_ptr<CoverageMapping> CodeCoverageTool::load() {
for (StringRef ObjectFilename : ObjectFilenames)
if (modifiedTimeGT(ObjectFilename, PGOFilename))
warning("profile data may be out of date - object is newer",
auto CoverageOrErr =
CoverageMapping::load(ObjectFilenames, PGOFilename, CoverageArches);
if (Error E = CoverageOrErr.takeError()) {
error("Failed to load coverage: " + toString(std::move(E)),
join(ObjectFilenames.begin(), ObjectFilenames.end(), ", "));
return nullptr;
auto Coverage = std::move(CoverageOrErr.get());
unsigned Mismatched = Coverage->getMismatchedCount();
if (Mismatched) {
warning(Twine(Mismatched) + " functions have mismatched data");
if (ViewOpts.Debug) {
for (const auto &HashMismatch : Coverage->getHashMismatches())
errs() << "hash-mismatch: "
<< "No profile record found for '" << HashMismatch.first << "'"
<< " with hash = 0x" << Twine::utohexstr(HashMismatch.second)
<< '\n';
for (const auto &CounterMismatch : Coverage->getCounterMismatches())
errs() << "counter-mismatch: "
<< "Coverage mapping for " << CounterMismatch.first
<< " only has " << CounterMismatch.second
<< " valid counter expressions\n";
if (!SourceFiles.empty())
return Coverage;
void CodeCoverageTool::remapPathNames(const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
if (!PathRemapping)
// Convert remapping paths to native paths with trailing seperators.
auto nativeWithTrailing = [](StringRef Path) -> std::string {
if (Path.empty())
return "";
SmallString<128> NativePath;
sys::path::native(Path, NativePath);
if (!sys::path::is_separator(NativePath.back()))
NativePath += sys::path::get_separator();
return NativePath.c_str();
std::string RemapFrom = nativeWithTrailing(PathRemapping->first);
std::string RemapTo = nativeWithTrailing(PathRemapping->second);
// Create a mapping from coverage data file paths to local paths.
for (StringRef Filename : Coverage.getUniqueSourceFiles()) {
SmallString<128> NativeFilename;
sys::path::native(Filename, NativeFilename);
if (NativeFilename.startswith(RemapFrom)) {
RemappedFilenames[Filename] =
RemapTo + NativeFilename.substr(RemapFrom.size()).str();
// Convert input files from local paths to coverage data file paths.
StringMap<std::string> InvRemappedFilenames;
for (const auto &RemappedFilename : RemappedFilenames)
InvRemappedFilenames[RemappedFilename.getValue()] = RemappedFilename.getKey();
for (std::string &Filename : SourceFiles) {
SmallString<128> NativeFilename;
sys::path::native(Filename, NativeFilename);
auto CovFileName = InvRemappedFilenames.find(NativeFilename);
if (CovFileName != InvRemappedFilenames.end())
Filename = CovFileName->second;
void CodeCoverageTool::removeUnmappedInputs(const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
std::vector<StringRef> CoveredFiles = Coverage.getUniqueSourceFiles();
auto UncoveredFilesIt = SourceFiles.end();
// The user may have specified source files which aren't in the coverage
// mapping. Filter these files away.
UncoveredFilesIt = std::remove_if(
SourceFiles.begin(), SourceFiles.end(), [&](const std::string &SF) {
return !std::binary_search(CoveredFiles.begin(), CoveredFiles.end(),
SourceFiles.erase(UncoveredFilesIt, SourceFiles.end());
void CodeCoverageTool::demangleSymbols(const CoverageMapping &Coverage) {
if (!ViewOpts.hasDemangler())
// Pass function names to the demangler in a temporary file.
int InputFD;
SmallString<256> InputPath;
std::error_code EC =
sys::fs::createTemporaryFile("demangle-in", "list", InputFD, InputPath);
if (EC) {
error(InputPath, EC.message());
ToolOutputFile InputTOF{InputPath, InputFD};
unsigned NumSymbols = 0;
for (const auto &Function : Coverage.getCoveredFunctions()) {
InputTOF.os() << Function.Name << '\n';
// Use another temporary file to store the demangler's output.
int OutputFD;
SmallString<256> OutputPath;
EC = sys::fs::createTemporaryFile("demangle-out", "list", OutputFD,
if (EC) {
error(OutputPath, EC.message());
ToolOutputFile OutputTOF{OutputPath, OutputFD};
// Invoke the demangler.
std::vector<StringRef> ArgsV;
for (StringRef Arg : ViewOpts.DemanglerOpts)
Optional<StringRef> Redirects[] = {InputPath.str(), OutputPath.str(), {""}};
std::string ErrMsg;
int RC = sys::ExecuteAndWait(ViewOpts.DemanglerOpts[0], ArgsV,
/*env=*/None, Redirects, /*secondsToWait=*/0,
/*memoryLimit=*/0, &ErrMsg);
if (RC) {
error(ErrMsg, ViewOpts.DemanglerOpts[0]);
// Parse the demangler's output.
auto BufOrError = MemoryBuffer::getFile(OutputPath);
if (!BufOrError) {
error(OutputPath, BufOrError.getError().message());
std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer> DemanglerBuf = std::move(*BufOrError);
SmallVector<StringRef, 8> Symbols;
StringRef DemanglerData = DemanglerBuf->getBuffer();
DemanglerData.split(Symbols, '\n', /*MaxSplit=*/NumSymbols,
if (Symbols.size() != NumSymbols) {
error("Demangler did not provide expected number of symbols");
// Cache the demangled names.
unsigned I = 0;
for (const auto &Function : Coverage.getCoveredFunctions())
// On Windows, lines in the demangler's output file end with "\r\n".
// Splitting by '\n' keeps '\r's, so cut them now.
DC.DemangledNames[Function.Name] = Symbols[I++].rtrim();
void CodeCoverageTool::writeSourceFileView(StringRef SourceFile,
CoverageMapping *Coverage,
CoveragePrinter *Printer,
bool ShowFilenames) {
auto View = createSourceFileView(SourceFile, *Coverage);
if (!View) {
warning("The file '" + SourceFile + "' isn't covered.");
auto OSOrErr = Printer->createViewFile(SourceFile, /*InToplevel=*/false);
if (Error E = OSOrErr.takeError()) {
error("Could not create view file!", toString(std::move(E)));
auto OS = std::move(OSOrErr.get());
View->print(*OS.get(), /*Wholefile=*/true,
int CodeCoverageTool::run(Command Cmd, int argc, const char **argv) {
cl::opt<std::string> CovFilename(
cl::Positional, cl::desc("Covered executable or object file."));
cl::list<std::string> CovFilenames(
"object", cl::desc("Coverage executable or object file"), cl::ZeroOrMore,
cl::list<std::string> InputSourceFiles(
cl::Positional, cl::desc("<Source files>"), cl::ZeroOrMore);
cl::opt<bool> DebugDumpCollectedPaths(
"dump-collected-paths", cl::Optional, cl::Hidden,
cl::desc("Show the collected paths to source files"));
cl::opt<std::string, true> PGOFilename(
"instr-profile", cl::Required, cl::location(this->PGOFilename),
"File with the profile data obtained after an instrumented run"));
cl::list<std::string> Arches(
"arch", cl::desc("architectures of the coverage mapping binaries"));
cl::opt<bool> DebugDump("dump", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show internal debug dump"));
cl::opt<CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat> Format(
"format", cl::desc("Output format for line-based coverage reports"),
cl::values(clEnumValN(CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::Text, "text",
"Text output"),
clEnumValN(CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::HTML, "html",
"HTML output")),
cl::opt<std::string> PathRemap(
"path-equivalence", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("<from>,<to> Map coverage data paths to local source file "
cl::OptionCategory FilteringCategory("Function filtering options");
cl::list<std::string> NameFilters(
"name", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions with the given name"),
cl::ZeroOrMore, cl::cat(FilteringCategory));
cl::list<std::string> NameFilterFiles(
"name-whitelist", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions listed in the given "
cl::ZeroOrMore, cl::cat(FilteringCategory));
cl::list<std::string> NameRegexFilters(
"name-regex", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions that match the given "
"regular expression"),
cl::ZeroOrMore, cl::cat(FilteringCategory));
cl::list<std::string> IgnoreFilenameRegexFilters(
"ignore-filename-regex", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Skip source code files with file paths that match the given "
"regular expression"),
cl::ZeroOrMore, cl::cat(FilteringCategory));
cl::opt<double> RegionCoverageLtFilter(
"region-coverage-lt", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions with region coverage "
"less than the given threshold"),
cl::opt<double> RegionCoverageGtFilter(
"region-coverage-gt", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions with region coverage "
"greater than the given threshold"),
cl::opt<double> LineCoverageLtFilter(
"line-coverage-lt", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions with line coverage less "
"than the given threshold"),
cl::opt<double> LineCoverageGtFilter(
"line-coverage-gt", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show code coverage only for functions with line coverage "
"greater than the given threshold"),
cl::opt<cl::boolOrDefault> UseColor(
"use-color", cl::desc("Emit colored output (default=autodetect)"),
cl::list<std::string> DemanglerOpts(
"Xdemangler", cl::desc("<demangler-path>|<demangler-option>"));
cl::opt<bool> RegionSummary(
"show-region-summary", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show region statistics in summary table"),
cl::opt<bool> InstantiationSummary(
"show-instantiation-summary", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show instantiation statistics in summary table"));
cl::opt<bool> SummaryOnly(
"summary-only", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Export only summary information for each source file"));
cl::opt<unsigned> NumThreads(
"num-threads", cl::init(0),
cl::desc("Number of merge threads to use (default: autodetect)"));
cl::alias NumThreadsA("j", cl::desc("Alias for --num-threads"),
auto commandLineParser = [&, this](int argc, const char **argv) -> int {
cl::ParseCommandLineOptions(argc, argv, "LLVM code coverage tool\n");
ViewOpts.Debug = DebugDump;
if (!CovFilename.empty())
for (const std::string &Filename : CovFilenames)
if (ObjectFilenames.empty()) {
errs() << "No filenames specified!\n";
ViewOpts.Format = Format;
switch (ViewOpts.Format) {
case CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::Text:
ViewOpts.Colors = UseColor == cl::BOU_UNSET
? sys::Process::StandardOutHasColors()
: UseColor == cl::BOU_TRUE;
case CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::HTML:
if (UseColor == cl::BOU_FALSE)
errs() << "Color output cannot be disabled when generating html.\n";
ViewOpts.Colors = true;
// If path-equivalence was given and is a comma seperated pair then set
// PathRemapping.
auto EquivPair = StringRef(PathRemap).split(',');
if (!(EquivPair.first.empty() && EquivPair.second.empty()))
PathRemapping = EquivPair;
// If a demangler is supplied, check if it exists and register it.
if (DemanglerOpts.size()) {
auto DemanglerPathOrErr = sys::findProgramByName(DemanglerOpts[0]);
if (!DemanglerPathOrErr) {
error("Could not find the demangler!",
return 1;
DemanglerOpts[0] = *DemanglerPathOrErr;
// Read in -name-whitelist files.
if (!NameFilterFiles.empty()) {
std::string SpecialCaseListErr;
NameWhitelist =
SpecialCaseList::create(NameFilterFiles, SpecialCaseListErr);
if (!NameWhitelist)
// Create the function filters
if (!NameFilters.empty() || NameWhitelist || !NameRegexFilters.empty()) {
auto NameFilterer = llvm::make_unique<CoverageFilters>();
for (const auto &Name : NameFilters)
if (NameWhitelist)
for (const auto &Regex : NameRegexFilters)
if (RegionCoverageLtFilter.getNumOccurrences() ||
RegionCoverageGtFilter.getNumOccurrences() ||
LineCoverageLtFilter.getNumOccurrences() ||
LineCoverageGtFilter.getNumOccurrences()) {
auto StatFilterer = llvm::make_unique<CoverageFilters>();
if (RegionCoverageLtFilter.getNumOccurrences())
RegionCoverageFilter::LessThan, RegionCoverageLtFilter));
if (RegionCoverageGtFilter.getNumOccurrences())
RegionCoverageFilter::GreaterThan, RegionCoverageGtFilter));
if (LineCoverageLtFilter.getNumOccurrences())
LineCoverageFilter::LessThan, LineCoverageLtFilter));
if (LineCoverageGtFilter.getNumOccurrences())
RegionCoverageFilter::GreaterThan, LineCoverageGtFilter));
// Create the ignore filename filters.
for (const auto &RE : IgnoreFilenameRegexFilters)
if (!Arches.empty()) {
for (const std::string &Arch : Arches) {
if (Triple(Arch).getArch() == llvm::Triple::ArchType::UnknownArch) {
error("Unknown architecture: " + Arch);
return 1;
if (CoverageArches.size() != ObjectFilenames.size()) {
error("Number of architectures doesn't match the number of objects");
return 1;
// IgnoreFilenameFilters are applied even when InputSourceFiles specified.
for (const std::string &File : InputSourceFiles)
if (DebugDumpCollectedPaths) {
for (const std::string &SF : SourceFiles)
outs() << SF << '\n';
ViewOpts.ShowRegionSummary = RegionSummary;
ViewOpts.ShowInstantiationSummary = InstantiationSummary;
ViewOpts.ExportSummaryOnly = SummaryOnly;
ViewOpts.NumThreads = NumThreads;
return 0;
switch (Cmd) {
case Show:
return doShow(argc, argv, commandLineParser);
case Report:
return doReport(argc, argv, commandLineParser);
case Export:
return doExport(argc, argv, commandLineParser);
return 0;
int CodeCoverageTool::doShow(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser) {
cl::OptionCategory ViewCategory("Viewing options");
cl::opt<bool> ShowLineExecutionCounts(
"show-line-counts", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show the execution counts for each line"), cl::init(true),
cl::opt<bool> ShowRegions(
"show-regions", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show the execution counts for each region"),
cl::opt<bool> ShowBestLineRegionsCounts(
"show-line-counts-or-regions", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show the execution counts for each line, or the execution "
"counts for each region on lines that have multiple regions"),
cl::opt<bool> ShowExpansions("show-expansions", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show expanded source regions"),
cl::opt<bool> ShowInstantiations("show-instantiations", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Show function instantiations"),
cl::init(true), cl::cat(ViewCategory));
cl::opt<std::string> ShowOutputDirectory(
"output-dir", cl::init(""),
cl::desc("Directory in which coverage information is written out"));
cl::alias ShowOutputDirectoryA("o", cl::desc("Alias for --output-dir"),
cl::opt<uint32_t> TabSize(
"tab-size", cl::init(2),
"Set tab expansion size for html coverage reports (default = 2)"));
cl::opt<std::string> ProjectTitle(
"project-title", cl::Optional,
cl::desc("Set project title for the coverage report"));
auto Err = commandLineParser(argc, argv);
if (Err)
return Err;
ViewOpts.ShowLineNumbers = true;
ViewOpts.ShowLineStats = ShowLineExecutionCounts.getNumOccurrences() != 0 ||
!ShowRegions || ShowBestLineRegionsCounts;
ViewOpts.ShowRegionMarkers = ShowRegions || ShowBestLineRegionsCounts;
ViewOpts.ShowExpandedRegions = ShowExpansions;
ViewOpts.ShowFunctionInstantiations = ShowInstantiations;
ViewOpts.ShowOutputDirectory = ShowOutputDirectory;
ViewOpts.TabSize = TabSize;
ViewOpts.ProjectTitle = ProjectTitle;
if (ViewOpts.hasOutputDirectory()) {
if (auto E = sys::fs::create_directories(ViewOpts.ShowOutputDirectory)) {
error("Could not create output directory!", E.message());
return 1;
sys::fs::file_status Status;
if (sys::fs::status(PGOFilename, Status)) {
error("profdata file error: can not get the file status. \n");
return 1;
auto ModifiedTime = Status.getLastModificationTime();
std::string ModifiedTimeStr = to_string(ModifiedTime);
size_t found = ModifiedTimeStr.rfind(':');
ViewOpts.CreatedTimeStr = (found != std::string::npos)
? "Created: " + ModifiedTimeStr.substr(0, found)
: "Created: " + ModifiedTimeStr;
auto Coverage = load();
if (!Coverage)
return 1;
auto Printer = CoveragePrinter::create(ViewOpts);
if (SourceFiles.empty())
// Get the source files from the function coverage mapping.
for (StringRef Filename : Coverage->getUniqueSourceFiles()) {
if (!IgnoreFilenameFilters.matchesFilename(Filename))
// Create an index out of the source files.
if (ViewOpts.hasOutputDirectory()) {
if (Error E = Printer->createIndexFile(SourceFiles, *Coverage, Filters)) {
error("Could not create index file!", toString(std::move(E)));
return 1;
if (!Filters.empty()) {
// Build the map of filenames to functions.
std::map<llvm::StringRef, std::vector<const FunctionRecord *>>
for (const auto &SourceFile : SourceFiles)
for (const auto &Function : Coverage->getCoveredFunctions(SourceFile))
if (Filters.matches(*Coverage.get(), Function))
// Only print filter matching functions for each file.
for (const auto &FileFunc : FilenameFunctionMap) {
StringRef File = FileFunc.first;
const auto &Functions = FileFunc.second;
auto OSOrErr = Printer->createViewFile(File, /*InToplevel=*/false);
if (Error E = OSOrErr.takeError()) {
error("Could not create view file!", toString(std::move(E)));
return 1;
auto OS = std::move(OSOrErr.get());
bool ShowTitle = ViewOpts.hasOutputDirectory();
for (const auto *Function : Functions) {
auto FunctionView = createFunctionView(*Function, *Coverage);
if (!FunctionView) {
warning("Could not read coverage for '" + Function->Name + "'.");
FunctionView->print(*OS.get(), /*WholeFile=*/false,
/*ShowSourceName=*/true, ShowTitle);
ShowTitle = false;
return 0;
// Show files
bool ShowFilenames =
(SourceFiles.size() != 1) || ViewOpts.hasOutputDirectory() ||
(ViewOpts.Format == CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::HTML);
auto NumThreads = ViewOpts.NumThreads;
// If NumThreads is not specified, auto-detect a good default.
if (NumThreads == 0)
NumThreads =
std::max(1U, std::min(llvm::heavyweight_hardware_concurrency(),
if (!ViewOpts.hasOutputDirectory() || NumThreads == 1) {
for (const std::string &SourceFile : SourceFiles)
writeSourceFileView(SourceFile, Coverage.get(), Printer.get(),
} else {
// In -output-dir mode, it's safe to use multiple threads to print files.
ThreadPool Pool(NumThreads);
for (const std::string &SourceFile : SourceFiles)
Pool.async(&CodeCoverageTool::writeSourceFileView, this, SourceFile,
Coverage.get(), Printer.get(), ShowFilenames);
return 0;
int CodeCoverageTool::doReport(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser) {
cl::opt<bool> ShowFunctionSummaries(
"show-functions", cl::Optional, cl::init(false),
cl::desc("Show coverage summaries for each function"));
auto Err = commandLineParser(argc, argv);
if (Err)
return Err;
if (ViewOpts.Format == CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::HTML) {
error("HTML output for summary reports is not yet supported.");
return 1;
auto Coverage = load();
if (!Coverage)
return 1;
CoverageReport Report(ViewOpts, *Coverage.get());
if (!ShowFunctionSummaries) {
if (SourceFiles.empty())
Report.renderFileReports(llvm::outs(), IgnoreFilenameFilters);
Report.renderFileReports(llvm::outs(), SourceFiles);
} else {
if (SourceFiles.empty()) {
error("Source files must be specified when -show-functions=true is "
return 1;
Report.renderFunctionReports(SourceFiles, DC, llvm::outs());
return 0;
int CodeCoverageTool::doExport(int argc, const char **argv,
CommandLineParserType commandLineParser) {
auto Err = commandLineParser(argc, argv);
if (Err)
return Err;
if (ViewOpts.Format != CoverageViewOptions::OutputFormat::Text) {
error("Coverage data can only be exported as textual JSON.");
return 1;
auto Coverage = load();
if (!Coverage) {
error("Could not load coverage information");
return 1;
auto Exporter = CoverageExporterJson(*Coverage.get(), ViewOpts, outs());
if (SourceFiles.empty())
return 0;
int showMain(int argc, const char *argv[]) {
CodeCoverageTool Tool;
return, argc, argv);
int reportMain(int argc, const char *argv[]) {
CodeCoverageTool Tool;
return, argc, argv);
int exportMain(int argc, const char *argv[]) {
CodeCoverageTool Tool;
return, argc, argv);