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//===- SourceCoverageView.h - Code coverage view for source code ----------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file This class implements rendering for code coverage of source code.
#include "CoverageViewOptions.h"
#include "CoverageSummaryInfo.h"
#include "llvm/ProfileData/Coverage/CoverageMapping.h"
#include "llvm/Support/MemoryBuffer.h"
#include <vector>
namespace llvm {
using namespace coverage;
class CoverageFiltersMatchAll;
class SourceCoverageView;
/// A view that represents a macro or include expansion.
struct ExpansionView {
CounterMappingRegion Region;
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View;
ExpansionView(const CounterMappingRegion &Region,
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View)
: Region(Region), View(std::move(View)) {}
ExpansionView(ExpansionView &&RHS)
: Region(std::move(RHS.Region)), View(std::move(RHS.View)) {}
ExpansionView &operator=(ExpansionView &&RHS) {
Region = std::move(RHS.Region);
View = std::move(RHS.View);
return *this;
unsigned getLine() const { return Region.LineStart; }
unsigned getStartCol() const { return Region.ColumnStart; }
unsigned getEndCol() const { return Region.ColumnEnd; }
friend bool operator<(const ExpansionView &LHS, const ExpansionView &RHS) {
return LHS.Region.startLoc() < RHS.Region.startLoc();
/// A view that represents a function instantiation.
struct InstantiationView {
StringRef FunctionName;
unsigned Line;
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View;
InstantiationView(StringRef FunctionName, unsigned Line,
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View)
: FunctionName(FunctionName), Line(Line), View(std::move(View)) {}
friend bool operator<(const InstantiationView &LHS,
const InstantiationView &RHS) {
return LHS.Line < RHS.Line;
/// A file manager that handles format-aware file creation.
class CoveragePrinter {
struct StreamDestructor {
void operator()(raw_ostream *OS) const;
using OwnedStream = std::unique_ptr<raw_ostream, StreamDestructor>;
const CoverageViewOptions &Opts;
CoveragePrinter(const CoverageViewOptions &Opts) : Opts(Opts) {}
/// Return `OutputDir/ToplevelDir/Path.Extension`. If \p InToplevel is
/// false, skip the ToplevelDir component. If \p Relative is false, skip the
/// OutputDir component.
std::string getOutputPath(StringRef Path, StringRef Extension,
bool InToplevel, bool Relative = true) const;
/// If directory output is enabled, create a file in that directory
/// at the path given by getOutputPath(). Otherwise, return stdout.
Expected<OwnedStream> createOutputStream(StringRef Path, StringRef Extension,
bool InToplevel) const;
/// Return the sub-directory name for file coverage reports.
static StringRef getCoverageDir() { return "coverage"; }
static std::unique_ptr<CoveragePrinter>
create(const CoverageViewOptions &Opts);
virtual ~CoveragePrinter() {}
/// @name File Creation Interface
/// @{
/// Create a file to print a coverage view into.
virtual Expected<OwnedStream> createViewFile(StringRef Path,
bool InToplevel) = 0;
/// Close a file which has been used to print a coverage view.
virtual void closeViewFile(OwnedStream OS) = 0;
/// Create an index which lists reports for the given source files.
virtual Error createIndexFile(ArrayRef<std::string> SourceFiles,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage,
const CoverageFiltersMatchAll &Filters) = 0;
/// @}
/// A code coverage view of a source file or function.
/// A source coverage view and its nested sub-views form a file-oriented
/// representation of code coverage data. This view can be printed out by a
/// renderer which implements the Rendering Interface.
class SourceCoverageView {
/// A function or file name.
StringRef SourceName;
/// A memory buffer backing the source on display.
const MemoryBuffer &File;
/// Various options to guide the coverage renderer.
const CoverageViewOptions &Options;
/// Complete coverage information about the source on display.
CoverageData CoverageInfo;
/// A container for all expansions (e.g macros) in the source on display.
std::vector<ExpansionView> ExpansionSubViews;
/// A container for all instantiations (e.g template functions) in the source
/// on display.
std::vector<InstantiationView> InstantiationSubViews;
/// Get the first uncovered line number for the source file.
unsigned getFirstUncoveredLineNo();
struct LineRef {
StringRef Line;
int64_t LineNo;
LineRef(StringRef Line, int64_t LineNo) : Line(Line), LineNo(LineNo) {}
using CoverageSegmentArray = ArrayRef<const CoverageSegment *>;
/// @name Rendering Interface
/// @{
/// Render a header for the view.
virtual void renderViewHeader(raw_ostream &OS) = 0;
/// Render a footer for the view.
virtual void renderViewFooter(raw_ostream &OS) = 0;
/// Render the source name for the view.
virtual void renderSourceName(raw_ostream &OS, bool WholeFile) = 0;
/// Render the line prefix at the given \p ViewDepth.
virtual void renderLinePrefix(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render the line suffix at the given \p ViewDepth.
virtual void renderLineSuffix(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render a view divider at the given \p ViewDepth.
virtual void renderViewDivider(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render a source line with highlighting.
virtual void renderLine(raw_ostream &OS, LineRef L,
const LineCoverageStats &LCS, unsigned ExpansionCol,
unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render the line's execution count column.
virtual void renderLineCoverageColumn(raw_ostream &OS,
const LineCoverageStats &Line) = 0;
/// Render the line number column.
virtual void renderLineNumberColumn(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned LineNo) = 0;
/// Render all the region's execution counts on a line.
virtual void renderRegionMarkers(raw_ostream &OS,
const LineCoverageStats &Line,
unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render the site of an expansion.
virtual void renderExpansionSite(raw_ostream &OS, LineRef L,
const LineCoverageStats &LCS,
unsigned ExpansionCol,
unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render an expansion view and any nested views.
virtual void renderExpansionView(raw_ostream &OS, ExpansionView &ESV,
unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render an instantiation view and any nested views.
virtual void renderInstantiationView(raw_ostream &OS, InstantiationView &ISV,
unsigned ViewDepth) = 0;
/// Render \p Title, a project title if one is available, and the
/// created time.
virtual void renderTitle(raw_ostream &OS, StringRef CellText) = 0;
/// Render the table header for a given source file.
virtual void renderTableHeader(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned FirstUncoveredLineNo,
unsigned IndentLevel) = 0;
/// @}
/// Format a count using engineering notation with 3 significant
/// digits.
static std::string formatCount(uint64_t N);
/// Check if region marker output is expected for a line.
bool shouldRenderRegionMarkers(const LineCoverageStats &LCS) const;
/// Check if there are any sub-views attached to this view.
bool hasSubViews() const;
SourceCoverageView(StringRef SourceName, const MemoryBuffer &File,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
CoverageData &&CoverageInfo)
: SourceName(SourceName), File(File), Options(Options),
CoverageInfo(std::move(CoverageInfo)) {}
static std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView>
create(StringRef SourceName, const MemoryBuffer &File,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options, CoverageData &&CoverageInfo);
virtual ~SourceCoverageView() {}
/// Return the source name formatted for the host OS.
std::string getSourceName() const;
const CoverageViewOptions &getOptions() const { return Options; }
/// Add an expansion subview to this view.
void addExpansion(const CounterMappingRegion &Region,
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View);
/// Add a function instantiation subview to this view.
void addInstantiation(StringRef FunctionName, unsigned Line,
std::unique_ptr<SourceCoverageView> View);
/// Print the code coverage information for a specific portion of a
/// source file to the output stream.
void print(raw_ostream &OS, bool WholeFile, bool ShowSourceName,
bool ShowTitle, unsigned ViewDepth = 0);
} // namespace llvm