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//===- SourceCoverageViewText.h - A text-based code coverage view ---------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file This file defines the interface to the text-based coverage renderer.
#include "SourceCoverageView.h"
namespace llvm {
using namespace coverage;
/// A coverage printer for text output.
class CoveragePrinterText : public CoveragePrinter {
Expected<OwnedStream> createViewFile(StringRef Path,
bool InToplevel) override;
void closeViewFile(OwnedStream OS) override;
Error createIndexFile(ArrayRef<std::string> SourceFiles,
const CoverageMapping &Coverage,
const CoverageFiltersMatchAll &Filters) override;
CoveragePrinterText(const CoverageViewOptions &Opts)
: CoveragePrinter(Opts) {}
/// A code coverage view which supports text-based rendering.
class SourceCoverageViewText : public SourceCoverageView {
void renderViewHeader(raw_ostream &OS) override;
void renderViewFooter(raw_ostream &OS) override;
void renderSourceName(raw_ostream &OS, bool WholeFile) override;
void renderLinePrefix(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderLineSuffix(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderViewDivider(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderLine(raw_ostream &OS, LineRef L, const LineCoverageStats &LCS,
unsigned ExpansionCol, unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderExpansionSite(raw_ostream &OS, LineRef L,
const LineCoverageStats &LCS, unsigned ExpansionCol,
unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderExpansionView(raw_ostream &OS, ExpansionView &ESV,
unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderInstantiationView(raw_ostream &OS, InstantiationView &ISV,
unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderLineCoverageColumn(raw_ostream &OS,
const LineCoverageStats &Line) override;
void renderLineNumberColumn(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned LineNo) override;
void renderRegionMarkers(raw_ostream &OS, const LineCoverageStats &Line,
unsigned ViewDepth) override;
void renderTitle(raw_ostream &OS, StringRef Title) override;
void renderTableHeader(raw_ostream &OS, unsigned FirstUncoveredLineNo,
unsigned IndentLevel) override;
SourceCoverageViewText(StringRef SourceName, const MemoryBuffer &File,
const CoverageViewOptions &Options,
CoverageData &&CoverageInfo)
: SourceCoverageView(SourceName, File, Options, std::move(CoverageInfo)) {
} // namespace llvm