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//===--------------------- InstrBuilder.h -----------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// A builder class for instructions that are statically analyzed by llvm-mca.
#include "Instruction.h"
#include "Support.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCInstPrinter.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCInstrAnalysis.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCInstrInfo.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCRegisterInfo.h"
#include "llvm/MC/MCSubtargetInfo.h"
namespace mca {
class DispatchUnit;
/// A builder class that knows how to construct Instruction objects.
/// Every llvm-mca Instruction is described by an object of class InstrDesc.
/// An InstrDesc describes which registers are read/written by the instruction,
/// as well as the instruction latency and hardware resources consumed.
/// This class is used by the tool to construct Instructions and instruction
/// descriptors (i.e. InstrDesc objects).
/// Information from the machine scheduling model is used to identify processor
/// resources that are consumed by an instruction.
class InstrBuilder {
const llvm::MCSubtargetInfo &STI;
const llvm::MCInstrInfo &MCII;
const llvm::MCRegisterInfo &MRI;
const llvm::MCInstrAnalysis &MCIA;
llvm::MCInstPrinter &MCIP;
llvm::SmallVector<uint64_t, 8> ProcResourceMasks;
llvm::DenseMap<unsigned short, std::unique_ptr<const InstrDesc>> Descriptors;
llvm::DenseMap<const llvm::MCInst *, std::unique_ptr<const InstrDesc>>
const InstrDesc &createInstrDescImpl(const llvm::MCInst &MCI);
InstrBuilder(const InstrBuilder &) = delete;
InstrBuilder &operator=(const InstrBuilder &) = delete;
void populateWrites(InstrDesc &ID, const llvm::MCInst &MCI,
unsigned SchedClassID);
void populateReads(InstrDesc &ID, const llvm::MCInst &MCI,
unsigned SchedClassID);
InstrBuilder(const llvm::MCSubtargetInfo &sti, const llvm::MCInstrInfo &mcii,
const llvm::MCRegisterInfo &mri,
const llvm::MCInstrAnalysis &mcia, llvm::MCInstPrinter &mcip)
: STI(sti), MCII(mcii), MRI(mri), MCIA(mcia), MCIP(mcip),
ProcResourceMasks(STI.getSchedModel().getNumProcResourceKinds()) {
computeProcResourceMasks(STI.getSchedModel(), ProcResourceMasks);
const InstrDesc &getOrCreateInstrDesc(const llvm::MCInst &MCI);
// Returns an array of processor resource masks.
// Masks are computed by function mca::computeProcResourceMasks. see
// Support.h for a description of how masks are computed and how masks can be
// used to solve set membership problems.
llvm::ArrayRef<uint64_t> getProcResourceMasks() const {
return ProcResourceMasks;
void clear() { VariantDescriptors.shrink_and_clear(); }
std::unique_ptr<Instruction> createInstruction(const llvm::MCInst &MCI);
} // namespace mca