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  1. 10megabytes/
  2. all_fonts/
  3. minimal/
  4. scripts/
  5. unlimited/
  6. LICENSES.txt


This directory contains a few different set of font packages one can select to be packaged with cobalt.

How to use

To use this:

  1. Select one of the profiles below.
  2. Add a variable named cobalt_font_package in your platform's gyp_configuration.gypi file.


'variables': {
    'cobalt_font_package': '10megabytes',


  1. 10megabytes: Use this set of fonts if the target space allocated for fonts is approximately 10 megabytes. This directory contains DroidSansFallback, which will render many Chinese, and Korean characters at lower quality. The benefit of using this font is space savings at the cost of reduced quality.
  2. minimal: Use this if minimizing space is a goal, and Cobalt should rely on web fonts.
  3. unlimited: This font set is preferred, and default. This will enable the use the fonts with highest quality and coverage, without the network latency of fetching fonts from the server.