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* Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "cobalt/cssom/css_computed_style_data.h"
#include <limits>
#include "base/lazy_instance.h"
#include "base/string_util.h"
#include "cobalt/cssom/css_computed_style_declaration.h"
#include "cobalt/cssom/keyword_value.h"
#include "cobalt/cssom/length_value.h"
namespace cobalt {
namespace cssom {
const PropertyKeyVector& properties)
: properties_(properties) {
for (size_t i = 0; i < properties_.size(); ++i) {
PropertyKey property_key = properties_[i];
DCHECK_GT(property_key, kNoneProperty);
DCHECK_LE(property_key, kMaxLonghandPropertyKey);
bool CSSComputedStyleData::PropertySetMatcher::DoDeclaredPropertiesMatch(
const scoped_refptr<const CSSComputedStyleData>& lhs,
const scoped_refptr<const CSSComputedStyleData>& rhs) const {
LonghandPropertiesBitset lhs_properties_bitset =
lhs->declared_properties_ & properties_bitset_;
LonghandPropertiesBitset rhs_properties_bitset =
rhs->declared_properties_ & properties_bitset_;
if (lhs_properties_bitset != rhs_properties_bitset) {
return false;
} else if (lhs_properties_bitset.none()) {
return true;
for (size_t i = 0; i < properties_.size(); ++i) {
PropertyKey property_key = properties_[i];
if (lhs_properties_bitset[property_key] &&
*rhs->declared_property_values_.find(property_key)->second)) {
return false;
return true;
: has_declared_inherited_properties_(false) {}
CSSComputedStyleData::~CSSComputedStyleData() {}
const scoped_refptr<PropertyValue>&
CSSComputedStyleData::GetPropertyValueReference(PropertyKey key) const {
DCHECK_GT(key, kNoneProperty);
DCHECK_LE(key, kMaxLonghandPropertyKey);
// If the property's value is explicitly declared, then simply return it.
if (declared_properties_[key]) {
return declared_property_values_.find(key)->second;
// Otherwise, if the property is inherited and the parent has inherited
// properties, then retrieve the parent's value for the property.
if (parent_computed_style_declaration_ &&
GetPropertyInheritance(key) == kInheritedYes &&
parent_computed_style_declaration_->HasInheritedProperties()) {
return parent_computed_style_declaration_
// For the root element, which has no parent element, the inherited value is
// the initial value of the property.
return GetComputedInitialValue(key);
CSSComputedStyleData::GetDeclaredPropertyValueReference(PropertyKey key) {
DCHECK_GT(key, kNoneProperty);
DCHECK_LE(key, kMaxLonghandPropertyKey);
return declared_property_values_.find(key)->second;
namespace {
struct NonTrivialStaticFields {
: block_keyword_value(KeywordValue::GetBlock()),
zero_length_value(new LengthValue(0.0f, kPixelsUnit)) {}
const scoped_refptr<PropertyValue> block_keyword_value;
const scoped_refptr<PropertyValue> zero_length_value;
base::LazyInstance<NonTrivialStaticFields> non_trivial_static_fields =
} // namespace
const scoped_refptr<PropertyValue>&
CSSComputedStyleData::GetComputedInitialValue(PropertyKey key) const {
switch (key) {
case kBorderTopColorProperty:
case kBorderRightColorProperty:
case kBorderBottomColorProperty:
case kBorderLeftColorProperty:
case kTextDecorationColorProperty:
// Note that border color and text decoration color are not inherited.
// The initial value of border color is 'currentColor' which means the
// border color is the same as the value of the 'color' property.
return color();
case kBorderTopWidthProperty:
case kBorderRightWidthProperty:
case kBorderBottomWidthProperty:
case kBorderLeftWidthProperty:
// If the border style is 'none' or 'hidden', border width would be 0.
if (IsBorderStyleNoneOrHiddenForAnEdge(key)) {
return non_trivial_static_fields.Get().zero_length_value;
case kDisplayProperty:
// The initial value of "display" (inline) become "block" if "position" is
// "absolute" or "fixed".
if (position() == KeywordValue::GetAbsolute() ||
position() == KeywordValue::GetFixed()) {
return non_trivial_static_fields.Get().block_keyword_value;
case kAllProperty:
case kAnimationDelayProperty:
case kAnimationDirectionProperty:
case kAnimationDurationProperty:
case kAnimationFillModeProperty:
case kAnimationIterationCountProperty:
case kAnimationNameProperty:
case kAnimationProperty:
case kAnimationTimingFunctionProperty:
case kBackgroundColorProperty:
case kBackgroundImageProperty:
case kBackgroundPositionProperty:
case kBackgroundProperty:
case kBackgroundRepeatProperty:
case kBackgroundSizeProperty:
case kBorderBottomStyleProperty:
case kBorderBottomProperty:
case kBorderColorProperty:
case kBorderLeftProperty:
case kBorderLeftStyleProperty:
case kBorderProperty:
case kBorderRightProperty:
case kBorderRightStyleProperty:
case kBorderStyleProperty:
case kBorderTopProperty:
case kBorderTopStyleProperty:
case kBorderWidthProperty:
case kBorderRadiusProperty:
case kBottomProperty:
case kBoxShadowProperty:
case kColorProperty:
case kContentProperty:
case kFontFamilyProperty:
case kFilterProperty:
case kFontProperty:
case kFontStyleProperty:
case kFontWeightProperty:
case kFontSizeProperty:
case kHeightProperty:
case kLeftProperty:
case kLineHeightProperty:
case kMarginBottomProperty:
case kMarginLeftProperty:
case kMarginProperty:
case kMarginRightProperty:
case kMarginTopProperty:
case kMaxHeightProperty:
case kMaxWidthProperty:
case kMinHeightProperty:
case kMinWidthProperty:
case kNoneProperty:
case kOpacityProperty:
case kOverflowProperty:
case kOverflowWrapProperty:
case kPaddingBottomProperty:
case kPaddingLeftProperty:
case kPaddingProperty:
case kPaddingRightProperty:
case kPaddingTopProperty:
case kPositionProperty:
case kRightProperty:
case kSrcProperty:
case kTextAlignProperty:
case kTextDecorationLineProperty:
case kTextDecorationProperty:
case kTextIndentProperty:
case kTextOverflowProperty:
case kTextShadowProperty:
case kTextTransformProperty:
case kTopProperty:
case kTransformOriginProperty:
case kTransformProperty:
case kTransitionDelayProperty:
case kTransitionDurationProperty:
case kTransitionProperty:
case kTransitionPropertyProperty:
case kTransitionTimingFunctionProperty:
case kUnicodeRangeProperty:
case kVerticalAlignProperty:
case kVisibilityProperty:
case kWhiteSpaceProperty:
case kWidthProperty:
case kWordWrapProperty:
case kZIndexProperty:
return GetPropertyInitialValue(key);
bool CSSComputedStyleData::IsBorderStyleNoneOrHiddenForAnEdge(
PropertyKey key) const {
scoped_refptr<PropertyValue> border_style;
if (key == kBorderTopWidthProperty) {
border_style = border_top_style();
} else if (key == kBorderRightWidthProperty) {
border_style = border_right_style();
} else if (key == kBorderBottomWidthProperty) {
border_style = border_bottom_style();
} else {
DCHECK_EQ(key, kBorderLeftWidthProperty);
border_style = border_left_style();
if (border_style == KeywordValue::GetNone() ||
border_style == KeywordValue::GetHidden()) {
return true;
return false;
void CSSComputedStyleData::SetPropertyValue(
const PropertyKey key, const scoped_refptr<PropertyValue>& value) {
DCHECK_GT(key, kNoneProperty);
DCHECK_LE(key, kMaxLonghandPropertyKey);
if (value) {
declared_properties_.set(key, true);
declared_property_values_[key] = value;
// Only set |has_declared_inherited_properties_| if the property is
// inherited and the the value isn't explicitly set to "inherit". If it is
// set to "inherit", then the value is simply a copy of the parent's value,
// which doesn't necessitate the node being included in the inheritance
// tree, as it doesn't provide new information.
// NOTE: Declaring a value of "inherit" on an inherited property is used for
// transitions, which need to know the original value of the property (which
// would otherwise be lost when the parent changed).
has_declared_inherited_properties_ =
has_declared_inherited_properties_ ||
(GetPropertyInheritance(key) == kInheritedYes &&
value != KeywordValue::GetInherit());
} else if (declared_properties_[key]) {
declared_properties_.set(key, false);
void CSSComputedStyleData::AssignFrom(const CSSComputedStyleData& rhs) {
declared_properties_ = rhs.declared_properties_;
declared_property_values_ = rhs.declared_property_values_;
has_declared_inherited_properties_ = rhs.has_declared_inherited_properties_;
declared_properties_inherited_from_parent_ =
parent_computed_style_declaration_ = rhs.parent_computed_style_declaration_;
std::string CSSComputedStyleData::SerializeCSSDeclarationBlock() const {
// All longhand properties that are supported CSS properties, in
// lexicographical order, with the value being the resolved value.
// TODO: Return the resolved value instead of the computed value. See
std::string serialized_text;
for (size_t index = 0; index <= kMaxLonghandPropertyKey; ++index) {
PropertyKey key = GetLexicographicalLonghandPropertyKey(index);
if (!serialized_text.empty()) {
serialized_text.push_back(' ');
serialized_text.append(": ");
return serialized_text;
void CSSComputedStyleData::AddDeclaredPropertyInheritedFromParent(
PropertyKey key) {
DCHECK_GT(key, kNoneProperty);
DCHECK_LE(key, kMaxLonghandPropertyKey);
bool CSSComputedStyleData::AreDeclaredPropertiesInheritedFromParentValid()
const {
// If there are no declared properties inherited from the parent, then it's
// impossible for them to be invalid.
if (declared_properties_inherited_from_parent_.size() == 0) {
return true;
if (!parent_computed_style_declaration_) {
return false;
const scoped_refptr<const CSSComputedStyleData>& parent_computed_style_data =
if (!parent_computed_style_data) {
return false;
// Verify that the parent's data is valid.
// Walk the declared properties inherited from the parent. They're invalid if
// any no longer match the parent's value.
for (PropertyKeyVector::const_iterator iter =
iter != declared_properties_inherited_from_parent_.end(); ++iter) {
if (!GetPropertyValueReference(*iter)->Equals(
*parent_computed_style_data->GetPropertyValueReference(*iter))) {
return false;
return true;
bool CSSComputedStyleData::DoDeclaredPropertiesMatch(
const scoped_refptr<const CSSComputedStyleData>& other) const {
// If the bitsets don't match, then there's no need to check the values;
// the declared properties are guaranteed to not match.
if (declared_properties_ != other->declared_properties_) {
return false;
// Verify that the same number of declared property values exist within the
// two CSSComputedStyleData objects. This should be guaranteed by the
// bitsets matching.
// Walk the two lists of declared property values looking for any keys or
// values that don't match.
PropertyValues::const_iterator iter1 = declared_property_values_.begin();
PropertyValues::const_iterator iter2 =
for (; iter1 != declared_property_values_.end(); ++iter1, ++iter2) {
if (iter1->first != iter2->first ||
!iter1->second->Equals(*iter2->second)) {
return false;
return true;
void CSSComputedStyleData::SetParentComputedStyleDeclaration(
const scoped_refptr<CSSComputedStyleDeclaration>&
parent_computed_style_declaration) {
parent_computed_style_declaration_ = parent_computed_style_declaration;
const scoped_refptr<CSSComputedStyleDeclaration>&
CSSComputedStyleData::GetParentComputedStyleDeclaration() const {
return parent_computed_style_declaration_;
} // namespace cssom
} // namespace cobalt