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Cobalt Webdriver-driven Benchmarks

This directory contains a set of webdriver-driven benchmarks for Cobalt.

Each file should contain a set of tests in Python “unittest” format.

All tests in all of the files in this directory will be run on the build system. Results can be recorded in the build results database.

To run an individual test, simply execute a script directly (or run all of them via “”). Platform configuration will be inferred from the environment if set. Otherwise, it must be specified via commandline parameters.

To make a new test:

  1. If appropriate, create a new file borrowing the boilerplate from an existing simple file, such as “”

  2. If this file contains internal names or details, consider adding it to the “EXCLUDE.FILES” list.

  3. Use the record_result* methods in the tv_testcase.TvTestCase base class where appropriate.

  4. Results must be added to the build results database schema. See the internal “” file