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// Copyright (c) 2002-2010 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Config.h: Defines the egl::Config class, describing the format, type
// and size for an egl::Surface. Implements EGLConfig and related functionality.
// [EGL 1.4] section 3.4 page 15.
#define EGLAPI
#include <EGL/egl.h>
#include <set>
#include "libGLESv2/renderer/Renderer.h"
#include "common/angleutils.h"
namespace egl
class Display;
class Config
Config(rx::ConfigDesc desc, EGLint minSwapInterval, EGLint maxSwapInterval, EGLint texWidth, EGLint texHeight);
EGLConfig getHandle() const;
const GLenum mRenderTargetFormat;
const GLenum mDepthStencilFormat;
const GLint mMultiSample;
EGLint mBufferSize; // Depth of the color buffer
EGLint mRedSize; // Bits of Red in the color buffer
EGLint mGreenSize; // Bits of Green in the color buffer
EGLint mBlueSize; // Bits of Blue in the color buffer
EGLint mLuminanceSize; // Bits of Luminance in the color buffer
EGLint mAlphaSize; // Bits of Alpha in the color buffer
EGLint mAlphaMaskSize; // Bits of Alpha Mask in the mask buffer
EGLBoolean mBindToTextureRGB; // True if bindable to RGB textures.
EGLBoolean mBindToTextureRGBA; // True if bindable to RGBA textures.
EGLenum mColorBufferType; // Color buffer type
EGLenum mConfigCaveat; // Any caveats for the configuration
EGLint mConfigID; // Unique EGLConfig identifier
EGLint mConformant; // Whether contexts created with this config are conformant
EGLint mDepthSize; // Bits of Z in the depth buffer
EGLint mLevel; // Frame buffer level
EGLBoolean mMatchNativePixmap; // Match the native pixmap format
EGLint mMaxPBufferWidth; // Maximum width of pbuffer
EGLint mMaxPBufferHeight; // Maximum height of pbuffer
EGLint mMaxPBufferPixels; // Maximum size of pbuffer
EGLint mMaxSwapInterval; // Maximum swap interval
EGLint mMinSwapInterval; // Minimum swap interval
EGLBoolean mNativeRenderable; // EGL_TRUE if native rendering APIs can render to surface
EGLint mNativeVisualID; // Handle of corresponding native visual
EGLint mNativeVisualType; // Native visual type of the associated visual
EGLint mRenderableType; // Which client rendering APIs are supported.
EGLint mSampleBuffers; // Number of multisample buffers
EGLint mSamples; // Number of samples per pixel
EGLint mStencilSize; // Bits of Stencil in the stencil buffer
EGLint mSurfaceType; // Which types of EGL surfaces are supported.
EGLenum mTransparentType; // Type of transparency supported
EGLint mTransparentRedValue; // Transparent red value
EGLint mTransparentGreenValue; // Transparent green value
EGLint mTransparentBlueValue; // Transparent blue value
// Function object used by STL sorting routines for ordering Configs according to [EGL] section 3.4.1 page 24.
class SortConfig
explicit SortConfig(const EGLint *attribList);
bool operator()(const Config *x, const Config *y) const;
bool operator()(const Config &x, const Config &y) const;
void scanForWantedComponents(const EGLint *attribList);
EGLint wantedComponentsSize(const Config &config) const;
bool mWantRed;
bool mWantGreen;
bool mWantBlue;
bool mWantAlpha;
bool mWantLuminance;
class ConfigSet
friend Display;
void add(rx::ConfigDesc desc, EGLint minSwapInterval, EGLint maxSwapInterval, EGLint texWidth, EGLint texHeight);
size_t size() const;
bool getConfigs(EGLConfig *configs, const EGLint *attribList, EGLint configSize, EGLint *numConfig);
const egl::Config *get(EGLConfig configHandle);
typedef std::set<Config, SortConfig> Set;
typedef Set::iterator Iterator;
Set mSet;
static const EGLint mSortAttribs[];