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Name: libevent
Version: 1.4.13
License: BSD
Security Critical: yes
Local Modifications:
Rather than use libevent's own build system, we just build a Chrome
static library using GYP.
1) Run configure and "make event-config.h" on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris,
and Mac and copy config.h and event-config.h to linux/, freebsd/,
solaris/, and mac/ respectively.
2) Add libevent.gyp.
3) chromium.patch is applied to allow libevent to be used without
being installed.
4) The directories WIN32-Code and WIN32-Prj are not included.
5) Apply r87338.
6) The configs for android were copied from Linux's which were very close to
android one with the exception of HAVE_FD_MASK and HAVE_STRLCPY.