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* Copyright (c) 2005
* Francois Dumont
* This material is provided "as is", with absolutely no warranty expressed
* or implied. Any use is at your own risk.
* Permission to use or copy this software for any purpose is hereby granted
* without fee, provided the above notices are retained on all copies.
* Permission to modify the code and to distribute modified code is granted,
* provided the above notices are retained, and a notice that the code was
* modified is included with the above copyright notice.
/* NOTE: This is an internal header file, included by other STL headers.
* You should not attempt to use it directly.
#ifndef _STLP_CARRAY_H
#define _STLP_CARRAY_H
/* Purpose: Mimic a pur C array with the additionnal feature of
* being able to be used with type not default constructible.
# include <stl/_construct.h>
template <class _Tp, size_t _Nb>
struct _CArray {
_CArray (const _Tp& __val) {
for (size_t __i = 0; __i < _Nb; ++__i) {
_Copy_Construct(__REINTERPRET_CAST(_Tp*, _M_data + __i * sizeof(_Tp)), __val);
~_CArray() {
_Destroy_Range(__REINTERPRET_CAST(_Tp*, _M_data + 0),
__REINTERPRET_CAST(_Tp*, _M_data + _Nb * sizeof(_Tp)));
_Tp& operator [] (size_t __i) {
_STLP_ASSERT(__i < _Nb)
return *__REINTERPRET_CAST(_Tp*, _M_data + __i * sizeof(_Tp));
char _M_data[sizeof(_Tp) * _Nb];
#endif //_STLP_CARRAY_H