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#filter substitution
# test chrome with flags and path expansion
% content test %one
# test locale with variable substitution and path expansion
% locale @AB_CD@ %three
# test overlays
% overlay chrome://one/file.xml chrome://two/otherfile.xml
# test regular file, preprocessed file, preprocessed css
one/file.xml (thesrcdir/file.xml)
* one/preproc (thesrcdir/
* one/some.css (thesrcdir/some.css)
# test reference against topsrcdir
two/otherfile.xml (/config/tests/src-simple/thetopsrcdir/otherfile.xml)
# test reference against localesrcdir
three/l10nfile.txt (%l10nfile.txt)
# test manifest update the locale one was already added above, add skin
% locale @AB_CD@ %three
% skin test classic %one