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Texture2DMS<float4> TextureF_MS : register(t0);
// VS_ResolveColor2D: not needed, we reuse VS_Passthrough2D
float4 PS_ResolveColor2D(in float4 inPosition : SV_POSITION, in float2 inTexCoord : TEXCORD0) : SV_TARGET0
uint width, height, samples;
TextureF_MS.GetDimensions(width, height, samples);
uint2 coord = uint2(inTexCoord.x * float(width), inTexCoord.y * float(height));
float4 color = float4(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
for (uint s = 0; s < samples; s++)
color += TextureF_MS.Load(coord, s).rgba;
return color / float(samples);
// Potential performance improvement: We could remove the TextureF_MS.GetDimensions() call
// and pass width, height, and invSamples via constants to the shader. This would allow us
// to calculate the final texture coordinates in the vertex shader already and instead of
// dividing by samples we could multiply by invSamples at the end.
// But maybe graphics drivers even do these optimizations automatically after the texture
// metrics are known at rendering time?