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;;; gyp-tests.el - unit tests for gyp-mode.
;; Copyright (c) 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
;; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
;; found in the LICENSE file.
;; The recommended way to run these tests is to run them from the command-line,
;; with the script.
(require 'cl)
(require 'ert)
(require 'gyp)
(defconst samples (directory-files "testdata" t ".gyp$")
"List of golden samples to check")
(defun fontify (filename)
(insert-file-contents-literally filename)
(defun read-golden-sample (filename)
(insert-file-contents-literally (concat filename ".fontified"))
(read (current-buffer))))
(defun text-face-properties (s)
"Extract the text properties from s"
(let ((result (list t)))
(dotimes (i (length s))
(setq result (cons (get-text-property i 'face s) result)))
(nreverse result)))
(ert-deftest test-golden-samples ()
"Check that fontification produces the same results as the golden samples"
(dolist (sample samples)
(let ((golden (read-golden-sample sample))
(fontified (fontify sample)))
(should (equal golden fontified))
(should (equal (text-face-properties golden)
(text-face-properties fontified))))))
(defun create-golden-sample (filename)
"Create a golden sample by fontifying filename and writing out the printable
representation of the fontified buffer (with text properties) to the
(with-temp-file (concat filename ".fontified")
(print (fontify filename) (current-buffer))))
(defun create-golden-samples ()
"Recreate the golden samples"
(dolist (sample samples) (create-golden-sample sample)))