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name: "ffmpeg_includes"
"ffmpeg is a software project consisting of various libraries and programs "
"for recording, converting, and streaming audio and video. libav, not to be "
"confused with a software system of the same name that underlies ffmpeg "
"itself, is a project that was forked from ffmpeg in 2011, and also provides "
"cross-platform tools and libraries to convert and manipulate a range of "
"multimedia formats and protocols. "
"Not all systems build Cobalt binaries with the same version of libavcodec, "
"which causes issues when building a binary on one system but running on "
"another. ffmpeg_includes contains the header files of the different "
"versions required, so that there are no unresolved dependencies."
third_party {
# url for ffmpeg
url {
type: GIT
value: ""
# url for libav
url {
type: GIT
value: "git://"
# Note: "version" and "last_upgrade_date" for the version contained in each
# sub-directory is unknown. The version specified in the sub-directory name
# corresponds to the version of libavcodec, not the version of ffmpeg/libav.
license_type: RESTRICTED