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// Copyright 2015 The Crashpad Authors. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "snapshot/win/process_subrange_reader.h"
#include "util/misc/initialization_state_dcheck.h"
#include "util/misc/uuid.h"
#include "util/win/address_types.h"
#include "util/win/process_structs.h"
namespace crashpad {
class ProcessReaderWin;
namespace process_types {
template <class Traits>
struct CrashpadInfo {
uint32_t signature;
uint32_t size;
uint32_t version;
uint32_t indirectly_referenced_memory_cap;
uint32_t padding_0;
uint8_t crashpad_handler_behavior; // TriState.
uint8_t system_crash_reporter_forwarding; // TriState.
uint8_t gather_indirectly_referenced_memory; // TriState.
uint8_t padding_1;
typename Traits::Pointer extra_address_ranges;
typename Traits::Pointer simple_annotations;
typename Traits::Pointer user_data_minidump_stream_head;
typename Traits::Pointer annotations_list;
} // namespace process_types
//! \brief A reader for PE images mapped into another process.
//! This class is capable of reading both 32-bit and 64-bit images based on the
//! bitness of the remote process.
//! \sa PEImageAnnotationsReader
//! \sa PEImageResourceReader
class PEImageReader {
//! \brief Initializes the reader.
//! This method must be called only once on an object. This method must be
//! called successfully before any other method in this class may be called.
//! \param[in] process_reader The reader for the remote process.
//! \param[in] address The address, in the remote process' address space,
//! where the `IMAGE_DOS_HEADER` is located.
//! \param[in] size The size of the image.
//! \param[in] module_name The module's name, a string to be used in logged
//! messages. This string is for diagnostic purposes.
//! \return `true` if the image was read successfully, `false` otherwise, with
//! an appropriate message logged.
bool Initialize(ProcessReaderWin* process_reader,
WinVMAddress address,
WinVMSize size,
const std::string& module_name);
//! \brief Returns the image's load address.
//! This is the value passed as \a address to Initialize().
WinVMAddress Address() const { return module_subrange_reader_.Base(); }
//! \brief Returns the image's size.
//! This is the value passed as \a size to Initialize().
WinVMSize Size() const { return module_subrange_reader_.Size(); }
//! \brief Obtains the module's CrashpadInfo structure address and size.
//! \param[out] address The CrashpadInfo structure address.
//! \param[out] size The CrashpadInfo structure size.
//! \return `true` on success, `false` on failure. If the module does not have
//! a `CPADinfo` section, this will return `false` without logging any
//! messages. Other failures will result in messages being logged.
bool GetCrashpadInfoSection(WinVMAddress* address, WinVMSize* size) const;
//! \brief Obtains the module's CrashpadInfo structure.
//! \return `true` on success, `false` on failure. If the module does not have
//! a `CPADinfo` section, this will return `false` without logging any
//! messages. Other failures will result in messages being logged.
template <class Traits>
bool GetCrashpadInfo(
process_types::CrashpadInfo<Traits>* crashpad_info) const;
//! \brief Obtains information from the module's debug directory, if any.
//! \param[out] uuid The unique identifier of the executable/PDB.
//! \param[out] age The age field for the pdb (the number of times it's been
//! relinked).
//! \param[out] pdbname Name of the pdb file.
//! \return `true` on success, with the parameters set appropriately. `false`
//! on failure. This method may return `false` without logging anything in
//! the case of a module that does not contain relevant debugging
//! information but is otherwise properly structured.
bool DebugDirectoryInformation(UUID* uuid,
DWORD* age,
std::string* pdbname) const;
//! \brief Obtains the module’s `VS_FIXEDFILEINFO`, containing its version and
//! type information.
//! The data obtained from this method should be equivalent to what could be
//! obtained by calling GetModuleVersionAndType(). Avoiding that function
//! ensures that the data in the module loaded into the remote process will be
//! used as-is, without the risks associated with loading the module into the
//! reading process.
//! \param[out] vs_fixed_file_info The VS_FIXEDFILEINFO on success.
//! VS_FIXEDFILEINFO::dwFileFlags will have been masked with
//! VS_FIXEDFILEINFO::dwFileFlagsMask already.
//! \return `true` on success. `false` if the module does not contain this
//! information, without logging any messages. `false` on failure, with
//! a message logged.
bool VSFixedFileInfo(VS_FIXEDFILEINFO* vs_fixed_file_info) const;
//! \brief Performs the internal logic for GetCrashpadInfoSection().
//! \sa GetCrashpadInfoSection
template <class Traits>
bool GetCrashpadInfoSectionInternal(WinVMAddress* address,
WinVMSize* size) const;
//! \brief Reads the `IMAGE_NT_HEADERS` from the beginning of the image.
//! \param[out] nt_headers The contents of the templated NtHeadersType
//! structure read from the remote process.
//! \param[out] nt_headers_address The address of the templated NtHeadersType
//! structure in the remote process’ address space. If this information is
//! not needed, this parameter may be `nullptr`.
//! \return `true` on success, with \a nt_headers and optionally \a
//! nt_headers_address set appropriately. `false` on failure, with a
//! message logged.
template <class NtHeadersType>
bool ReadNtHeaders(NtHeadersType* nt_headers,
WinVMAddress* nt_headers_address) const;
//! \brief Finds a given section by name in the image.
template <class NtHeadersType>
bool GetSectionByName(const std::string& name,
IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER* section) const;
//! \brief Finds the `IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY` in
//! `IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER::DataDirectory` at the specified \a index.
//! \param[in] index An `IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_*` constant specifying the
//! data to be returned.
//! \param[out] entry The `IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY` found within the module.
//! \return `true` on success, with \a entry set appropriately. `false` if the
//! module does not contain the specified information, without logging a
//! message. `false` on failure, with a message logged.
bool ImageDataDirectoryEntry(size_t index, IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY* entry) const;
//! \brief A templatized helper for ImageDataDirectoryEntry() to account for
//! differences in \a NtHeadersType.
template <class NtHeadersType>
bool ImageDataDirectoryEntryT(size_t index,
ProcessSubrangeReader module_subrange_reader_;
InitializationStateDcheck initialized_;
} // namespace crashpad