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  1. alsa/
  2. blittergles/
  3. bsd/
  4. directfb/
  5. dlmalloc/
  6. egl/
  7. ffmpeg/
  8. gcc/
  9. gles/
  10. input/
  11. iso/
  12. lib/
  13. libaom/
  14. libde265/
  15. libevent/
  16. libjpeg/
  17. libvpx/
  18. linux/
  19. media_session/
  20. msvc/
  21. nouser/
  22. opus/
  23. posix/
  24. pthread/
  25. pulse/
  26. signal/
  27. speechd/
  28. starboard/
  29. stub/
  30. test_webapi_extension/
  31. wayland/
  32. widevine/
  33. x11/
  36. internal_only.h

Starboard Shared Implementations

src/starboard/shared and subdirectories contain all implementation code that could concievably be shared between platforms.


As much code as possible is pushed into the shared directory. Each subdirectory foo means “files in here depend on foo.”

All source locations are specified relative to src/starboard/.

  • shared/iso/ - Implementation files that follow ISO C and C++ standards, but standards that are either new, or have historically had poor support on a variety of embedded platforms. Platforms that are ISO-compliant with the latest standards should be able to use these.
  • shared/libevent/ - libevent-specific implementation files, for platforms that can build and run libevent. See shared/libevent/ for more information.
  • shared/posix/ - POSIX-specific implementation files. Starboard implementations may pull some or all of this directory to implement Starboard APIs, if the platform is POSIX-compliant.
  • shared/pthread/ - pthread-specific implementation files, for platforms that provide a reasonable implementation of POSIX threads. This is called out separately from POSIX, because we've found that there are some platforms that are fairly POSIX-y, except in their threading APIs.
  • shared/starboard/ - Implementations of Starboard API functions that only rely on other Starboard API functions. Code in here should be reusable on any platform that implements the needed APIs.