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  2. layerlib/

Build Validation Layers with Android CMake Plugin

Gradle project in this directory builds layers into AAR. The project could be directly added into application's gradle projects. Android Studio 3.0.0+ IS required: earlier versions only publish release libs by default.


Build ShaderC binary

  • Building from Github Repo source
  1. cd android-build
  2. ./
  3. ./

Extra Steps if building from NDK's source tree

   cd ${your ANDROID_NDK_ROOT}/sources/third_party/shaderc
   ndk-build  APP_ABI=all APP_STL=c++_static NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION=clang NDK_PROJECT_PATH=. libshaderc_combined

Adding layer module into Android Studio application project

  1. app's settings.gradle, add
    include ':layerLib'
    project(':layerLib').projectDir = new File('/path/to/cmake/layerlib')
  1. app's build.gradle:
dependencies {
    // Android Studio 3.0.0+ is required
    implementation project(':layerLib')

BUILD_IN_NDK variable in layerlib/CMakeLists.txt could detect whether the source is from NDK or github repo clone, and would configure the file paths accordingly


Build on Mac OS, tested on Google Pixel XL with Android Oreo. Equvilaent build scripts for Windows OS are at the same directory.