Khronos Vulkan

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Vulkan Information

Vulkan Info is a program provided in the SDK which outputs various types of Vulkan information such as:

  • device properties of identified GPUs
  • Vulkan extensions supported by each GPU
  • recognized layers
  • supported image formats and format properties.

Running Vulkan Info

After downloading and installing the SDK and setting up the runtime environment (see the Getting Started documentation) you will be able to run the Vulkan Info program from a command prompt.


Executing vulkaninfo without specifying the type of output will default to human-readable output to the console.

vulkaninfo --html

To organize output in a convenient HTML format use the --html option. Executing vulkaninfo with the --html option produces a file called vulkaninfo.html and can be found in your build directory.

vulkaninfo --json

Use the --json option to produce DevSim-schema-compatible JSON output for your device. Additionally, JSON output can be specified with the -j option and for multi-GPU systems, a single GPU can be targeted using the --json=GPU-number option where the GPU-number indicates the GPU of interest (e.g., --json=0). To determine the GPU number corresponding to a particular GPU, execute vulkaninfo with the --html option (or none at all) first; doing so will summarize all GPUs in the system. The generated configuration information can be used as input for the VK_LAYER_LUNARG_device_simulation layer.

Use the --help or -h option to produce a list of all available Vulkan Info options.

vulkaninfo - Summarize Vulkan information in relation to the current environment.

USAGE: ./vulkaninfo [options]

-h, --help            Print this help.
--html                Produce an html version of vulkaninfo output, saved as
                      "vulkaninfo.html" in the directory in which the command is
-j, --json            Produce a json version of vulkaninfo output to standard
--json=<gpu-number>   For a multi-gpu system, a single gpu can be targetted by
                      specifying the gpu-number associated with the gpu of
                      interest. This number can be determined by running
                      vulkaninfo without any options specified.
--show-formats        Display the format properties of each physical device.
                      Note: This option does not affect html or json output;
                      they will always print format properties.


Vulkan Info can also be found as a shortcut under the Start Menu.

  • Start Menu -> Vulkan SDKversion-> vulkaninfo

Note: In order to review and/or save the output produced when using Visual Studio execute vulkaninfo with the JSON option, you will have to redirect output to a file by modifying the command line arguments in the debug options.