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# The Vulkan runtime installer NSIS script
!include LogicLib.nsh
# Input file locations
!define RES "."
# Input parameters
!ifndef MAJOR
!define MAJOR "1"
!define MINOR "1"
!define PATCH "73"
!define BUILD ""
!define PUBLISHER "YourCompany, Inc."
!define COPYRIGHT ""
# Installer information
Icon ${RES}\V.ico
OutFile "VulkanRT-${VERSION}-Installer.exe"
InstallDir "$PROGRAMFILES\VulkanRT"
RequestExecutionLevel admin
AddBrandingImage left 150
Caption "Vulkan Runtime ${VERSION} Setup"
Name "Vulkan Runtime ${VERSION}"
LicenseData "${RES}\VulkanRT-License.txt"
Page custom brandimage "" ": Brand Image"
Page license
Page instfiles
VIProductVersion "${VERSION}"
VIAddVersionKey "ProductName" "Vulkan Runtime"
VIAddVersionKey "FileVersion" "${VERSION}"
VIAddVersionKey "ProductVersion" "${VERSION}"
VIAddVersionKey "LegalCopyright" "${COPYRIGHT}"
VIAddVersionKey "FileDescription" "Vulkan Runtime Installer"
Function brandimage
SetOutPath "$TEMP"
SetFileAttributes V.bmp temporary
File "${RES}\V.bmp"
SetBrandingImage "$TEMP/V.bmp"
# Utilties to check if a file is older than this installer or not
Function NeedsReplacing
Pop $0
# Extract the version of the existing file
GetDllVersion "$0" $R0 $R1
IntOp $R2 $R0 >> 16
IntOp $R2 $R2 & 0xffff
IntOp $R3 $R0 & 0xffff
IntOp $R4 $R1 >> 16
IntOp $R4 $R4 & 0xffff
IntOp $R5 $R1 & 0xffff
# Check major versions
${IF} ${MAJOR} > $R2
Push True
${ELSEIF} ${MAJOR} < $R2
Push False
# Check minor versions
${ELSEIF} ${MINOR} > $R3
Push True
${ELSEIF} ${MINOR} < $R3
Push False
# Check patch versions
${ELSEIF} ${PATCH} > $R4
Push True
${ELSEIF} ${PATCH} < $R4
Push False
# Check build versions
${ELSEIF} ${BUILD} > $R5
Push True
${ELSEIF} ${BUILD} < $R5
Push False
# If they match exactly, then we update
Push True
!macro InstallIfNewer SrcPath OutName
Push "$OUTDIR\${OutName}"
Call NeedsReplacing
Pop $0
${IF} $0 == True
DetailPrint "File $OUTDIR\${OutName} (version $R2.$R3.$R4.$R5) will be upgraded to ${VERSION}"
File /oname=${OutName} "${SrcPath}"
DetailPrint "File $OUTDIR\${OutName} (version $R2.$R3.$R4.$R5) will not be replaced with ${VERSION}"
# Utilities to check if this is a 64-bit OS or not
!define IsWow64 `"" IsWow64 ""`
!macro _IsWow64 _a _b _t _f
!insertmacro _LOGICLIB_TEMP
System::Call kernel32::GetCurrentProcess()p.s
System::Call kernel32::IsWow64Process(ps,*i0s)
!insertmacro _!= $_LOGICLIB_TEMP 0 `${_t}` `${_f}`
!define RunningX64 `"" RunningX64 ""`
!macro _RunningX64 _a _b _t _f
!if ${NSIS_PTR_SIZE} > 4
!insertmacro LogicLib_JumpToBranch `${_t}` `${_f}`
!insertmacro _IsWow64 `${_a}` `${_b}` `${_t}` `${_f}`
# Installer
Delete "$INSTDIR\install.log"
LogSet on
# Disable filesystem redirection
System::Call kernel32::Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection(i0)
${IF} ${RunningX64}
SetOutPath $WINDIR\System32
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${LOADER64}" "vulkan-1.dll"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${LOADER64}" "vulkan-1-999-0-0-0.dll"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${VULKANINFO64}" "vulkaninfo.exe"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${VULKANINFO64}" "vulkaninfo-1-999-0-0-0.exe"
SetOutPath $WINDIR\SysWOW64
SetOutPath $WINDIR\System32
# Install 32-bit contents
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${LOADER32}" "vulkan-1.dll"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${LOADER32}" "vulkan-1-999-0-0-0.dll"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${VULKANINFO32}" "vulkaninfo.exe"
!insertmacro InstallIfNewer "${VULKANINFO32}" "vulkaninfo-1-999-0-0-0.exe"
# Dump licenses into a the installation directory
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
AccessControl::DisableFileInheritance $INSTDIR
AccessControl::SetFileOwner $INSTDIR "Administrators"
AccessControl::ClearOnFile $INSTDIR "Administrators" "FullAccess"
AccessControl::SetOnFile $INSTDIR "SYSTEM" "FullAccess"
AccessControl::GrantOnFile $INSTDIR "Everyone" "ListDirectory"
AccessControl::GrantOnFile $INSTDIR "Everyone" "GenericExecute"
AccessControl::GrantOnFile $INSTDIR "Everyone" "GenericRead"
AccessControl::GrantOnFile $INSTDIR "Everyone" "ReadAttributes"
File "${RES}\VulkanRT-License.txt"
LogSet off