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<title>Pointer Lock event constructor</title>
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<p>Create Pointer Lock events and check each default value.</p>
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test(function() {
var ev = new MouseEvent("pointerlockchange");
assert_equals(ev.type, "pointerlockchange");
assert_equals(, null);
assert_equals(ev.currentTarget, null);
assert_equals(ev.bubbles, false);
assert_equals(ev.eventPhase, Event.NONE);
assert_equals(ev.cancelable, false);
assert_true("preventDefault" in ev);
assert_equals(ev.defaultPrevented, false);
assert_true(ev.timeStamp > 0);
assert_true("initEvent" in ev);
assert_true("movementX" in ev, "movementX exists");
assert_true("movementY" in ev, "movementY exists");
assert_equals(ev.movementX, 0);
assert_equals(ev.movementY, 0);
}, "Default event values for mouse event interface and its pointer lock extensions.");
test(function() {
var ev = new MouseEvent("pointerlockerror",
{ type: "trololol",
bubbles: true,
cancelable: false,
get defaultPrevented() {
assert_unreached("Should not look at the defaultPrevented property.");
movementX: 10,
movementY: 10});
assert_equals(ev.type, "pointerlockerror");
assert_equals(ev.bubbles, true); // this is synthetic event, so follow the dictionary
assert_equals(ev.cancelable, false);
assert_equals(ev.defaultPrevented, false);
assert_equals(ev.movementX, 10); // this is synthetic event, so follow the dictionary
assert_equals(ev.movementY, 10); // this is synthetic event, so follow the dictionary
}, "Default event values for pointerlockerror using a dictionary");