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This directory contains test data for testing net::VerifySignedData().
When adding or changing test data, run the script
$ python
This script will apply a uniform formatting. For instance it will add a
comment showing what the parsed ASN.1 looks like, and reformat the base64 to
have consistent line breaks.
The general format for the test files is as follows:
<A description of the test>
<base64-encoded, DER-encoded, SPKI>
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
<base64-encoded, DER-encoded, AlgorithmIdentifier for the signature.>
-----BEGIN DATA-----
<base64-encoded data that is being verified>
-----END DATA-----
<base64-encoded, DER-encoded, BIT STRING of the signature>
Comments for a PEM block should be placed immediately below that block.
The script will also insert a comment after the block describing its parsed
ASN.1 structure (your extra comments need to be above the script-generated
comments or they will be stripped).