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ANGLE Standalone Testing Infrastructure

In addition to the ANGLE try bots using Chrome, and the GPU.FYI bots, ANGLE has standalone testing on the Chrome infrastructure. Currently these tests are compile-only. This page is for maintaining the configurations that don't use Chromium. Also see the main instructions for ANGLE Wrangling.

It‘s the ANGLE team’s responsibility for maintaining this testing infrastructure. The bot configurations live in four different repos and six branches.

Info Consoles

Continuous builders for every ANGLE revision are found on the CI console:

Try jobs from pre-commit builds are found on the builders console:

How to add a new build configuration


    • If adding a Mac bot, request new slaves by filing an infra issue.

    • Update configs/chromium-swarm/starlark/bots/ with either Mac slaves requested in the previous step or increase the amount of Windows or Linux GCEs.

    • Update scripts/slave/recipes/ with new the config.
    • The recipe code requires 100% code coverage through mock bots, so add mock bot config to GenTests.
    • Maybe run ./scripts/slave/ test train to update checked-in golden files. This might no longer be necessary.

    • Update infra/config/global/cr-buildbucket.cfg to add the new builder (to ci and try), and set the new config option.
    • Update infra/config/global/luci-milo.cfg to make the builders show up on the ci and try waterfalls.
    • Update infra/config/global/luci-scheduler.cfg to make the builders trigger on new commits or try jobs respectively.
    • Update infra/config/cq.cfg to add the builder to the default CQ jobs (if desired).

Other Configuration

There are other places where configuration for ANGLE infra lives. These are files that we shouldn't need to modify very often:


    • configs/luci-token-server/service_accounts.cfg (service account names)
    • configs/chromium-swarm/pools.cfg (swarming pools)

    • recipes/recipe_modules/gclient/ (gclient config)