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// Copyright 2018 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "src/codegen/code-desc.h"
#include "src/trap-handler/trap-handler.h"
#include "src/wasm/compilation-environment.h"
#include "src/wasm/function-body-decoder.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-limits.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-module.h"
#include "src/wasm/wasm-tier.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class AssemblerBuffer;
class Counters;
class OptimizedCompilationJob;
namespace wasm {
class NativeModule;
class WasmCode;
class WasmEngine;
struct WasmFunction;
class WasmInstructionBuffer final {
WasmInstructionBuffer() = delete;
WasmInstructionBuffer(const WasmInstructionBuffer&) = delete;
WasmInstructionBuffer& operator=(const WasmInstructionBuffer&) = delete;
std::unique_ptr<AssemblerBuffer> CreateView();
std::unique_ptr<uint8_t[]> ReleaseBuffer();
// Allocate a new {WasmInstructionBuffer}. The size is the maximum of {size}
// and {AssemblerBase::kMinimalSize}.
static std::unique_ptr<WasmInstructionBuffer> New(size_t size = 0);
// Override {operator delete} to avoid implicit instantiation of {operator
// delete} with {size_t} argument. The {size_t} argument would be incorrect.
void operator delete(void* ptr) { ::operator delete(ptr); }
struct WasmCompilationResult {
enum Kind : int8_t {
bool succeeded() const { return code_desc.buffer != nullptr; }
bool failed() const { return !succeeded(); }
operator bool() const { return succeeded(); }
CodeDesc code_desc;
std::unique_ptr<uint8_t[]> instr_buffer;
uint32_t frame_slot_count = 0;
uint32_t tagged_parameter_slots = 0;
OwnedVector<byte> source_positions;
OwnedVector<byte> protected_instructions_data;
int func_index = kAnonymousFuncIndex;
ExecutionTier requested_tier;
ExecutionTier result_tier;
Kind kind = kFunction;
ForDebugging for_debugging = kNoDebugging;
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE WasmCompilationUnit final {
static ExecutionTier GetBaselineExecutionTier(const WasmModule*);
WasmCompilationUnit(int index, ExecutionTier tier, ForDebugging for_debugging)
: func_index_(index), tier_(tier), for_debugging_(for_debugging) {}
WasmCompilationResult ExecuteCompilation(
WasmEngine*, CompilationEnv*, const std::shared_ptr<WireBytesStorage>&,
Counters*, WasmFeatures* detected);
ExecutionTier tier() const { return tier_; }
int func_index() const { return func_index_; }
static void CompileWasmFunction(Isolate*, NativeModule*,
WasmFeatures* detected, const WasmFunction*,
WasmCompilationResult ExecuteFunctionCompilation(
WasmEngine* wasm_engine, CompilationEnv* env,
const std::shared_ptr<WireBytesStorage>& wire_bytes_storage,
Counters* counters, WasmFeatures* detected);
WasmCompilationResult ExecuteImportWrapperCompilation(WasmEngine* engine,
CompilationEnv* env);
int func_index_;
ExecutionTier tier_;
ForDebugging for_debugging_;
// {WasmCompilationUnit} should be trivially copyable and small enough so we can
// efficiently pass it by value.
STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof(WasmCompilationUnit) <= 2 * kSystemPointerSize);
class V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE JSToWasmWrapperCompilationUnit final {
// A flag to mark whether the compilation unit can skip the compilation
// and return the builtin (generic) wrapper, when available.
enum AllowGeneric : bool { kAllowGeneric = true, kDontAllowGeneric = false };
JSToWasmWrapperCompilationUnit(Isolate* isolate, WasmEngine* wasm_engine,
const FunctionSig* sig,
const wasm::WasmModule* module, bool is_import,
const WasmFeatures& enabled_features,
AllowGeneric allow_generic);
void Execute();
Handle<Code> Finalize(Isolate* isolate);
bool is_import() const { return is_import_; }
const FunctionSig* sig() const { return sig_; }
// Run a compilation unit synchronously.
static Handle<Code> CompileJSToWasmWrapper(Isolate* isolate,
const FunctionSig* sig,
const WasmModule* module,
bool is_import);
// Run a compilation unit synchronously, but ask for the specific
// wrapper.
static Handle<Code> CompileSpecificJSToWasmWrapper(Isolate* isolate,
const FunctionSig* sig,
const WasmModule* module);
bool is_import_;
const FunctionSig* sig_;
bool use_generic_wrapper_;
std::unique_ptr<OptimizedCompilationJob> job_;
} // namespace wasm
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8