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Instructions below are for building standalone OTS utilities, if you want to
use OTS as a library then the recommended way is to copy the source code and
integrate it into your existing build system. Our build system does not build
a shared library intentionally.
General build instructions:
1. If you are building from cloned Git repository, you will need to update
the git sub modules, as well as run autoreconf. A convenience script is
$ ./
2. Build OTS
$ ./configure
$ make
3. Run the tests (if you wish)
$ make check
Building on Windows:
1. A POSIX-compatible environment is required to build OTS, MSYS2 is
recommended. Follow the installation instructions on
2. Install the required packages:
$ pacman -S autoconf automake pkg-config gcc make
3. Follow the general build instructions above.
Developer build instructions:
1. If you would like to see the source code lines related to reported
errors, then replace configure call above with:
$ ./configure --enable-debug
For example,
$ ./ots-sanitize ~/fonts/ofl/merriweathersans/MerriweatherSans-Bold.ttf
ERROR at src/ (ParseScriptTable)
ERROR: Layout: DFLT table doesn't satisfy the spec. for script tag DFLT
ERROR at src/ (ParseScriptListTable)
ERROR: Layout: Failed to parse script table 0
ERROR at src/ (ots_gsub_parse)
ERROR: GSUB: Failed to parse script list table
ERROR at src/ (ProcessGeneric)
Failed to sanitize file!